Weight Loss Tips

Foods to Avoid Weight Loss

To protect yourself from the disease of obesity, you should not consume these things mentioned below:

High oil items, such as French fries and chips.

High sugar beverages, such as cold drinks and sorbets.

High sugar foods, such as sweets and kheer.

Some exercises and yoga for weight loss –

  • Exercise and yoga for weight loss
  • Get used to walking or running in the morning and evening.
  • Do pushups. For this, lie on the floor on the stomach and with the help of both hands, lower the body up and down.
  • Practice skipping.
  • Swimming for a while every day.
  • If possible, use a bicycle to travel anywhere.
  • Weight loss can also be done by going to Zumba or dance class.

Apart from these exercises, weight can also be reduced with the help of the following yogasanas given below:

  • Bhujangasana
  • Veer Bhadrasana
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Chakrasana
  • Dwelling

To make our diet chart and the exercises mentioned above more effective, you should make the following changes in your lifestyle:

Don’t forget to have breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Due to negligence in the matter of breakfast, diabetes, mood swing and obesity can be the disease. Actually, breakfast in the morning directly affects the metabolism process of our body. A person who does not have breakfast on time, his appetite gradually increases. In such a situation, the more hungry person starts eating more food and eventually he becomes obese.

Drink plenty of water – Water can help you a lot in getting rid of obesity. Therefore, try to drink more and more water throughout the day. If possible, make a habit of drinking water before meals, this reduces your appetite a bit and you do not eat excessively.

Sleep deeply – Scientists have found that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, because lack of sleep reduces our body’s insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. This causes leptin levels in the body to decrease, which increases our appetite. The process of metabolism and neuroendocrine in our body is completed by getting good sleep.

Stay away from stress – Avoid stress as much as possible. Actually, due to stress, there are some hormonal changes in the body, which can increase your appetite. To avoid this, practice yoga or meditation.

Avoid depression – Being unhappy or depressed all the time can lead to obesity.

To avoid this, walk outside and do things that make you happy. Express the feelings of your mind by writing in a diary and if possible, meet people by participating in some social events.

Diet Food for Weight Loss

Below we are going to tell you about two such easy recipes that can help you lose weight fast:

  1. Fruit Salad
  2. Vegetable Soup
  3. Jeera water

What amount of oil should be used in cooking for weight loss?

People who want to lose weight should use olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil or mustard oil for cooking. You should not use more than three or four teaspoons of oil for cooking in a day. However, people using extra virgin olive oil can use 6-7 teaspoons of oil a day.

What to do if you want to eat sweet cheese?

When this happens, try one of these recipes:

Eat something sweet at home, as it usually uses less sugar than the market.

Eat a piece of dark chocolate.

Eat some fruits after meals.

Chew the cloves after a meal.