Dhatki – Medicinal Plant


You have hardly heard the name of Dhatki. If you have not heard, then surely you will not know about the benefits and side effects of Dhataki. Dhatki is a very good medicine. According to Ayurveda, there are benefits of Dhatki in treating many diseases. You can take advantage of metal in diseases like bone diseases, ulcers, fever, diarrhea and hemorrhoids.

Many types of medicines are made from the Dhatki plant. It is such an important plant that Dhatki flower is used in almost all Ayurvedic extracts or juices. Dhatki has been used for many years for research and other activities (dhataki ayurveda). Let us know in which disease is benefited from Dhatki.

What is Dhatki?

The dhataki plant is of medium height. It has an average elevation of about 3.6 meters. It is a botanical plant with medicinal properties. Its root, stem bark, vine, leaf, flower, fruit etc. are all beneficial. Dhatki treats various diseases. Dhatki plants are filled with flowers every year from January to April. At the same time, its leaves fall. New leaves in its plants fall between February and March. Dhatki flowers are bitter in taste, cold in effect and small in size. Dhataki flowers (dhataki pushpa) are helpful in attaching bones.


Dhataki is the dhataki plant of the Lythraceae family. Its botanical (scientific) name is Woodfordia fruticosa (Linn.) Kurz. In botany it is also known as Syn-Woodfordia floribunda Salisb. In English, it is known as Fire-flame bush, Red bell bush etc. What are its names in other languages: –

  • English – dhataki, dhayafool ​​(dhataki pushpa), dhavai, dhai, dhaol, dhava, dhaya
  • English – Red bell bush Fire-flame bush (Fire-flame bush)
  • Sanskrit – Dhatki, Dhatupushpi, Tamrapushpi, Kunjara, Subhiksha, Bahupushpi, Vahnijwala
  • Gujarati – Dhavani, Dhavdi (Dhavdi)
  • Telugu – Seringi, Errapurvu
  • Tamil – Dhathari Jargi, Vellakkai
  • Bengali – Dhaiful
  • Punjabi – Dha (Dha)
  • Marathi – Dhayatti, Dhaavas
  • Malayalam – Tatiri, Tatirippu

Ayurvedic properties

  • Rasa-kashya
  • Guna- laghu,ruksha
  • Virya-sheet
  • Vipaka- katu
  • Karma-Kapha, Pitta


Dhataki Benefits and Uses

Dhataki Uses can be used in these ways: –

1. Benefits of Dhatki in eye diseases

Dhatki is a very effective medicine for the eyes. Make a fine powder by grinding its flowers and dark essence. Mix this powder with milk and honey and consume it. This removes weakness of the eyes. Dhatki proves beneficial in the problem of lifting the eyelid due to phlegm etc.

2. Benefits of Dhatki in dental disease

Make equal amount of decoction by taking equal part of both the leaves and flowers of Dhatki. It is beneficial in all types of teeth diseases by rubbing it (garra) stuck in the throat.

3. Benefits of Red Bell Bush for Infant’s Teeth Pain

When the teeth of young children come out, children often get pain. In this case, grind Indian gooseberry, Pippali and Dhataki Pushpa, in equal quantity and grind them finely. Mix honey in 1 gram of this powder and massage it on children’s gums every morning and evening. By doing this, the pain caused by tooth eruption is removed. Teeth are easily removed.

4. Red Bell Bush Benefits for Abdominal Bugs

If insects have occurred in the stomach, then help of Dhatki can be taken. Drink 3 grams powder of its fruit with fresh water on an empty stomach in the morning for a few consecutive days. This causes the stomach worms to die.

5. Benefits of Dhataki to Stop Diarrhea

In the condition of diarrhea (Diarrhoea), take two spoons of honey or one cup of buttermilk in one teaspoon of powder. It is very beneficial in diarrhea and dysentery.

Those who have to go to the toilet again and again, they must take this divine medicine.

Grind dry ginger, dhatki flowers, mocharas and celery. Take 1-3 grams of this mixed powder with buttermilk. It is beneficial in both diarrhea and dysentery.

6. Dhataki benefits to stop dysentery

For the treatment of dysentery, boil 10 grams flowers of Dhatki in about 400 ml of water. Stop boiling once a quarter of the water is left. Drink this decoction on an empty stomach in the morning and 1 hour before meals in the evening. Eat easily digested food while using the drug. Do not eat milk and ghee for some time. Its consumption will definitely benefit.

Take 1-3 grams powder of Dhatki flower with curd. This causes Red Bell Bush Benefits.

Grind dry ginger, dhatki flowers, mocharas and celery. Taking 1-3 grams of this mixed powder with buttermilk is beneficial in diarrhea and dysentery.

7. Benefits of Dhataki in Piles Treatment

Drinking sherbet of Dhatki flowers provides relief in piles. To stop bleeding from bloody piles or any other reason, mix two teaspoons of honey in one teaspoon of powder of Dhatki flower. It should be consumed 2-3 times a day. Doing this stops bleeding, or gradually decreases.

8. Dhataki Benefits for Spleen related problems in spleen enlargement

Take 2-3 grams of powder of Dhatki flowers. Mix it with chitra root and turmeric powder. If any one of these is taken with 50 grams of jaggery, it helps to overcome the problems associated with spleen disorders like enlargement of spleen and enlargement of spleen.


9. The medicinal properties of Dhatki beneficial in controlling diabetes (Mudhameha)

Diabetes is a disease that is reaching every household in general. For this, grind dhatki flowers, Pathani Lodhra and sandalwood in equal quantity. Take one spoon of this mixture with honey 3 times a day. Taking it regularly for a few weeks has benefits in diabetes or diabetes.

10. Dhataki Benefits for Pregnancy

Dhatki can be helpful for women who are not getting pregnant even when other conditions are normal. Mix the powder of Dhatki flower and Neel Kamal powder in equal amounts. Take regular morning and evening with honey for 5 days from the beginning of menstruation. With this, the woman conceives. If the experiment is unsuccessful, it can be used again from the next menstrual day.

11. Uses of Dhataki in Ulcer Treatment in intestinal diseases

Blood comes from the intestines when there is an ulcer. Dhatki is beneficial in this disease. Use the powder of Dhatki flower with the bark of Lodhra. This gives a lot of relief in the ulcer (Red Bell Bush Benefits).

12. Uses of Dhataki in Sinus Treatment in Sinus Wounds

When there is canker (sinus), mix the powder made with metal flour in linseed oil. Mix it with some honey and apply it to the sinus wound daily. Doing this provides quick relief.

13. Dhataki Uses for Burning Related Issue

Grind the flowers of Dhatki and mix it with linseed oil or honey and apply it on the burnt place. This also ends the burn scar later. Grinding its flowers in rose water and applying it on the body provides relief in burning sensation.

14. Red Bell Bush uses in Leprosy Treatment

Use the paste of dhatki flower as a paste and paste. It is beneficial in leprosy.

Apart from this, burn the Kateri and the flower of Bhayya and make it ash. Mixing mustard oil in it and applying it on leprosy is also beneficial.

15. Red Bell Bush Benefits in Fighting with Fever

Drink one spoon powder made of Dhatki flower with milk or water in the morning and evening. This cures fever caused by bile disorder. There is protection from the troubles caused by it.

16. Uses of Red Bell Bush to Stop Bleeding beneficial in bleeding

Mix the same quantity of Dhatki flowers, fruits, sandalwood, Pathani Lodh, eternal root, Mahua, Nagarmotha and Haritaki. Crush this mixture and soak 30 grams of powder in about one liter of water. After this, soak about 5 grams of cooked soil in this water. Sieve the water after a while. Soak the liquorice in it. Sieve the water when the liquorice becomes well soaked. Mixing sugar or sugar in it stops fasting. Make it fresh every day and consume it twice a day continuously for a few days.

Mixing one spoon juice of coach grass and one spoon powder of thyme flower also stops bleeding. Bleeding from anywhere, whether it is hemorrhage or other hemorrhoids hemorrhage, using some day will be of complete benefit in stopping the bleeding. Consuming it continuously for three weeks is beneficial.

If there is bleeding from the nose, then the metal flower can help prevent it. Grind mocharas, Pathani Lodhra, mango kernels and starch in its flower and mix it with sugar syrup. Drain and squeeze it with a cloth. Adding 1-2 drops of this juice to the nose stops bleeding.

17. Dhataki uses in leukorrhea treatment in leucorrhea (white water) problem

Dhatki is also beneficial for women suffering from leucorrhoea or leukorrhea. Take two spoons (about 3 grams) of powder made from Dhatki flower. Drink it with honey, water, yogurt or sugar candy on an empty stomach in the morning and an hour before a meal in the evening. It provides quick relief in leukorrhea or leucorrhoea.


Useful Parts of Dhataki (Red Bell Bush)

The following parts of Dhatki are used to make medicine: –

  • The root
  • The bark
  • Creeper
  • Leaf
  • Flower
  • The fruit

Red Bell Bush (Dhataki) Side Effects

No harm is commonly known by the use of Dhatki. Keep in mind that here is a complete information about the benefits, uses and side effects of Dhatki so that you can get full benefits from Dhatki, but for any disease, taking Dhatki as a medicine Before taking any advice from an Ayurvedic doctor.