Til (Sesame) – Chemical Composition, Properties & Medicinal Usage


Sesame and sesame oil is commonly known. In winters, sesame laddus are prepared and eaten. Sesame is of three colours- white, red and black. In terms of medicinal value, oil extracted from black pepper sesame is much more beneficial.


Its plants are annual. Soft and hariy, 2- 4 ft tall with slightly pungent odour. The plant has knots all over it. The leaves on the upper part of the plant are simple, alternately arranged in sequence, and oblong. The tip of the leaf is striped and the margins are thorny. Leaves on the lower side of the plant are separated, and partially divided.



A light yellowish liquid is extracted from sesame which is known as sesame seeds oil and is also known as sweet oil in local language. It has a very slight but pleasant odour. The oil contains proteins. Little amounts of colline, sucrose and lecithine etc elemens are also found in it. In addition , the seeds contain sesamia, sesamolin, lipez, nicotinic acid,ollic and linolic acids.


Sesame oil is, sour, sweet, bitter in taste. It promotes physical strength, is beneficial for hair and skin, increases production of milk in lactating mothers, cleanses and cures ulcers and wounds, is beneficial for teeth and effective in curing urinary disorders. It has binding properties; it alleviates vata and promotes digestive function and intelligence.



  1. It is beneficial for teeth. Chew 20 gm sesame seeds regularly. It makes the teeth  stronger.
  2. Keep sesame seeds in mouth for 6-11 minutes and then spit out.It cures pyorrhea and also make the teeth strong.


In winter season, collect the dew drops on the sesame flowers using a muslin cloth and store them in a bottle. Put these dew drops in eyes. It cures all types of eye disorders.


  1. Rinse hair with decoction of its root and leaves. It helps hair turn black.
  2. Apply the oil of black sesame seeds on hair. It prevents premature graying of hair .Apply sesame oil on hair regularly. It keeps the hair black and the hair grows thick, long and dense.
  3. In case of baldness and dandruff in hair, take its flowers and gokhru in equal amount and grind them in honey and ghee and apply the paste on the head. It cures baldness.


  1. Give 200 gm decoction of sesame with 2 teaspoonful sugar mixed in it. It is  beneficial in curing cough.
  2. Boil sesame and sugar candy in water and give this to the patient.


  1. To dissolve the coagulated blood in uterus, give 624mg of its powder, 4=7 times a day. Also, let the patient sit in warm water with water touching the waist.
  2. In case of difficulty in menstruation, give 200mg decoction of sesame to the patient.
  3. To sure obstruction in menstrual cycle, take 100mg sesame decoction and add 2gm peepal powder in it. Give this to the patient thrice a day.
  4. Dip a piece of cotton in sesame oil and place it in the front part of the vaginal opening. It cures leucorrhoea.
  5. Soak 10gm sesame and 10gm gokbru in water over night. Next day m0rning, take the extract and add a little amount.