Tintideek – Medicinal Herb

Very few people know about the tintedic plant. Found at high altitude in hilly areas, this plant is very beneficial for health. According to Ayurvedic texts, tincture is very useful in the treatment of stomach related diseases like constipation, indigestion, flatulence etc. In this article, we are telling you in detail about the benefits, medicinal properties and methods of use of tintidic.

What is Tintideek?

The plant of Tintidik is 1.2 to 4-5 m long and it is a green plant in all seasons. Its stem is round, rough brown in color. Flowers grow in bunches between August and November. It has Kapha and Vata reducing properties, due to which it is used in diseases related to Kapha and Vata.

Name of Tintideek in Different Languages

The botanical name of Tintideek is Rhus parviflora Roxb. (Ras Parviflora) Syn-Toxicodendron parviflorum Kuntze. It is the plant of Anacardiaceae (Anacardiaceae) family. Let us know by what names Tintidek is known in other languages.

English: Small flowered poison sumac

Sanskrit: Tintidik, Tintidi

Urdu: Samandarphal;

Kumaon / Garhwali: Tunga, Tungla;

Kashmiri: Samak

Nepali: sati baiar, satbesi

Punjabi: Khatte massor, Raitung, Tumra, Tungla

Medicinal Properties of Tintideek

The half-baked tintedic is full of vata reducing, hot, guru and phlegm enhancing pitta. Ripe tintedic is short, deep, delicious, warm, receptive and kafwatshamak. It is a duodenal disorder. Its fruits are appetite enhancer, blood pressure, stomach stimulant.

Benefits and Uses of Tintideek

Tintidek has kafawat antidepressant and receptor properties, it is helpful in the treatment of many diseases. Let us know how to use Tintidic during home treatment of different diseases.

1. Tintideek gives relief from Nose Congestion

Eating vasodi vati (1-2 vati) made of tintedic liquids gives quick relief from cold-cough and closed nose problem. Contact the nearest Ayurvedic doctor for further dosage information.

2. Nose congestion

Tintideek gives relief from Ear Pain

Ear pain is a common problem due to ear infection or due to many other reasons. Use Tintidex to relieve earache. For this, apply one to two drops of Sage oil from Bijora lime, pomegranate, tintedic juice and cow urine. This cures ear pain. If there is a severe pain in the ear, then seek medical advice along with home remedies.

3. Benefits of Tintideek in Abdominal Disorder

Tongue clears by using Yavana syrup powder made from tinted liquids. This powder is also beneficial in the treatment of diseases like loss of appetite, cough, constipation, piles.

Taking 2-3 grams of Hingwadi powder made from tintedic etc. provides relief in stomachache, flatulence, hiccups, loss of appetite etc.

Taking chutney made of tintedic, black pepper, coriander etc. intensifies the fire of stomach and provides relief from dysentery.

A) Diarrhea – Make a bundle of powder of the stem of tincture and soak it in water. Diarrhea is stopped by mixing water from the bundle with curd.

B) Stomachache: Mix one part tintedic fruit, roasted fennel and roasted cumin powder, two parts pomegranate seeds powder and five parts sugar powder. Taking 2-4 grams of this medicine provides relief in stomachache caused by indigestion and diarrhea.

C) Stomach worms: Taking tintedic fruit juice kills stomach worms. Take it according to the advice of the doctor.

4. Uses of Tintideek in Throat irritation

If there is a pain in your throat, make a decoction of tinted fruit and gargle with it. This decoction removes irritation of the throat as well as reduces inflammation.

5. Benefits of Tintideek in Heart Problems

In today’s time, due to poor diet and irregular lifestyle, the number of heart patients is increasing. However, if you are a patient of heart related diseases, then get yourself examined by the nearest doctor as well as adopt some home remedies. As such, the fruits of tintedic are considered very beneficial for heart diseases. Make a decoction of this fruit and drink, it keeps the heart healthy.

6. Benefits of Tintideek in Treatment of Piles

Do you know that tinctic is also beneficial in treating constipation or hemorrhoids? Consuming trishadini powder with curd, lukewarm or lukewarm water only provides relief in constipation and piles.

7. Tintideek Helps in Wound Healing

If you are troubled by a wound, you can use Tintidek as a home remedy. For this, make a decoction of tintedic, ankole, datura, and pelvic root and make a wound with it. The wound heals quickly.

8. Tintideek benefits in reducing swelling

By applying the bark of the stem of this plant, there is a decrease in the swelling of the muscles caused by the swelling or trauma caused by the wound. However, experts believe that in case of swelling in the muscles, use it under the supervision of a doctor.

9. Tintideek Helps to get rid of alcohol addiction

The use of ashtavalavan made of tintedic substances, etc., purifies the sources and gives the benefits of jatharagni to the Kapha-Pradhan-Madatya.

10. Relieves the problem of nose and ear bleeding

Many people often have nose nose bleeding during the summer season. This problem has been named as bloodpit in Ayurveda medicine. Taking asparagus ghee provides relief in the problem of bleeding from the nose and ears.

Useful Parts of Tintideek

In Ayurveda, the following parts of Tintidik have been described as useful for health.

  • The stem
  • The fruit