Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin present in different forms , but the human body uses only alpha – tocopherol form , which work as an antioxidant , scavenging loose electrons (free radicals) that can damage cells .

It also enhances immune function and prevents clot from forming in heart arteries . Antioxidant vitamins can help to cure cancer , vision loss and other chronic conditions. It also has the ability to protect cell from free radical damage as well as stop the production of free radical cell .

Daily Dose Requirement For Human Body :-

The Daily dose requirement for vitamin E for males and females of age group 14 years and older is 15 mg daily (or 22 international units, IU), including women who are pregnant.

Lactating women need slightly more dose i.e. 19 mg (28 IU) daily.


  1. To Cure Heart disease
  2. To Cure Cancer
  3. Helpful In Age-related vision diseases
  4. Help To Cure Cognitive function and neurodegenerative diseases
  5. Due to its Antioxidant properties it protects body tissue from damage caused by substances called free radicals. Free radicals can harm cells, tissues, and organs. They are believed to play a role in certain conditions related to aging.
  6. The body also needs vitamin E to help keep the immune system strong against viruses and bacteria. Vitamin E is also important in the formation of red blood cells. It helps the body to use vitamin K. It also helps widen blood vessels and keep blood from clotting inside them.
  7. Cells use vitamin E to interact with each other. It helps them carry out many important functions.
  8. Wound Healing
  9. Anti- Inflammatory
  10. Vitamin E is a skin care and healthy vitamin. It protects the skin from dryness, wrinkles, premature aging and harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  11. It also helps in the formation of red blood cells.
  12. Vitamin E reduces the risk of stroke in women after menopause.
  13.  People who take vitamin E supplements reduce their risk of getting Alzheimer’s.
  14. Vitamin E combines with other anti-oxidants to prevent macular degeneration. It also protects the retina.
  15. It also protects women from pain during menstruation.
  16. Vitamin E deficiency increases the risk of diabetes.
  17. It is also useful in the prevention of breast cancer.
  18. Strengthens the immune system.
  19. Vitamin E also reduces the side effects of medicines taken for hair loss.
  20. Also useful in allergy prevention.
  21. In children it is necessary for the development of the skeletal system.
  22. Maintains vitamin A and K stores in the body.
  23. It controls cholesterol levels in the body.


  1. Vitamin E is found in plant-based oil , seeds , vegetables , nuts and fruits .
  2. Wheat germ oil
  3. Sunflower, safflower, and soybean oil
  4. Sunflower seeds
  5.  Almonds
  6. Peanuts, peanut butter
  7. Beet greens, collard greens, spinach
  8. Pumpkin
  9. Red bell pepper
  10. Asparagus , Avocado and Mango


Deficiency of vitamin occur in most of the people who have digestive disorder or not able to absorb fat properly ( Celiac disease , Cystic Fibrosis ,Pancreatitis etc ) . Common Sign Of Deficiency :-

  1. Retinopathy (damage to the retina of the eyes that can impair vision)
  2. Peripheral neuropathy (damage to the peripheral nerves, usually in the hands or feet, causing weakness or pain)
  3. Ataxia (loss of control of body movements)
  4. Decreased immune function