Green Cardamom (Green elaichi) – Medicinal Benefits

Green Cardamom

We must have heard and heard about Amitabh Bachchan’s famous Holi song Launga Elachi (elaichi benefits in hindi). The song is only on the famous cardamom (Green Elaichi) known as the Queen of Spices. Small cardamom is used in every household in India from hot spices to kheer, pudding etc. Small cardamom is also used along with paan or only cloves. Cardamom is also consumed after meals to scent the mouth. Do you know that cardamom is not only a fragrant spice, but it is also a good medicine. If you know the benefits of small cardamom (Elaichi ke fayde), you can treat many diseases on your own.

Green Elaichi

There are many benefits of eating cardamom (Ilaichi). Small cardamom (Chhoti Elaichi) is light in digestion, increases appetite and digests food. It removes the stench of the mouth. It is very beneficial in colds, dry cough, hemorrhoids, urination problems, pain, gas, itching etc.

Cardamom seeds eliminate gas, increase appetite, eliminate urination problems and provide strength to heart and body. Therefore, cardamom seeds are used in many diseases like indigestion, stomach pain, cold, cough, liver problems, vomiting. Thus, the benefits of small cardamom (elaichi ke fayde) are many. Its side effects are nil.

What is Small Cardamom? /What is Green Cardamom?

Small cardamom (Elaichi) is an aromatic spice. The cardamom plant (Elaichi ka podha) is about 10–12 feet tall which is grown year round along the sea. It is leafy. Its leaves are absolutely green, spear-shaped and up to two feet long. It bears fruits like bunches. Dried fruits are known as small cardamom.

There are two types of cardamom – small and big. Due to the high medicinal value of cardamom (Medicinal Value of Cardamom), both of these are used in Ayurveda and Unani systems of medicine.

Name of Green Cardamom in Different Languages

The botanical meaning of the small cardamom is Latin name Elettaria cardamomum Maton, Syn-Alpinia cardamomum (Linn.) Roxb. is. It is a family of Gingiberaceae family (Zingiberaceae). Its English name is Lesser cardamom, Cardamom fruit. The word Ella is used in Sanskrit for small or green cardamom. The word Ella for small cardamom has also been used in poetry. In other Indian languages ​​small cardamom is called by the following names.

Green Cardamom in –

  • Hindi (cardamom in hindi) – small cardamom, cardamom, broad cardamom, white cardamom
  • Urdu – Ilayachi khurd
  • Sanskrit – subkunchika, error, korangi, chadrabala, nishukti, sookshma, tutha, alla, dravidi, microhalla, orangi
  • Kannada – Elakki
  • Gujarati – Elachi kagdi, Elachi, Malvari elachi
  • Tamil – Elakke, Chitra elam, Kalindam, Elam
  • Telugu – Elakki
  • Bengali – small cardamom (Choti elachi), Ilachi, small cardamom (Chota elaichi)
  • Punjabi – Cardamom (Illachi)
  • Marathi – Barikveldode, Alachi, Velloda

Ayurvedic properties

  • Rasa- Katu, madhur
  • Guna- Laghu, ruksha
  • Virya- Sheet
  • Vipaka- Katu

Green Cardamom Benefits and Uses

The medicinal benefits of small cardamom are very high. If consumed in the right way, you can drive away many diseases. Some of its uses and benefits are being given here.

1. Elaichi Benefits in Headache Relief

Headache from anxiety and tension is common in today’s life. In this case, grind two small cardamom (choti elaichi), 1 big cardamom and 1 gram camphor. Applying it on the forehead also relieves headaches and stress etc. which are not cured by medication.

2. Benefits of small cardamom in eye disease

In this era of computer and mobile, our eyes are getting the most affected. Even small children have started having eye problems and have started climbing glasses.

If there is a dark umbrella in the eyes, or if you have puffy eyes or pimples, then filter the small cardamom powder with fine muslin cloth. Soak it in goat’s urine for three days and dry it in the shade. Apply this powder like mascara in the eyes. This will purify the eyes and all the above diseases will be cured (benefits of cardamom).

Eating a small cardamom (choti elaichi) with a teaspoon of honey daily increases the light of the eyes, strengthens its nervous system and protects the general health of the eyes.

3. Benefits of Cardamom Powder in Mouth Problems

There has been any type of infection in the mouth or there have been mouth ulcers. If there is bad mouth odor due to decay in teeth or gums, take equal amount of cinnamon, nagarmotha, small cardamom (choti elaichi) and coriander.

Make a powder by mixing it with 125 mg. Let’s make vaati. Keep this Vati in the mouth, suck it or brush the powder. After this, slurry it in water and gargle with it. This will remove the benefits of cardamom.

4. Uses of Green Cardamom to Cure Throat Problems

A sore throat or a hoarseness is a common problem due to loud speaking or due to winter. Sometimes, the small tongue hanging inside the throat becomes swollen, causing throat problem. In case of any such problem, boil small cardamom (choti elaichi) and cinnamon in water. Keeping it in the mouth for a while with water and then rinse it is beneficial in diseases of throat swelling, hoarseness, etc.If for any reason there is a sound or a sore throat, eat small cardamom (Chhoti Elaichi) by chewing and drinking lukewarm water while waking up in the morning and at night. Will be of considerable benefit.

5. Treatment of asthma with small cardamom

Due to today’s pollution-filled environment, people often complain of dry cough and bloating. Prepare an equal amount of cardamom and black pepper. This 10-20 milli Drink a mixture in a decoction. It cures dry cough and shortness of breath.

6. Cardamom Powder Medicinal Uses in Heart Problems

Small cardamom maintains blood circulation (blood flow) which is very beneficial for the heart. Mix small amount of cardamom powder and the root powder of Pippali root in equal quantity. Mixing 1-2 grams of this mixture with double ghee and eating it provides relief in heart disease and chest pain due to gas.

7. Benefits of Cardamom in Constipation & Gastritis

Cardamom (elaichi) gives relief in gas and acidity in the stomach. If you have acidity after meals, then take cardamom regularly after meals. It is also helpful in digesting food.

Due to stopping urine several times during long journey etc., there is gas in the stomach. In such a situation, drinking half to one gram of cardamom powder with kanji has benefits in stomach gas (cardamom).

Taking a ripe banana and a cardamom before bedtime is beneficial in indigestion, acidity, constipation etc. and vomiting of blood.

If there is pain in the stomach due to eating more bananas, eat cardamom, you will get immediate relief.

8. Elaichi Uses in Vomiting Problems

Taking 500 mg of alaadi powder mixed with honey and sugar candy stops vomiting due to any of vata, bile and phlegm.

Make a powder by mixing cardamom, paddy lava, cloves, nagakeshar, pippali, priyangu, badar marrow, nagarmotha and white sandalwood. Taking 1-2 grams of sugar and honey mixed with it stops cardamom benefits.

Add 500 mg cardamom powder to 10-15 ml decoction of cumin seeds and take, it ends vertigo, vomiting etc. due to excess acidity of bile.

9. Cardamom Benefits to Stop Dysentery

Boiling cardamom in water and consuming 10-15 milliliters of this water has cardamom benefits in dysentery, loose motion, and urination problems.

10. Cardamom Medicinal Uses in Urine Problems

Mix honey and half to one gram of cardamom powder in amla juice, banana juice or sweet neem juice. Consuming it provides relief in burning sensation caused by phlegm.

Consuming 1/2 gram of cardamom powder with cow urine, alcohol or banana juice is beneficial in the problem of urination due to phlegm.

Mixing 1-2 grams of Shilajit in 20-25 ml aladi decoction is beneficial in the problem of urination due to stones.

Mix one gram powder of small cardamom seeds in 20-25 ml Amalaki juice. Drinking it provides relief in urination or burning sensation.

Take powder (1-2 grams) made from cardamom, stone pellets, shilajit and pippali with jiggery and rice water ie water from washing rice. This helps to cure the problem of urination.

11. Benefits of using small cardamom in impotence and premature ejaculation

Boil 125 mg cardamom seed powder in milk and mix honey. Taking it daily before bedtime is beneficial in impotence and premature ejaculation. (Cardomom should not be used excessively 4 otherwise impotence may occur.)

Use of small cardamom beneficial in blood disorders (Green Cardamom Help in Blood Disorder)

Cardamom corrects blood circulation. If the blood is not flowing properly in Panchakarma treatment, then after mixing salt and oil in fine powder of cardamom, cottage cheese, etc., rubbing it on the mouth of the wound, the blood starts flowing properly.

12. Use of Cardamom in Mental Health

Smelling small cardamom seed powder before going to bed at night has benefits in epilepsy, mental depression and lack of memory.

Green Cardamom Beneficial to Boost Digestive System

Consumption of cardamom helps in strengthening the digestive power because according to Ayurveda it has the properties of lamp which helps to strengthen the digestive system by increasing the digestive fire.

13. Use of Cardamom in Hiccups is beneficial in stopping hiccups.

If you are troubled by hiccups, then cardamom intake can give you benefit because according to Ayurveda cardamom has the property of preventing hiccups.

How to use Green Cardamom?

  • Cardamom Seeds
  • The fruit
  • Oil (Cardamom Oils)

Cardamom Side Effects

  • In general, there is no harm due to eating cardamom, but many times cardamom can cause some side effects, which are:
  • Patients with stones should also consult a doctor before consuming cardamom. It can cause stone pain.
  • If cardamom is not digested properly, it also makes gall bladder stones.
  • Excessive intake of cardamom can also cause impotence problems.