What is Head Massage (Shiro abhyang)?

Massage and scalp massage have been practiced in Indian society since ancient times. Which is considered a naturopathy method. Head massage is a gentle and safe massage method that focuses on the upper part of the head, face, and shoulders. Head massage does not have any medical side effects. It is considered beneficial for people of all ages. There are many other forms of head massage, as well as this is an easy method that can be done anywhere. Indian head massage has its own traditional technique. Which helps to benefit our brain. The main purpose of Indian head massage is to remove negative energy from the body which adversely affects our health. Let’s know how the Indian head massage is done.

How to do head massage?

By the way, massaging the scalp is very easy. Scalp massage is actually the straining and pressing of the upper part of the head which can be done normally. A person gets pleasure from this as well as his tiredness can be removed. But to take full advantage of head massage, it should be done in a suitable way

  • First of all, choose a peaceful and pleasant environment. In this environment, mental stress starts decreasing to some extent on its own. During this, the person doing the massage should sit in a comfortable position. For this you can use a chair.
  • To massage, you move your hands from the top of the head to the bottom of the neck. During this, the massage activity should be stopped when the masseur or the asker asks any questions.
  • Now apply light pressure with your fingers on the base of the head (occipital ridge). And roll the fingers all over the head. After doing this, there is a massage of hair along with your head. It promotes skin blood circulation of the upper part of the head.
  • Now massage the head in the oval position with the help of fingers and thumbs of both hands. During this time, you can keep your thumbs permanent and move your fingers. Start at the top of the head and bring the fingers down to the ear. In this way you can stimulate the veins of your brain.
  • Take care not to add too much friction or pressure during the head massage. Make sure that you are doing the massage with light hands.

Forehead massage is considered to be prominent in head massage. Most people understand that the forehead only covers the area between the eyes and ears. But in fact it also includes the same area as the top part of your ear. Turn your fingers lightly and massage the forehead in clockwise direction.

As you massage your scalp, your hair gets tangled in the fingers. By doing this you get a different pleasant experience. So during the head massage, just pull your hair with very light hands, it can increase the pleasure of your massage manifold.

Benefits of head massage

Massage occupies a prominent place in Indian medical practice. There are many types of benefits from scalp massage. Head massage gives you both physical and mental benefits. Let’s know what kind of benefits we get from head massage.

Today’s busy life keeps many things going in our mind. In this situation we often forget the small things which are important to us. Forgetting someone’s phone number, forgetting someone’s birthday or anniversary, etc. can make you nervous. This is mainly due to lack of concentration and overloaded thoughts. They can hinder us from working efficiently. A healthy mind is the key to success. Scalp massage increases blood flow to your nervous system and calms your mind. So that all the thoughts going on in your mind can be pacified. It also relieves you of emotional stress and also supplies oxygen to the brain. Thus it can help to increase your thinking and speed up the mind.

Benefits of head massage should stimulate the body

The lymphatic system is the part of waste in our body. Our body takes what it needs and the remaining waste excretes the lymphatic system. Head massage helps to flush out the toxic substances present in our body through the lymphatic system. Which boosts our immune power. Head massage helps in creating proper blood flow in the neck. This helps the lymphatic system to remove waste products. In this way you can get the benefits of head massage in keeping your body healthy and boosting immunity.

1. Treatment of insomnia with head massage

There are many shortcomings in modern lifestyle that affect our personal life. The person does not find time for himself and is always busy. Due to this busyness people often fall victim to insomnia. If this problem is ignored, it can lead to serious health problems. Massaging the scalp can get rid of this problem immediately. It helps in instilling a feeling of relaxation in your body. By which your insomnia problem can be treated. If you are suffering from insomnia problem then enjoy head massage. This can be helpful in stimulating your sleep.

2. Benefits of head massage for high blood pressure

Most people suffer from high blood pressure. There are no symptoms of high blood pressure so it is also called silent killer. High blood pressure can be any problem although women are more likely to do it. Scalp massage is a natural way to get rid of high blood pressure problems with very few side effects. Studies show that continuous muscle blood pressure fluctuations and stress levels are helpful in reducing hormones. Therefore, head massage can reduce the likelihood of heart attacks and kidney failures. You can also use head massage regularly to get these benefits.

3. Benefits of head massage relieve stress

You can get various health benefits by massaging your scalp. One of these benefits is stress management. Stress hormones can affect your sleep and even your digestive system. Your unhealthy lifestyle can be a major cause of stress. Scalp massage can help relax your body by controlling stress hormones. A head massage can make you feel happy and peaceful all day. Apart from reducing stress, body massage can also be used to relieve headaches. It can increase energy in your body and improve overall physical and mental performance.

4. Head massage is good for blood circulation

Poor blood circulation can lead to many types of health problems. These include fatigue, dizziness, and pain. Head massage uses pressure techniques that carry blood to the affected area. Scalp massage allows fresh blood flow to the body. Healthy blood circulation also helps in excluding the toxic substances present in the body. In this way, you can massage your scalp to make your blood circulation healthy and adopt healthy life.

5. Head Massage for Healthy Hair Growth

Along with the health benefits, head massage also has benefits for hair. This helps to speed up the growth of your hair. Scalp massage stimulates blood flow to the hair roots. It stimulates the blood vessels of the scalp and helps in better absorption by the blood vessels. You can use Essential oils during head massage to promote hair growth. Using these oils provides additional benefits to your hair. If you are suffering or have dandruff problems, you can treat them with a head massage. Massaging regularly and properly increases your chances of hair growth.

6. Head Massage Oil

You can do a head massage to relieve your stress and get various health benefits. But to make it more effective you can use some special oils. These oils have many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and medicinal properties. Which can be helpful in providing additional benefits to your body. Let us know which oils you can use during scalp massage and which oil is best for scalp massage.

7. Massage the head with coconut oil

Perhaps one of the most prevalent oils in countries like India is coconut oil. Coconut oil is a sweet and fragrant oil. This oil is very beneficial for those who have dry hair. Coconut oil beautifies their hair and provides lubrication. It is also useful in the treatment of psoriasis. Coconut oil works very well because it has natural cooling properties.

To massage the scalp, first heat the coconut oil lightly and mix it with Bhringraj herb. You use it regularly. It helps in the growth of hair along with providing you health benefits during scalp massage.

8. Jasmine oil for scalp massage

Jasmine oil is the major stress relieving oil. This oil has anti-depressant and antiseptic properties. This can make your hair thicker and healthier. However pure jasmine oil can be very harmful. Therefore, it should be mixed with light oils like almond oil or olive before applying it to the scalp.

For your scalp massage, prepare a mixture of jasmine oil equal to the amount of almond or olive oil. Use this oil during scalp massage. It is beneficial for you.

9. Massage the head with almond oil

Almond oil is commonly used for dry hair after coconut oil. It is more intense than coconut oil. Therefore it is more effective in hair growth. Apart from this, it also helps in calming the nerves along with the pain. Almond oil helps to treat two pimples, thin and dry hair. To make this oil more effective, you can also include other herbs such as Brahmi in it.

10. Olive oil for head massage

Traditionally, olive oil was not used in Indian culture. Due to its medicinal properties, it has been used in recent years. But given its benefits, this oil is now being used for children. This oil is very beneficial for hair. Olive oil opens scalp pores that help new hair grow. In this way it helps to promote the growth of your hair.

11. Sesame oil is used for scalp massage

You can use sesame oil to give adequate nutrition to your head. It is widely used in India for head oil. In particular, this oil is very beneficial for the hair, dry and two-mouth hair. Sesame oil moisturizes the hair. Along with this, after massaging the head with this oil, it also helps in curing headaches. You can also use hibiscus in it to get additional benefits.