Vitamin A is found in two forms, retinol and carotene. Vitamin A is very important for the eyes. This vitamin helps to maintain many organs in the body like skin, hair, nails, gland, teeth, gum and bone in general. Vitamin A deficiency causes most eye diseases, such as night blindness, spots in the white part of the eye. It also helps maintain calcium levels in the blood and strengthens bones.

Sources Are :- Beetroot, carrot, cheese, milk, tomatoes, green vegetables, yellow fruits should be eaten for lack of vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is found in plenty in it, which fulfills it in the body.

Vitamin A can be easily replenished by the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Egg, carrots, yellow or orange vegetables, spinach, sweet potato, papaya, yogurt, soybean and other leafy green vegetables can be consumed to replenish vitamin A in the body.

The most important condition that occurs only in the absence of nutrient A is less visible in the dark, which is also called night blindness. With this, due to lack of tears in the eyes, the eyes become dry and there may be a wound in it.

The lack of nutritious A in children slows down the pace of development, which can affect their height. Dryness occurs in the skin and hair as well, leaving a glow in them. The probability of getting infected disease increases.

Taking too much nutritious A can have many adverse effects on the body such as headache, visual aches, tiredness, diarrhea, hair fall, skin damage, bone and joint pain, damage to the heart and untimely menstruation in girls. Special care during pregnancy – Excessive nutrient A can harm the baby in the abdomen.

Vitamin is required in many ways for the body. The body should keep supplying vitamins from time to time. Among these vitamins, vitamin A also proves to be very beneficial for the body. Vitamin A plays a very important role in keeping the skin, bones and other body cells strong. Vitamin A contains antioxidants that protect cells from being damaged. Apart from this, Vitamin A prevents free radicals from breaking down and does not allow our body to cause inflammatory problems.

Not only this, vitamin A’s role is considered very important to improve the functions of the immune system and to keep the normal functioning of the heart, lungs, kidney as well as other essential organs of the body. If vitamin A deficiency is seen in the body, then the body suffers from many problems.

uses :-

  1. Protects Your Eyes From Night Blindness and Age-Related Decline
  2. May Lower Your Risk of Certain Cancers
  3. Supports a Healthy Immune System
  4. Reduces Your Risk of Acne
  5. Supports Bone Health
  6. Promotes Healthy Growth and Reproduction