Top 10 Health Benefits of Onion

Top 10 Health Benefits of Onion

  • Botanical Name – Allium cepa L.
  • Family – Liliaceae
  • Sanskrit name – Palandu, Mukhadushak, Yavneshth

Based on colour onion is of two varieties – red and white. It is used all across India as vegetable.

Onion contains proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, vitamin A, B, and C and its leaves contain a volatile oil with very unpleasant odour. It also contains stable oil which contains disulphide.

Medicinal Properties of Onion

  • Rasa – Madhur, Katu
  • Guna – Guru, Ushna, Tikshna,
  • Virya – Usha
  • Vipaka – Madhura
  • Effects on Dosha – It increase pitta and kapha, pacifies vata

Health Benefits of Onion

  1. In case of Cold give 10-20 ml juice mixed with honey and use 2-3 times a day. It very beneficial in curing Cold.
  2. In case of eye disorders like Night Blindness, Eye Sight and Cataract squeeze juice of white variety onion mixed with double quantity of honey. Put 2 drops of this solution in eyes regularly.
  3. In case of ear ache put 2-4 drops of warm juice in ears. It cures ear ache and internal swelling of ears.
  4. In case of Cough use 5-10 ml fresh juice mixed with sugar.
  5. In case of Flatulence 20 ml of fresh juice, 1 gram black pepper, on pinch of asafoetida and salt thrice a day. It cures the gastric pain and abdominal gas.
  6. Calculus – by using 20-30 ml fresh juice 3 times a day for 2 months. It dissolves renal stones.
  7. By using decoction of onion, its cures burning sensation while urination.
  8. In piles grind 2 onions and apply paste on boils it cures the piles.
  9. Insect bite – applies its juice on bitten area. It gives immediate relief from pain.
  10. Immature abscess – apply paste of onion over abscess and it promotes its healing.