Chitrak – Medicinal Benefits


Chitrak, also called DoctorBush or Ceylon, is one of the oldest plants known for its medicinal value and is considered as Rasayana in Ayurveda. It is a green plant for a long time. Its stem is very short. Many green smooth branches come out from its root. Its leaves are round and green in shape. It flowers between September and November. Its flowers are blue, purple and light white.

There are three species of CHITRAK depending on the color of the flowers – red chitrak, white chitrak, blue or violet chitrak. Of this, white chitrak is most commonly used as a herb.

Where to find Chitrak Plant or Root?

Chitrak are found more in Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Sikkim, South India, Sri Lanka, Madhya Pradesh, Khasia mountains.

Various names of Chitrak Plant –


Synonyms-Cheetah, Chitrak, Chitamula, Chitaparu, Vahini, Chitra, Chitruk, Chitalkadi, Chitramulu, Kodiveli, Kotubeli, Sheetaraj, Sitaraka

By color we identify them (Chitrak) in three castes as follows –

  • White chikrak(Plumbago zeylanica Linn.)
  • Red chitrak(Plumbago indica Linn.)
  • Blue chitrak(Plumbago auriculata Lam.)

The three types of Chitrak herbs are known by many names, which are –

Names of White Chitrak

Hindi – Cheetah, Cheetah, Chitra, Chitta, Chitrak, Chittoor

English – Ceylon leadwort (Ceylon Ledvert), White flowered leadwort, White Ledwort

Names of Red Chitrak

Hindi -Chitrak, Blood Chitrak

English – Rose-colored leadwort, Rosy flowers, Fire plant, Indian leadwort (Indian Ledvert)

Names of Blue Chitrak

English – Leadwort, Plumbago, Blueflowered leadwort,

Sanskrit – blue painting

Ayurvedic Properties

Rasa : Katu,
Guna : Laghu, Ruksa, Tiksna,
Vipaka : Katu,
Virya : Usna,
Karma : Sothahara, Dipana, Grahi, Pacana, Kaphavatahara, Arsohara, Sulahara.

Chitrak Benefits and Uses

All three species of chitrak are used to treat different diseases. Here is information about the three:

Use of white chitrak:

Chitrak Powder Stops Nose Bleeding

Mixing 2 grams of white chitrak powder with honey and eating it stops bleeding from the nose. Licking 500 mg of red chitra powder (chitrak churna) with honey is useful to stop bleeding from the nose.

Benefits of medicinal properties of chitrak in cold and cough

Cough, nosebleeds and smelling, tuberculosis, tuberculosis, cures bacteria and lumps. It is a good medicine for colds. Taking 10 grams of Chitrakadi Leh in the morning and evening benefits in cough, flatulence, heart disease (chitrak).

Make equal quantity of chitrak powder by mixing equal parts of Amla, Harada, Bahera, Guduchi, Chitrak, Rasna, Vidang, dry ginger, Marich and Pippali. Mixing sugar candy in 2-4 grams powder and taking it provides relief in cough.

Benefits of Chitrak in Relief from Headache

If you are troubled by a headache due to the stress of a day’s work, then taking chitrak churna (chitrak root) powder from the nose is beneficial in headache.

Benefits of Chitrak for Tooth Problems in teeth diseases

Rubbing the powder of blue chitrak root and seeds on the teeth cures pyorrhea, which is the disease of pus from the teeth. With this, the wear and tear of the teeth stops.

Use of Chitrak for Sore Throat

Make equal quantity of powder (chitrak churna) by mixing celery, turmeric, amla, yavakshar and chitraka in equal quantity. Licking 2-3 grams of this powder with honey and ghee is useful to cure hoarseness. It should be given thrice a day.

Benefits of Chitrak to Treat Goiter

Mix jaggery and snuhi i.e. milk of the Thehur plant and milk of Aak in equal quantity of powder of Bhallatak, Kasis, Chitrak and chitrak mool. By applying this, the nodes of the throat are cured. Grinding the root of blue painter (plumbago zeylanica root) is beneficial in goiter.

Chitrak Benefits for Indigestion in digestive system disorder

Mix equal quantity of Sandhav salt, Haritaki, Pippali and Chitrak powder and make powder. Consuming 1-2 grams of this powder with lukewarm water causes hunger. Consumption of ghee, meat and rice of new rice is digested immediately.

Mixing 2-5 grams chitraka powder with equal quantity of vidang and nagarmotha powder and taking it before meals in the morning and evening, helps to cure anorexia, loss of appetite and indigestion.

Benefits of Chitrak in Fighting with Constipation

Take 5-10 grams of decoction and paste of chitraka cooked in ghee after eating morning and evening. Constipation is cured by this.

Chitrak Uses for Piles Treatment

Drinking 2 grams powder of the bark of Chitrak root with buttermilk before meals in the morning and evening is beneficial in piles.

Grind the root of the chitrak (plumbago zeylanica root) and apply it in an earthenware pot. Add curd to it. Drinking that buttermilk in the same vessel is beneficial in piles.

Chitrak uses to treat Spleen disorder

Guarpatha, ie 10-20 grams pulp of aloe vera, drench 1-2 grams of powdered bark. Swelling of the spleen is cured by feeding it in the morning and evening.

Eat any one of the chitrak root, turmeric, ripe leaves of Aak (Madar), powder of Dhatki flower with jaggery three times a day. Swelling of the spleen is cured by eating one to two grams of it.

Chitrak Uses for Arthritis Treatment

Make powder by taking root of chitraka, Indrajou, Kutki, Atis and Harad in equal parts. Consuming 3 grams of it in the morning and evening is a result of vata and

Uses of Red Chitrak

Red chitrakhas the following advantages: –

Uses of Chitrak in Fighting with Itching

Itching is cured by grinding red chitrak in milk and applying it.

Benefits of red chitrak in leprosy

Taking 1-2 grams of powder of red chitra root provides relief in leprosy.

Chitrak Uses for Leucoderma Treatment

Grinding the root of red chitrak and applying it on white stains is beneficial.

Apart from this, red chitramoolam is also used to digest food, increase appetite, increase obesity. This prevents pus from flowing into the wound. By using small amounts of it, the central nervous system, muscles become more active. Apart from this, it also activates sweat, urinary glands and gall bladder.

It also cures swelling, pain, cough, inflammation of respiratory tract, chronic fever, syphilis. It also provides benefits in anemia, anemia, eczema, white spot, ringworm and leprosy.

Benefits of Blue Chitrak

Chitrak Benefits in Fighting with Visceral Leishmaniasis

Make a decoction of the root of blue paints and drink 15-20 milliliters of it, it provides relief in black fever.

Along with this, blue chitramoolam is used to increase hair and appetite and digest food. It cures piles, constipation, leprosy, stomach worms. It cures cough.

 Useful Parts of Chitrak

  • The root