What is Sitopaladi Churna? What are its Benefits?

Sitopaladi Churna is an effective Ayurvedic medicine that contains

Mishri (sugar)-200gm
Pippali (Piper clove)50gm
Cardamom (green cardamom)-25gm
Cinnamon (cinnamon)-15gm
Although it works to balance the digestive and immune systems, Sitopaladi Churna is most beneficial for upper respiratory closure and bronchial conditions.

Benefits of Sitopaladi Churna

1. Treats cough

The anti-inflammatory properties of Sitopaladi Churna helps in the treatment of all types of cough. Cough during pregnancy can also be effectively treated with Sitopladi Churna.

2. Remedy for sore throat

A combination of other ayurvedic medicines such as sulfuricides, Yashd Bhasma and coral pishti, is effective in Sithopladi powder for sore throat. The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of this Ayurvedic combination are a powerful remedy against streptococcal infections.

3. Treats tonsillitis

Infected or swollen tonsils are effectively treated with Sitopaladi powder. Combining other ayurvedic medicines like sulfur Rasayana, coral pishti, Yashd Bhasma and Lokanatha Ras works against viral and bacterial infections that cause fat tonsillitis.

4. Treatment of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis causes mycobacterium tuberculosis. Sitopaladi powder has bactericidal effect on this bacteria. It plays a supporting role in relieving symptoms in the early stages of infection. Sitopaladi powder when used in combination with other anti-tubercular drugs relieves tuberculosis symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, night sweats etc.

5. Effective against chronic and low-grade favorites

Sitopaladi powder helps to eliminate toxins causing fever in the body. Symptoms of fever like fatigue, loss of appetite and physical weakness can be overcome by taking this powder.

6. Reconstruction after typhoid fever

Sitopaladi powder is used to treat weakness and physical disability after typhoid fever. It empowers, removes toxins and controls the body’s metabolism.

7. Effective against sinusitis

Sitopaladi Churna treats sinusitis caused by closure and infected sinusitis.

8. Supports treatment of asthma

Sitopaladi powder makes breathing easier for asthma patients

Properties of Sitopaladi Churna

  • Anti-tussive
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti viral
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-ulcerogenic
  • Antipyretic
  • Cumulative
  • Expectorant
  • Uses of Sitopaladi Churna

Sitopaladi Churna has innumerable benefits which are used to treat various health problems. Some uses of Sitopaladi Churna are as follows:

  • Diabetes

Sitopaladi powder has a strong amylase which helps prevent starch from being absorbed by the body. It helps in controlling blood sugar level and postprandial hypoglycemia.

  • Improves anemia

Iron deficiency in the human body causes anemia. Sitopaladi Churna contains essential minerals and nutrients like copper, mercury, silver, beetle, cinnamon, ginger. Together these compounds help fight anemia.

  • Anti-allergic

People who are suffering from antihistaminic activities have positive results if they regularly take Sitopaladi powder. It helps in reducing the symptoms of allergies like watery eyes, runny nose and sore throat.

  • Improves digestion

The minerals present in Sitopaladi Churna help in maintaining proper digestion. It enhances digestive health and metabolism which effectively tackles all digestive problems.

  • Reduces migraine

Migraine is a type of headache that begins in adulthood. Migraine symptoms can be reduced by a healthy diet and adequate sleep. But by taking Sitopaladi powder, one can get rid of migraine.

How to use Sitopaladi Churna

Sitopaladi powder can be consumed for the following types of incineration:

  • Low-grade fever treatment

1 g 2 g with honey Sitopaladi powder + 250 mg Coral(praval) Pishti + 25 mg Mix Yashd Bhasma.

Take this mixture regularly for 1 month.

  • For the treatment of dry cough

5 to 4 g Mix Sitopaladi powder with 5 grams of ghee + 2.5 grams of honey.

Take it to get relief from dry cough

  • Phlegm(kapha) treatment

5g Honey + 2.5 g 2 to 4 gm with ghee. Add Sitopaladi powder.

Take this mixture to get rid of phlegm

  • Can Sitopaladi Churna be taken before meals or after meals?

Sitopaladi powder should be consumed only after meals as it may cause gastritis problems in some people.

  • Can Sitopaladi Churna be taken on an empty stomach?

No, one should not take Sitopladi Churna on an empty stomach.

  • Can Sitopaladi powder be taken with water?

No, Sitopaladi powder cannot be consumed with water. It should be consumed with either honey or ghee.

  • Sitopaladi Churna dosage

Children should be given 500-1000 mg twice a day with any of the helpers mentioned above. Give that quantity.

2 to 4 grams twice a day Add this mixture.

The maximum dose of Sitopaladi Churna is 12 g in a day. Should not be more than this.

  • Side Effects of Sitopaladi Churna?

Sitopaladi Churna is a safe Ayurvedic medicine and is safe for pregnant and lactating mothers as well as children.

  • Can Sitopaladi powder be consumed before driving?

Yes, Sitopaladi powder can be consumed before driving.

  • Can Sitopaladi powder be consumed with alcohol?

No, Sitopaladi powder should not be consumed with alcohol. But for more clarity you can consult Ayurveda doctor.

  • Is Sitopaladi Powder addictive?

Sitopaladi powder is not addictive. It should be consumed under the supervision of any medical expert.

  • Can Sitopaladi powder be stewed?

If it is consumed in the required quantity, Sitopaladi powder does not make intoxicating. However, if you feel lethargic after taking it, then a health care practitioner should be consulted.

  • Can you take Sitalopadi powder in more quantity?

No, excessive consumption of Sitopaladi powder can cause gastritis.

  • Can you take Sitopladi in pregnancy?

Yes, you can take Sitopaladi powder in pregnancy. But before taking it, advice should be taken from Ayurveda doctor.

Some Important Questions about Sitopaladi Churna

1. How to treat child’s cough through Ayurveda?

Sitopaladi Churna is an excellent Ayurvedic product that cures cold and cough. It has antitussive and anti-inflammatory properties that treat cough and is perfect for adults as well as children. Take 500 to 1000 mg of your baby every day. Give Sitopaladi powder which depends on the intensity of cough.

2. Does Ayurveda cure bronchitis?

Yes, Ayurveda is known to cure various problems and diseases, one of which is bronchitis. There are many Ayurvedic products that you can use to treat bronchitis. Sitopaladi Churna is one of them which is a best option for most people.

3. Does Ayurvedic treatment cure frequent sneezing and runny nose?

Yes, Ayurvedic products can cure frequent sneezing and runny nose very quickly. Sitopaladi Churna is a product known for treating colds and sinus infections. Regular use of this will help you to produce results very soon.

4. How to get rid of cough?

Sitopaladi Churna is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine that will cure colds quickly. It is very effective and has no side effects. To get rid of your cough, take this powder 2 to 4 g. Take twice daily.

5. What is Sitopaladi made of?

Sitopaladi is made from sugar, green cardamom, cinnamon, pippali and other ingredients.

6. Storage?

Sitopaladi should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. This Ayurvedic medicine should be kept out of the reach of children.

7. How long do I need to use Sitopaladi until I see improvement in my condition?

You should seek advice from a qualified Ayurveda doctor to know about the time required to make Sitopaladi work.

8. How many times a day does Sitopaladi need to be taken?

The maximum dose of Sitopaladi Churna is 12 g in a day. Should not be more than this.

9. Does sitalopadi have any effect on breastfeeding?

No, Sitopaladi has no side effects on breastfeeding. But before doing so you should contact a doctor.

10. Is Sitopaladi powder safe for children?

It is safe for children to consume Sitopaladi.

11. Does it have any effect on pregnancy?

It is safe for pregnant women to take Sitopladi under doctor’s supervision.

12. Does it contain sugar?

Yes, Sitopaladi Churna contains Mishri (sugar).