Nagkesar – Medicinal Benefits


Nagakesar plant is an herb that is used in curing many diseases. A detailed description is found about the principal qualities of Nagakesar in Ayurveda. All parts of this plant’s fruits, nagkesar flower, seeds etc. are used as medicine. In this article, we are telling you in detail about the advantages, disadvantages and methods of consumption of Nagakeshar. Let’s know:

What is Nagkesar?

Its leaves are red in color and their front part is bright green. Its flowers (Nagkesar Flower) are white and yellow in color. The yellow stamens of yellow saffron color come inside these flowers, these are called ‘Nagakesar’.

Nagakeshar is astringent, hot, hot, short, harsh, phlegm-Pitta, aromatic, ulcerative and emollient. Essential oil made from its stamens has anti-bacterial properties. Due to these properties, its intake is beneficial in many diseases. It is a nagkesar tree, 18–30 m tall, always green in medium size.

Name of Nagkesar in different languages

The botanical name of the plant of Nagakeshar is Mesua ferrea Linn. (Mesua faria) family (Clusiaceae). It is called by the following names in other languages.

Nagkesar in:

English name: Cobras saffron (Cobras saffron)

Sanskrit: Nagpushp, Ahikeshr, Ahipushp, Bhujungpush, Vaaran, Gajakesar, Nagkashar, Champeya, Tunga, Devavallabh, Keshar;

Hindi: Nagakesar, Nagesar, Yellow Nagakeshar, Nagchampa

Urdu: Narmishka, Nagkesar

Konkani: Nagchampa

Kannada: Nagkesari, Nagasampige

Gujarati: Nagchampa, Tamrnagkesar

Tamil: Naugu, Naugliral

Telugu: Nagkesaramu, Rajpushpam

Bengali: Nagkesar, Nagesar

Punjabi: Nageswar, Nagkesar

Marathi: Nagkesar, Nagchampa

Malayalam: Nanga, Nauga

English: Ceylon iron wood

Ayurvedic properties

Rasa- kshya, tikta

Guna- laghu, ruksha

Virya- sheet

Vipaka- katu

Benefits and uses of Nagkesar

Nagkesar Plant because of its medicinal properties, it is used as a home remedy in many diseases. It is very beneficial in fever, gout diseases, headaches, throat diseases and heart related diseases

1. Nagkesar Uses to stop Hiccups

Hiccups sometimes start suddenly and then do not stop soon. However, there are many home remedies with the help of which you can prevent hiccups. Using Nagakeshar is also one of them. For this, mixing 1-1 gram honey and sugar candy in 500 mg of Nagakesar churna and consuming sugarcane or mauve juice in Anupana is beneficial in hiccups.

2. Nagakesara Uses in Cough and respiratory disorders

Nagakesar has such qualities due to which it is beneficial in cough and respiratory diseases. It is also beneficial in reducing inflammation of the lungs. For this, make a decoction of Nagakeshar root and bark and drink it in 10-20 ml quantity. Keep taking this decoction regularly until you get relief from the problem.

Apart from curing cough, taking Nagakesar also provides quick relief in colds. If there is a cold, apply a paste of Nagakesar leaves on the head. Applying it is beneficial in cold and cold.

3. Nagakesara Uses for Bloody Diarrhea

Poor diet, excessive heat in the stomach or other reasons cause diarrhea as well as bleeding. Often, children suffer more from this problem, although it is common among elders to have this problem. Nagkeshhar is very effective in relieving the blood problem in diarrhea. For this, taking 250-500 mg of nagkesar churna with honey butter or with sugar-based butter provides relief from the problem of bleeding in the stool.

4. Nagkesar benefits for Indigestion and acidity

Nowadays, due to poor lifestyle and food, most of the people are spoiled. Many problems related to the stomach, such as indigestion, acidity, or stomach irritation start to occur due to the digestive system not working properly. Nagkesar is very useful in getting relief from these problems (nagkesar ke fayde). For this, regularly take 0.5-1 grams of Nagkaeshar fruit powder.

5. Nagkesar benefits for dysentery

If you are suffering from diarrhea, then take Nagakesar. According to ayurvedic experts, diarrhea is relieved quickly due to its intake. To get relief from diarrhea, take 500 mg of nagkesar ka phool powder.

6. Nagkesar Uses to get relieve in Leukorrhea

Leucorrhea or leucorrhoea is a disease associated with women. In which thick white colored liquid starts coming out of the vagina. It is also called white water problem. If you are suffering from this leucorrhea, then Nagakesar can prove to be very beneficial for you. According to experts, taking 500 mg powder of Nagarkashar mixed with whey is beneficial in leucorrhea.

7. Relief from excess bleeding in menstruation

Many women experience excessive bleeding during menstruation. Although menstrual bleeding is common, but excessive bleeding is a problem. This problem is also known as menorrhagia. If you are suffering from this problem then use Nagakesar in this way. For this, take 250-500 mg Nagakesar powder with whey for three days. Apart from this, eat Matha in your daily diet. By doing this, the problem of menorrhagia provides quick relief.

8. Nagkesar helps to get relief from Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common problem with increasing age, but in today’s age it is becoming a problem in the youth too. The number of arthritis patients is increasing day by day. In such a situation, with the help of home remedies, you can reduce the problem of joint pain to a great extent. For this, apply oil of Nagakesar seeds on the joints or pain area and massage. Massaging this oil provides quick relief from joint pain .

9. Nagkesar Helps to Heal the Wound

If there is a wound on your skin, then the benefits of Nagkasar can be taken in this disease. For this, apply Nagkesar oil on the wound. By applying this oil, wounds heal quickly.

10. Nagkesar Beneficial to Treat Hives

Nagakesar is used to prevent the symptoms of skin diseases like hives, as its oil has a curative properties and according to Ayurveda, it is also useful to relieve itching.

11. Benefit of Nagkesar in Cholera

Nagkasher can be beneficial in reducing the symptoms of cholera, because Nagkasar has antibacterial properties, so its intake can be beneficial in cholera.

12. Benefits of nagkasar in face scars and itchy

The use of Nagakesar can be beneficial in skin diseases such as scabies and itching because it has the properties of condensation which helps to soothe itching.

13. Benefits of Nagakesar in gastric irritation

Consumption of Nagakesar helps to relieve the symptoms of gastric irritation (gastric) caused by indigestion, as it has digestive properties that help to digest food which reduces gastric irritation.

14. Nagkesar Beneficial to Keep Heart Healthy

Consumption of Nagakesar can be beneficial for heart health, as it has mango digestive properties according to Ayurveda, which prevents the formation of ingredients like cholesterol by digesting mangoes and protects the heart from the harmful effects of high cholesterol.

15. Benefits of Nagkesar to Treat Asthma

Nagkesar is also used in reducing the symptoms of asthma because Nagkasara has the property of quenching of phlegm which calms the phlegm and reduces the symptoms of asthma.

16. Nagkesar benefits for back pain

Do you also have problems with back pain? If this is the case then you should use Nagakesar. Nagakesar has such properties which help in quick relief from back pain. If you have back pain, apply oil made of Nagkasar seed on the waist and massage it. Pain is relieved quickly by its massage.

17. Nagkesar benefits in treatment of snake bite

People get so nervous when bitten by a snake that they do not understand what to use at that time. For your information, tell that the effect of snake venom can be reduced with the benefit of Nagakesar. For this, grind the leaves of Nagakeshar and apply it on the place where the snake has bitten. Applying this paste also provides relief from pain and burning sensation (nagkesar ke fayde).