What is Gallbladder? How to Remove Gall stones Naturally?

In the present times, our living and eating habits have become very unbalanced. We sometimes have to bear the brunt of this imbalance. Many physical illnesses occur due to irregular lifestyle. When these diseases emerge, they are known and medical examination is done. Gallbladder Stone is one of these serious diseases.

Gall bladder may make a person of any age a victim, but women and elderly people are most affected by this disease. You can understand the severity of gallstones due to the fact that it causes pain, inflammation, infection and at the same time, there is a risk of getting fatal disease like cancer.

Stones in the gallbladder are detected when it starts giving pain. Treatment of gallstones in the gall bladder at the appropriate time is necessary, otherwise it can be more fatal and may even lead to cancer. Treating the initial phase of Pitt Ki Pathri provides relief

What is Gallstones?

Gall bladder is a serious physical illness. Pitte Ki Pathri is called Gallbladder Stone in English. Gall bladder is a small part of our body which is just behind the liver. Bile is a green fluid that builds up in the liver and collects in the gallbladder attached to the liver. The gall bladder is an important part of our digestive system that acts as a bridge between the liver and the small intestine.

Symptoms of Gallstones

Symptoms of gallstones in the gall bladder sometimes do not show up for 1-2 years. After some time when suddenly unbearable pain starts in the stomach. Then people get examined by a doctor, then it is found that they have stones in the gall bladder. Apart from this, there are many symptoms from which gallstones can be identified. Such as: –

  • Sudden unbearable pain starts in the upper right side of the stomach.
  • Abdominal pain persists for several hours.
  • Yellowing of the skin or eyes of the body is also an important symptom in the condition of gallstones. Jaundice and / or clay-colored feces can lead to choledochilithiasis or even gallstone pancreatitis.
  • When the gall bladder stones, the stomach automatically feels full and the hunger seems low or not.
  • To be weak
  • Having a problem of flatulence.
  • Vomiting or nausea.
  • To be indignant
  • Feeling of sourness.

It is worth noting that in the condition of gallstones in the gall bladder, fever comes along with all the reasons mentioned here. Whenever you feel fever with any of the symptoms mentioned above, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Causes of Gallstones

  • Talking about the causes of gallstones in the gall bladder, there are many reasons that cause gallstones in the gall bladder. These reasons include:
  • Irregular lifestyle.
  • Unbalanced food and drinks.
  • More fat.
  • Genetically
  • Pregnant women and women who use the contraceptive pill are at greater risk of having gallstones.
  • Even after fast weight loss, there is a risk of gallstones in the gall bladder.
  • Age also differs. The risk of the disease increases among those over 45 years of age.
  • Eating too much junk food also poses a risk of gallstones in the gall bladder.

It is better to treat gall bladder stone as soon as it is detected, as it can also turn into cancer. The good thing is that Gall Bladder Stone is not incurable. Treatment of stones in the gallbladder is available. The thing to keep in mind is that if the stones in the gallbladder are not treated in time, then the only treatment is “Pathri Ka Operation”. To treat gallstones in the gall bladder properly, let us understand the ways in which gallstones in the gallbladder can be treated.

Treatment of Gallstones

Treatment of gallstones in gall bladder can be done by several methods. These methods include:

Home remedies for gall bladder stones

When the amount of cholesterol in the body and lack of bile salt decreases, Pitt Ki Pathri becomes very painful. Most doctors only talk about operations in the name of treatment. But the treatment of gall bladder stones is also possible with home remedies. If you are also suffering from this problem, then you can try to remove it from home remedies for gall bladder stones before opting for an operation. Let us know what are the home remedies for gallstones.

Pear For Gallbladder Stone

Pectin (Pectin) is found in abundance in pears. In the gall bladder stones, pear juice is very beneficial. Pectin present in pears may reduce the risk of harmful cholesterol and gallstones in the gallbladder. Talking about the use of pears, then mix the juice of the pears well with honey in warm water and then consume this juice at least 3 times a day.

Peppermint For Gallbladder Stone

Most people believe that peppermint is used only in betel leaf. But this is not the case, it is one of the best treatments for gallstones. Peppermint contains a natural medicine called terpen, with the help of which the gall bladder becomes soft and gives relief.

Put a glass of water in a pot to boil and then put some peppermint leaves in it. Cover the vessel after turning off the gas. After 5 minutes, filter the tea with a sieve and consume that drink at least twice a day. If it tastes bitter then you can add honey to it as per your taste.

Lemon For Gallbladder Stone

Vitamin C is found in plenty in lemon juice, which removes the problem of stones in the gallbladder. Lemonade should be drunk at least 4 times daily during gallstones.

Apple Juice For Gallbladder Stone

Apple is a very nutritious fruit. If someone has stones problem, then he should consume at least 3 apples daily. This makes the stones soft and easily passes through the stool. If a stone patient wants to eat apple juice along with beetroot.

Turmeric For Gallbladder Stone

Turmeric is replete with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine. Regular intake of this can significantly reduce the risk of gallstones in the gallbladder. Because turmeric can help increase the solubility of bile and reduce the risk of gall bladder stones. Eating turmeric mixed with honey at least once daily gives relief from gallstones in the gall bladder.

Cranberry Juice For Gallbladder Stone

Cranberry juice is rich in fiber which helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the body and helps in relieving the stones caused by cholesterol. In addition, the anti-oxidant present in its juice helps to improve gall bladder, liver and health. To treat gall bladder stones, you can consume plain juices of cranberries in regular amounts.

Coconut Oil For Gallbladder Stone

Heat 3 teaspoons coconut oil lightly and mix it with one fourth part apple juice and half teaspoon lemon juice. This can prevent the accumulation of factors like cholesterol and fats in your liver and gallbladder, causing your gallstones to slowly dissolve.

Drink Plenty of Water to Cure Gallbladder Stone

Water helps to flush out many toxins from our body. It can dissolve the stone easily. Many people have stone problems due to drinking less water. So for better health and dissolving the stones, you must drink at least 5-6 liters of water a day.

Herbal Tea For Gallbladder Stone

Squeeze two teaspoons of green tea and one lemon in water and boil it. When the tea is ready, you can drink it after it is lukewarm. Apart from this, you can also have it by taking chuski. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which reduces the pain and inflammation caused by stones and the stone also dissolves slowly.

Black Coffee For Gallbladder Stone

Many research has revealed that drinking black coffee can cure any type of stones. Caffeine, which is found in plenty in coffee, increases the contraction of the bladder, which causes the stones to come out slowly. Therefore, to cure stones, you can consume plenty of black coffee.

Vitamin C Rich Foods For Gallbladder Stone

Vitamin C is a very effective way to prevent gallstones in the gall bladder. Lack of vitamin C can also cause gall bladder problems. In this situation, taking the right amount of vitamin C automatically reduces the risk of bladder stone. Medication can be taken to overcome vitamin-C deficiency.

Apart from medicine, vitamin C can also be replenished by consuming vitamin C-rich fruits such as guava, kiwi, papaya and mangoes. Consumption of green vegetables can also supplement vitamin C. Not only this, vitamin C reaches your body but many other nutrients are also available.

Ayurvedic treatment by CAC

Chandigarh Ayurved Centre provides the ‘Gall Stone Remove Kit’, which gets to the root cause of the disorder instead of just treating the symptoms. The kit includes the remedies which improve your overall wellbeing. This Kit contains products like – Sheetaprabha Vati, Uerolex Syrup, Uerolex capsule, Panchaguna Churna, Sheet Dhara Syrup.


1. Detox Premium Powder:

These herbal sachets mainly detox the body and helps in proper metabolism of all the functions. These sachets have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and immune-modulator. The ingredients present in it are moti pishti, parwal pishti, shukta pishti, Giloy satv, kamdudha ras, Jahar Mohra, akik pishti, gandhak rasayan, sutshekhar ras, etc. These ingredients helps in blood purification, reduces burning sensation, weakness, and hot flashes in ulcerative colitis patients. It reduces the level of high uric acid in the body. The powder is very beneficial in relieving discomfort, numbness, muscle ache, and reduces swelling of the pelvic region.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 tablet twice a day with normal water.

2. Liver Care tablets:

Liver care tablet helps in balancing Pitta dosha. These tablets stimulate the growth of new liver cells, promote functions of liver, and improve blood flow from the liver. It helps in the treatment of fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, Hepatitis, hepatomegaly, and obstructive Jaundice. CAC Liver Care Tablets contains Ingredients like Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata), Kutaki (Picrorhiza kurroa), Bhumi amla (Phyllanthus niruri), Giloy(Tinospora Cordifolia), Yavakshar( Hordeum vulgare), Imli Kshar( Tamarindus indica), Mukta Shukta pisti etc.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 tablet twice a day.

3. Sheet Dhara Syrup:

Sheet Dhara Syrup is an herbal preparatory which neutralizes the excess stomach acid to relieve heartburn, burping, loss of appetite, indigestion, an upset stomach, etc. This syrup works differently from other acid reducers as it prevents the secretion of stomach acid in a natural way and helps to overcome nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, heaviness, etc.

Recommended Dosage: Mix 1 teaspoonful in 30 ml of water and take early in the morning on an empty stomach

4. UTI Care Tablet:

UTI Care Tablets helps to treat Urinary tract infections along with the diseases related to kidney, ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra. This tablet contains pure herbal ingredients which are Yavakshar (Hordeum vulgare), kalmi Shora (Potassium nitrate), Nuashadar (Ammonium chloride), Swarna Gairik (Red ochre), etc. UTI Care Tablets are also beneficial in kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, renal colic, burning sensation or pain during micturition, Hypertension. This herbal tablet detoxifies the gallbladder & maintain natural functioning.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 tablet twice a day with normal water.

5. Uric care tablet:

Uric care tablets help in balancing kapha doshas. It reduces Kapha doshas impacting high URIC ACID levels of the body and acts as a potent diuretic. It helps reduce the pain while passing urine and clear the obstruction of urine. Help detoxify kidneys. It is also used to treat cough, edema, asthma and various kidney problems. It contains ingredients like gokhru, imali kshar, yavakshar, kalmi shora, nausadar, swarna gairik etc. This formulation possesses hypotensive, antimicrobial, aphrodiasic and diuretic properties.

Recommended dosage: Take 1 tablet twice daily.