What is Brain Tumor? Causes, Signs and Ayurvedic Treatment to Cure

Brain Tumor is a very serious problem, it can be gauged from this that according to one newspaper about 2,500 children are suffering from this problem every year along with about 40,000 every year. Between 50,000 people are found suffering from brain tumor problems.

There are many doubts about this problem in the people and for this reason they are not able to get it treated properly. People do not even know enough about its cost, due to which they consider it a costly process, that is, they are afraid to do it.

What is a Brain tumor?

Brain tumor refers to the condition when abnormal cells develop in a person’s brain. The skull is very tight around the brain, that is why any problem develops in it.

What are the types of Brain tumors?

There are mainly 2 types of brain tumors, which are as follows-

Cancerous brain tumor- This is the major type of brain tumor, also known as malignant brain tumor.

Malignant Brain Tumor is either started in the brain or it arises as a result of some other cancer like breast cancer etc.

Non-cancerous brain tumors – This is another type of brain tumor (brain tumor), also known as benign brain tumor.

Benign Brain Tumor is seen as a low-level cancer, which means that it starts very slowly and is less likely to recur.

What can be the symptoms of brain tumor?

Usually, it is believed that the onset of this problem is not known and that is why many people are unable to get rid of it, but it is absolutely wrong to think that like any other disease, brain tumors also have some symptoms. Are, indicating its beginning.

If the following symptoms of brain tumor are noticed, then it can be stopped in time-

  • Headache- Headache is the main symptom of this problem. Headache in this condition mainly occurs during morning and night.
  • Nausea or vomiting- If a person has a problem of nausea or vomiting, he may have a brain tumor. For this reason, he should take it seriously and should inform the doctor immediately.
  • Numbness of one leg or arms – Many times it has been seen that this problem starts with numbness of one leg or arm.
  • Being in a dilemma – This is another symptom of a brain tumor, in which a person does not have a clear view of anything common and he remains in a dilemma about that.
  • Difficulty in speaking- When this problem enters its second phase, in that case a lot of problems start to occur. Trouble in speaking is a very common problem, due to which a person has difficulty in speaking easy words.
  • Hearing problems- Some people also have hearing problems. In that case he may have to resort to an ear machine or cochlear implant surgery.

What causes brain tumors?

This question matters to every person because this problem can happen to any person. For this reason, the possible causes of this disease should be known so that they can control these causes and also reduce the possibility of it.

Brain tumors can be mainly due to these 5 reasons, which are as follows-

  • Family history- The main reason for having brain tumor is the family history of the diseases. In other words, if some people in a family have this problem, then other members of the same family may also have this problem.
  • Being old – Sometimes this disease can also happen to people who are older. In the same situation, the person should seek medical science so that there is no other risk related to this disease.
  • Having any cancer- The problem of brain tumor can also happen to a person who suffers from some type of cancer like breast cancer, lung cancer etc. In such a situation surgery is the only option left for that person.
  • Radiotherapy – If a person has recently undergone radiotherapy, then the person is more likely to have this surgery. Therefore, after radiotherapy the person should take all precautions so that he does not have any other problems.
  • Any other health problem- Brain tumor can also happen to a person who has other health related problems like BP, heart disease etc.For this reason, a person suffering from these problems should take special care of his health and should contact the docto

How is the tumor treated?

Brain tumors can be treated in several ways, some of which are:

Adopt home remedies – This disease can also be treated through several home remedies.

  • It can be beneficial for a person suffering from this to use mushrooms.
  • Doing Yoga- Many times this problem can also be treated through Yoga.
  • There are many yogas, which can prove beneficial in brain tumors.

Biopsy – Biopsy surgery can also be beneficial in the treatment of brain tumors. Through this surgery, it is known how much the cancer has increased in the body.

Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy can also be done in its treatment.Through this, the cancerous germs are prevented from growing and cells are eliminated.

Brain surgery- When the treatment of brain tumor is not possible by any other means, then in that case, the doctor recommends brain surgery. Brain surgery surgically corrects the brain tumor.

What are the risks of brain tumors?

If the brain tumor is not treated at the right time, it can take a fatal form and the person suffering from it may also face mainly these 5 risks, some of which are as follows-

  • Weakness- Many times it has been seen that the physical capacity of a person suffering from this problem is reduced.
  • Over time, the situation gets so bad that weakness is felt by doing that little work.
  • Headache- As explained above, this problem starts with a headache.
  • If it is incurable, this problem can persist and in that case the person may need medical help.
  • Deafness- With the passage of time for a person suffering from a brain tumor, the situation gets worse and at times his hearing capacity is completely lost.
  • Mood swing- Sometimes it happens that it causes a sudden change in the behavior of the victim.
  • Over time, he also develops mood swings, for which he may need to contact a psychologist.
  • Memory loss: The mental capacity of a person slows down after the brain tumor remains incurable for a long time.
  • Sometimes the memory of the person suffering from it also goes away.

How can brain tumors be prevented?

Most people may not know that they can prevent brain tumor, which is why they have to lose their lives, but if they knew that it was possible to prevent this problem, they might as well Live a healthy life.

The victims of this problem can be prevented by adopting the following methods:

  • Eating sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables- Healthy food is beneficial for every person.
  • This also applies to a person suffering from a brain tumor. He should consume fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantity so that his mental development can take place.
  • Including whole grains and beans in the diet- If a person has this problem, then he should change his diet and include whole grains and beans.
  • Doing this will develop his immunity, so that he will be safe from many diseases.
  • Non-use of tobacco – Consumption of tobacco is not considered to be good because of its health problems.
  • This thing also applies to the person suffering from this problem and for this reason he should not consume tobacco.
  • Weight control – It is believed that being overweight invites many diseases, that is why every person should take special care of their weight.
  • Doing physical activities- It is beneficial for every person to do physical activities. For some time (about 15 to 20 minutes) walking or cycling can also be a better option.
  • Vaccination- Immunization can prove to be a precise step in preventing any type of cancer as it helps a person with many infections.
  • Every person should at least get Hepatitis B vaccination, which protects them from cancerous infections.
  • As we all know that in today’s stressful times a lot of problems are spreading. These include brain tumors.
  • Since there is a lack of awareness about this problem in the people, on 8th June every year is celebrated as World Brain Tumor Day.
  • Despite this, it is unfortunate that people are not fully aware of this, so many people die due to this problem.


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