Herbs and Home Remedies for All Type of Cough

  1. Give 7 gm. juice of Safed Vasa fresh leaves with honey to the patient. It is beneficial in old cough, bronchial asthma and tuberculosis.
  2. Give 10 – 15 gm decoction of Malabar nut, munakka and sugar candy, 3-4 times a day. It cures old cough.
  3. Take 2 – 3gm of ajwain powder with warm water or warm milk, 2 – 3 times a day. It provides relief from cough, headache, cold and works as anthelmintic.
  4. In case of severe cold and repeated cough, take 125mg of ajwain extract, 2gm of ghee, and 5gm of honey. Mix them well and give this to the patient thrice a day. It controls the phlegm production and helps control cough.
  5. In case of cough and fever take 2gm of ajwain, ½ gm of pippali and prepare decoction. Give 5 – 10gm of this decoction to the patient. It helps in controlling cough and fever due to cough.
  6. In case of cough, take 1gm ajwain, 2gm liquorice root, 1 gm chitrakmool. Prepare decoction and give this to the patient with warm water every night.
  7. Take 5gm ajwain and boil it in 250gm of water. When water is reduced to half, strain it, mix it with salt and give it to the patient at night before going to bed.
  8. 3-4 gm of akarkara powder can be taken orally. It forces the cough to be flushed out through motion.
  9. Chew roasted walnut seeds. It is beneficial in controlling cough.
  10. Burn the walnut along with outer shell completely on fire. Take 1gm ash with 5gm honey. It helps in controlling cough.

Herbs and Home Remedies for Eye Problems

Eye Problems
  1. Take 20-25gm Indian Gooseberry. Grind them solid and boil with 1\2 liter water for 2 hours. Strain the water and put a few drops in eyes, thrice a day. It is beneficial in all types of eye disorders.
  2. Prepare paste of 5-6 pomegranate leaves with water and apply this paste twice a day. You can also wet the leaves and place them over the eyes. It gives relief in case of painful eyes.
  3. Take extract of 8-10 fresh pomegranate leaves and let it dry. Sieve it through a fine cloth and store. Using an eyeliner apply this powder in the eyes every morning and evening. It helps cure eye disorders like itching watery eyes problems in eye lids boil etc.
  4. In case of eye inflammation take 2 gm powder of apamarga root. Mix it with 2 teaspoonful honey and put 2 drops of this mixture in eyes.
  5. Grind Babul’s soft leaves and put 1-2 drops of the extract in the eyes or tie it with woman milk on the eyes. It cures swelling and pain in eyes.
  6. Grind bakayan’s fruits and form a small cake from the paste. Tie it on the eyes. It cures conjunctivitis. It also cures pain in eyes due to excessive heat.
  7. Take 10gm powder of bhagera shade dried leaves 3 gm honey and 3 gm ghee. Give this to the patient every night before going to bed for 40 day. It cures all types of eye disorders.
  8. Put 2 drops of Bhagera juice in eyes within 1 second of sunrise or 1 second before sunset.
  9. Take Bhagera 2 liter juice and add 50 gm paste of liquorices root 500 ml sesame oil and liter cow milk to it. Mix them all and cook them on low heat till only oil is left. Strain the oil and store it. Apply this oil in the eyes or use this to give Nasya. It cures all types of eye disorders. It also helps regain the lost eyesight.
  10. Apply the cinnamon oil on the eyes. It cures the flickering of eyes and also improves eyesight.
  11. Grind 20 gm coriander and boil it in one glass of water and then strain the solution through fine cloth. Put 1 drop each in both the eyes. It cures conjunctivitis disorder and also cures pain in the eyes. It reduces the itching in the eyes and also cures watery eyes.
  12. Take and grind equal quantities of coriander and barley seeds. Prepare a poultice of the paste and apply on the eyes. It cures swelling of the eyes.

Herbs and Home Remedies for Hair Problems

Hair Problems

1. Oil of mango seeds help in preventing premature graying of hair. It also helps in changing the color of grey hair to black. It is also useful in curing hair problems like dandruff and hair fall.

2. Grinding the creeper in sesame oil and applying on head is beneficial in case of baldness. It makes the hair roots stronger.

3. Take 50gm of this creeper, grind it and boil it in 1kg water. Use this water to wash hair. It makes the hair shiny and golden and also helps in curing dandruff and hair fall.

4. Take 30gm dried amla, 10gm bebeda, 50gm mango seeds and 10gm iron powder. Soak all the element in a vessel overnight. Apply this everyday on hair. Prematurely grey hair turns black with this treatment.

5. Prepare decoction of gooseberry, reetha and shikakai. Wash hair with this decoction. It makes the hair soft, dense and long.

6. Take gooseberry and mango seeds and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on hair. It results in strong and long hair.

7. Give powder of Hemidesmus root, thrice a day with water. It helps cure baldness.

8. Take equal quantities of aerial roots of banyan tree and sesame seeds. Grind the two into a fine powder and apply on head. After half an hour, clean the powder by combing the hair. Next, grind bhringraj and coconut and apply the paste on the head. Within a few days, it helps increase the hair length.

9. Take powders of henna and neem leaves in equal quantities and prepare the paste in water. Apply this paste on hair. It colors grey hair black.

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Herbs and Home Remedies for Ear Problems

Ear Problems
  1. Mix 65mg ash of poppy with rose oil and put a few drops in ears. It cures ear pain.
  2. Take 10gm of Ajowan and cook it in 50gm of sesame (til) oil. When tolerably hot, put 2 drops of warm oil in the ears. It cures ear pain.
  3. Mix Henbane with sesame oil and put 2drops of the mixture in ears to get relief from pain.
  4. Cook Linseed with onion juice and put a few drops of it in the ear. It also cures any kind of swelling in the ear.
  5. Take 100 ml extract of fresh pomegranate l leaves, 400ml cow urine, and 1ooml sesame oil. Cook all the three on low heat. When only oil is left, strain and store it. Every morning and evening, warm a little amount of this oil and put a few drops in the ears. It helps cure problems like pain, itching, dryness, tinnitus and deafness.
  6. Take equal quantities of extract of pomegranate leaves and bael leaves. Add ghee and medicate it. Give 20gm of this hot ghee with milk mixed with 250 gm sugar every morning and evening to the patient. It helps cure deafness.
  7. Take fresh prickly chaff, clean, washed root and cook it with equal amount of sesame oil. When only oil is left, strain it and store it in a bottle. Put 2 drops of warm oil in the ears daily. It cures deafness of ears and is also beneficial in curing ear discharge.
  8. Put 3-4 drops of arjun’s juice in ears. It cures ear pain.
  9. Grind the bark of shyonak in water and then keep it with sesame oil. Add double the amount of water to it and then cook it on low heat. When only oil is left, strain the solution and store in a bottle. Pour 2-3 drops of this oil in the ear. It helps cure ear pain due to vata and kapha.
  10. In case of boils or worms in the ear take few drops of banyan milk and mix with mustard oil. Put drops of this mixture in the ears. It cures the boils and kills the worms.
  11. In case of pain or put in ear boil 20gm jasmine leaves in 100gm sesame oil. Put 1 drop each of this oil in the ears. It cures pain and stops the leaking of pus.
  12. Mix aloe in jasmine oil and put this in ears. It cures the itching in ears. Mix 5ml of leaf juice and mix with 10 ml cow urine. Heat the mixture slightly and put drops in ears. It also cures pain in ears.
  13. Heat the juice of thorn apple’ s leaves till it thickness. Apply this thick paste at the back of ear. It cures the swelling.
  14. In case of ottorhagia, take 8parts of mustard oil, 1 part gandhak, 32 parts of thorn apple leaves’ juice. Mix them all and prepare medicated oil. Put 1 drop of this oil in each ear every morning and evening.

Herbs and Home Remedies for Diarrhoea

  1. Take 5.5gm of kernel of mango seeds and cook it in 100gm of water. Mix another 5.5gm of kernel of mango seeds and blend the mixture to form a paste. Give this mixture with curd, three times a day. Recommended diet: rice and curd.
  2. Take one part of kernel, one part bel pupl, and one part sugar candy. Crush the mixture to form a paste. Give 3-6gm of this powder with water to cure diarrhea.
  3. Take equal quantities of kernel of mango seeds and mango pupl and mix well. Give 1gm of this mixture 2-3 times a day. It helps in curing diarrhea.
  4. Take 10-20gm of kernel and blend it with kanji to form a paste. Apply this paste on stomach. It is beneficial in curing diarrhea.
  5. Take the bark of mango tree and 40gm of barley. Crush the two and then boil in 500gm water till water is reduced to 1\8th of the original quantity. Let the solution cool. Mix a little honey and drink. It is helpful in diarrhea and especially in mucous colitis.
  6. Take young and fresh stem of mango plant. Blend it with curd to form paste. Apply this paste around the stomach area.
  7. Take 25ml of mango left extract, 12gm each of honey and milk and 6gm ghee. Mix them well and give to the patient. It helps in curing diarrhea with bleeding.
  8. Grind equal quantities of poppy and saffron and prepare tablets of 125mg each. Give these tablets with honey.
  9. Roast poppy and give this to the patient. It cures dysentery.
  10. Grind 4-9gm of its pod and give this to the patient. It cures diarrhea.
  11. In case of stomach cramps, stomachache, gastric problems and vomiting like ailments, 5-7 drops of Amritdhara given with sweet batasa is very beneficial.
  12. To cure diarrhea in children, take 15gm guava root and boil it in 150ml water. When the water is reduced to half, give 6ml of the solution to the patient, 2-3 times a day.
  13. Boil unripe guava and give boiled fruit to the patient. It curs diarrhea.
  14. Take the bark and fresh leaves of guava tree. Prepare its decoction. 20ml of this decoction when given to the patient cures early stages of cholera.
  15. Give 2-3gm powder of pomegranate fruit’s peel with water, every morning and evening. It is beneficial in curing diarrhea.
  16. Grind fresh pomegranate buds with cardamom seeds and mastangi. Add sugar to the mixture and prepare a paste. Give this to children. It cures diarrhea in children. It is also beneficial in dysentery.
  17. Grind pomegranate fruit along with the peel, and extract its juice. Give 30-50gm of this juice to the patient. This can also be given with sugar added to it. It controls vomiting due to pitta and is beneficial in curing itching, fatigue and tiredness.

Home Remedies, Diet and Life Style for Psoriasis


Here we are going to explain about home remedies, diet and Life Style for psoriasis.

Home Remedies for psoriasis


It is a non-infectious, inflammatory disease of the skin. It is characterized by well-defined erythematous (reddish) plaques with large adherent silvery scales. The main abnormality in psoriasis is an increased proliferation of the skin layers. Severe itching may associate with the plaques. Dryness of the skin and silvery scaling are the main characteristic.


Although the root cause of the disease us yet to be identified, according to traditional Ayurveda, the vitiation of Vata and Kapha causes psoriasis. As per ayurvedic principles, Vata and Kapha are the two basic energies that uphold the balance of our body equilibrium. Strong genetic predisposition, sun deprivation, and intense streptococcal infection on the upper respiratory tract can badly aggravate psoriasis. As per ayurveda, these conditions are strong enough to create several visible pathological changes.

Consumption of opposite foods (such as fish and milk together), trauma on skin like cuts, bruises or burns, some medicines or skin irritants, excessive smoking, alcohol consumption and mental stress or psychological trauma can also be responsible for causing it. It may be hereditary too.


  • Raised pus filled skin bumps
  • Itching, inflammation
  • Silver scaling
  • Dry skin patches and it may bleed too.


  • Avoid taking opposite nature food together.
  • Avoid junk , spicy, oily food
  • Drink a lots of water
  • Avoid curd, jaggery, non-veg, eggs, alcohol, radish, tea, coffee, white flour.
  • Avoid sleeping in afternoon
  • Take bath with cool water instead of hot water and apply coconut oil after bath. it’s good to add few drops of oil in the water you are taking bath with. During cold, dry weather, you may need to apply a moisturizer several times a day. Take daily baths. Bathing daily helps remove scales and calm inflamed skin. Avoid hot water and harsh soaps, which can worsen symptoms; use mild soaps that have added oils and fats.
  • Infections, injuries to your skin, stress, and smoking and intense sun exposure can all worsen psoriasis. So try to avoid these triggers.
  • Avoid alcohol. Alcoholism provokes the problem.


  • Take a glass of bitter gourd and add 2-3 spoons of lemon juice in it. Drink it daily.
  • Soak sesame seeds in water overnight.in the morning crush them and drink by mixing in water.
  • Aloe vera. Taken from the leaves of the aloe vera plant, aloe extract cream may reduce redness, scaling, itching and inflammation. Take aloe vera juice.
  • Expose your skin to small amounts of sunlight. A controlled amount of sunlight can significantly improve lesions, but too much sun can trigger or worsen outbreaks and increase the risk of skin cancer topical applications of Oregon grape may reduce inflammation and ease psoriasis
  • Topical applications of Oregon grape may reduce inflammation and ease psoriasis.

Home Remedies for Piles, Natural Treatment

Small bluish swellings, comprising of enlarged blood vessels, situated either just inside, or just outside the anus commonly called internal and external piles respectively.


Symptoms of Piles

  • Needle pricking pain and burning sensation, irritation in these swellings in or outside the anus.
  • Hard lump around the anus
  • Bright red blood in stool may also be present.

Causes of Piles

  • Persistent constipation due to poor dietary habits
  • Dysentery, colitis, diarrhoea for a long time can result into piles
  • Sitting on hard seats for prolonged period.
  • Lack of exercise
  • Varicosity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Pregnancy

Types of Piles

1. Internal Piles – These are the massy swelling in the anal region. They are generally covered with the mucous membrane.

Depending on the chronicity and prolapse, they are of 3 types:

  • First degree – They are located just inside the anus, occasionally causing discomfort when the motion is passed.
  • Second degree –They appear as pea side swelling outside the anus after a bowel motion is passed. They usually retain in the anus after the strain of defecation is over. It may bleed and itch.
  • Third degree – The swollen blood vessels are so enlarged that they remain outside the anus permanently. The pile masses are required to push inside the anus manually by fingers. Bleeding, soreness and itching are the common features seen in this.

2. External Piles – It is a small lump outside the edge of the anus. It is covered by skin not by mucous membrane unlike internal piles. It is less common than internal piles and sometimes may be very painful.

Home Remedies for Piles

Here are some home remedies for Piles :

Home Remedies for Piles
  • A mixture of lemon juice, ginger, mint and honey is very helpful in improving digestion and piles.
  • Papaya is very good fruit in piles.
  • Sesame seeds paste is very effective if applied locally.
  • Mix one teaspoon of castor oil in warm milk and drink at night. It’s very effective to relieve constipation.
  • Haritki is a good drug used in piles.
  • Aloe vera juice is very useful in piles.
  • Radish juice should be taken.
  • Butter milk with a small amount of pepper and salt is a very good home remedy in piles.
  • Carrot boiled or cooked should be taken
  • Sitting in warm water tub reduces the congestion and swelling of the pile masses.
  • Avoid sitting for long.
  • Ginger, onions, turnip, jambul fruit improves the digestion.


  • Exercise daily
  • Increase the water intake
  • High fibre diet, green leafy vegetables
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Butter milk,


  • Spicy fried junk food.
  • Sedentary life style
  • Tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking, red meat etc