There are many misconceptions about vegan diet. People get confused about the fact that vegan means vegetarian diet, while this is not a reality. In such a situation, it is very important to know what kind of diet it is. Today we will tell you all the important things related to vegan diet.

What is Vegan Diet

For the past few years, the tradition of celebrating World Vegan Day has been started across India on November 1. In this diet a person can only include things like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses, dry fruits. In this diet you cannot eat milk and milk products. Experts suggest that cows use a lot of fresh water to grow vegetables to feed and feed water, which is causing environmental damage. This is the reason why the vegan diet prohibits the consumption of everything prepared from animal meat or milk. According to this diet, if you are removing meat, milk and eggs from your food, then it is necessary to include fruits, vegetables, whole grains in the diet for a balanced diet. Also, to get vitamins, protein, fiber etc., there is a need to bring variety in food. So it is important to take care of these things. Interestingly, many celebrities also follow this diet, including names ranging from Virat Kohli to Mallika Sherawat.

Types of Vegan Diet

Before starting the vegan diet, it is very important to know what kind it is after all. For your information, tell us that there are many types of vegan diet. Of which these three are the main

Whole Wheat Vegan Diet: In this type fruits, vegetables, lentils, nuts are included.

Raw Food Vegan Diet: This category includes raw fruits, vegetables, nuts or whatever plant-based food items.

Thrive Diet: This is a mixture of both whole wheat and raw food.

Benefits of Vegan Diet

Full of nutrients

The biggest advantage of this diet is that it is rich in diet nutrients. In this, you get all the important nutrients easily. Plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains are eaten in it, so the nutrients in them easily help you.

Blood Pressure Control 

There are no such substances in this diet, due to which blood sugar increases. This is the reason why your diet is always controlled. Also, in this diet, you consume a lot of complex carbohydrates, which keeps high blood pressure under control.

Relieve depression

Vegan diet is rich in fruits, vegetables and nuts, which are rich in anti-oxidants and omega 3. Due to this, the problem of depression and anxiety goes away.

Correct digestion

The biggest advantage of the vegan diet is that the digestive system remains strong with this diet due to the high fiber. This helps you to digest food easily.

To sleep soundly

If you include things like bananas, almonds and sweet potatoes in the vegan diet, it makes you sleep well. People suffering from insomnia should follow this diet and include these things in their diet.

Body detox and energy boosters

Vegan diet is rich in protein and iron. Because of this, the energy level increases. Also, it does not feel tired and also strengthens the body. At the same time, your body detoxes due to foods rich in diet, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, so that you remain healthy and healthy.

Mistakes To Be Avoid In Vegan Diet

1. Everything is not healthy

If you think that you are just eating salad in vegan diet then there will be no problem. So you are thinking wrong. Yes, people often make many mistakes while following vegan diet, while it is important that you should know the right way to follow it. It is not necessary that all the vegetables consumed in vegan diet are right and are giving you nutritious food. Many claim that soy products are the best choice in vegan. In such a situation, they do not hesitate to eat processed food items. This is a myth. The truth is that such processed food items are very high in calories and also in protein. Eating such food items should be avoided without dietician’s advice.

2. Absence of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is important for the nutrition of your body. It helps in making red blood cells. It is true that vitamin B12 is found most in animal products, especially in eggs and milk products. In such a situation, when you do vegan diet, there is every possibility that there will be a deficiency of vitamin B12. Due to this many times there are also complaints of anemia. In such a situation, following this diet, you should consult your dietician for an alternative.

3. Replace the item with meat

Whenever it comes to following vegan diet, it comes to mind that it can be used for replacement of meat but it is a misunderstanding. Excessive use of cheeses damages the body because it does not contain the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals. At the same time, many people start eating excessive amounts of cheese. It is also harmful to the body.

4. Do not drink enough water

In any diet, it is very important that you drink sufficient amount of water. So while dieting, take special care that you have to drink sufficient amount of water. Especially those who are following vegan diet. It is necessary to drink water continuously with fiber. But while following the diet, it is a mistake that everyone forgets to drink water. In the absence of water, excessive fiber often causes damage to the body. Then he is at risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Digestive activity is maintained by drinking water and there is no problem like gas, constipation or bloating.

5. Forget about iron

There is no doubt that meat (meat) is an important source of vitamins, minerals as well as iron. The body quickly absorbs the type of iron present in meat. In such a situation, this problem is caused due to non-inclusion of meat in the vegan diet. Therefore, it is very important to include food items such as lentils, beans, cereals, nuts, seed grains, oats etc. in the diet while following your diet

These reasons make vegan diet unhealthy

A vegan person is unable to include animal protein in his diet and uses soy protein instead. In such a situation it is necessary to use tofu, soy milk and other things. Experts believe that this sometimes causes hormonal problems. At the same time, in addition to vitamin B12, there is also a lack of zinc absorption in the vegan diet. Trouble also increases due to this. There is also the possibility of increasing blood sugar at times while vegan diet. Many times carbohydrate foods are consumed in excess. Vegan diet is also considered to be unhealthy because while eating this diet, there is a problem of eating disorder at times. If you have the problem of overeating, anytime you feel hungry, then you can eat anything at any time. They believe that this diet leads to severe deficiency of vitamin B12, iron and protein and after that you are prone to many diseases. They clearly say that they give all the information to their clients and tell them what kind of problem they may face in the vegan diet. But if they still do not believe then they advise them to take vegan diet.

Healthy vegan diet, but you should get plenty of nutrients

It is absolutely true that you should not try to ignore your nutrients while following vegan diet. If you too follow such a diet, it is very important to know its nutrients.

Many people do not know the difference between protein and calories. In the name of protein, these people start eating high calorie items. Therefore their weight keeps increasing despite dieting. Actually, taking the right amount of protein and vitamins can help in burning calories.

Vegan Diet For Weight Loss

Experts believe that this diet is extremely helpful in reducing weight. It does not contain any foods that cause weight gain. Therefore it helps a lot in reducing weight. Also, plant-based foods in it are rich in fiber. In such a situation, taking them quickly fills the stomach and you do not feel hungry throughout the day. This saves you from the habit of overwriting. This is the reason why this diet is helpful in weight loss.