Urticaria (Sheetpitta)

Urticaria is portrayed by irritated weals (hives), with or without encompassing erythematous flares.

A weal (or wheal) is a shallow skin-shaded or fair skin expanding, normally encompassed by erythema that keeps going anything from a couple of moments to 24 hours. Urticaria can exist together with angioedema which is a more profound expanding inside the skin or mucous layers.

In ayurveda Urticaria is also called as SheetpitaSheetpita is one among the Twak Vikara that have related Hetu of Kotha and UdardaVata and Kapha are two “Doshas”, which are principally disturbed which thusly is related through Pitta bringing about Tridosha Prakopa causing to redness, expanding tingling on the skin and so forth.

Sheetpita as per Ayurvedic science is a Tridoshaja vyadhi. At first after Nidaan sevan (etiological factors) vitiation of Kapha and Vata takes place then they begin to fan out in entire body both remotely and inside by blending in with Pitta. The Tridoshas travelling inside causes Dushti(pathogenesis) of rasa and Rakta dhatus after that Rasavaha and Raktavaha Srotodushti happens these on coming to Viguna twak(sensitized skin) produce side effects like Toda, Daha, Kandu, and so forth

Samprapti of Sheetpita

Prakupita Vata and Kapha

Due to ‘Sheeta Marutadi Nidana (Sheeta Maruta Samsparshat)

When being mixed with ‘Pitta’ (Pittena Saha Sambhooya)

Spreads internally and externally (bahir-antah visarpatah)

Results in to Sheetapitta

Urticaria happens when the body responds to an allergen and deliveries histamine and different synthetic substances from under the outside of the skin.

The histamine and synthetic substances cause aggravation and liquid to collect under the skin, causing wheals.

Instances of realized triggers include:

  • Prescriptions, including a few anti-toxins and non-steroidal calming drugs (NSAIDs, for example, headache medicine and ACE inhibitors, utilized for hypertension
  • Food sources, such nuts, shellfish, food added substances, eggs, strawberries, and wheat items
  • Contaminations, including flu, the normal chilly, glandular fever, and hepatitis B
  • Bacterial diseases, including urinary lot contaminations and strep throat
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Outrageous temperatures or changes in temperature
  • High internal heat level
  • Pet dander from canines, felines, ponies, etc
  • Dust vermin
  • Cockroaches and cockroach squander
  • Latex ,dust
  • A few plants, including brambles, poison ivy, and toxic substance oak
  • Bug nibbles and stings
  • A few synthetic substances
  • Constant ailment, like thyroid illness or lupus
  • Daylight openness
  • Water on the skin
  • Scratching

Symptoms of Urticaria

Signs and symptoms of persistent hives include:

  • Groups of red or skin-hued welts (wheals), which can show up anyplace on the body
  • Welts that differ in size, change shape, and show up and blur over and again as the response runs its course
  • Tingling, this might be extreme
  • Excruciating expanding (angioedema) of the lips, eyelids and inside the throat
  • An inclination for signs and manifestations to erupt with triggers like warmth, exercise and stress
  • An inclination for signs and indications to persevere for over about a month and a half and to repeat as often as possible and unusually, now and then for quite a long time or years


Our treatment plan ought to be with the end goal that-

  • Vata pradhan Tridoshamaak.
  • That sanitizes Rasa rakta dhatus.
  • Helps in boosting safe framework as autoimmunity assumes a significant part in its pathogenesis.

Our Acharyas have referenced millennia prior about different natural details and Panchakarma methodology for Sheetpitta or Urticaria.

Panchakarma methods incorporate

  • Vamana-Since it’s a Kaphaj prevailing infection, Vamana place a vital job in adjusting Kapha Dosha. Vitiated Kapaha is taken out from body through purgation technique.
  • Virechana-Vata and Kapha are related with vitiated pitta in Blood . Along these lines, Pitta dosha is offset with Virechana treatment.
  • Raktmokshana: Since it is the best method to eliminate poisons from the body straightforwardly through blood, it shows wonderful outcomes even after first sitting. Polluted blood is delivered from the body through Sira Vedhan methodology. It’s an easy system and barely takes 10 mins however gives superb outcomes.
  • Lepam: Medicated oils like Nalpamradi tailam, jeevantyadi tailam, Urtiplex cream and so forth are applied locally on the skin. Additionally, Herbal glue are applied on the skin like Anantmool Lepam, Sariva Lepam, Chandan Lepam and so forth
  • Oral Herbal Medication: Oral Medication assumes a vital part in Ayurvedic treatment of Urticaria. Doorva Churna, Panchatikt ghrit guggulu, haridrakhand, aarogyavardhani and so on are a portion of the referenced medications for Urticaria treatment in Ayurveda.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. Avoid from acrid, pungent and zesty food, cheap food, garbage food.
  2. Curd, pickle
  3. Inordinate voyaging
  4. Employments of A.C.
  5. Wear full sleeves dress.
  6. Keep away from Humid climate
  7. Late evening dozing propensity.