Surajmukhi (Sunflower) – Medicinal Properties, Usage & Health Benefits


Sunflower moves with the sun throughout the day. Its flower always faces the sun flower . These flowers open at sunrise and close at sunset. Its plants grow in water lands around villages, in gardens, along the roadside, and also in ploughed fields. Violet flowered plants are found especially from Bihar, Orissa to Gujarat and in southern India



Sunflower plants are 2-5 ft tall. The leaf stalk has 5 leaves but the upper leaves are thin and weak. The flowers are white , violet and yellow in color at the center of the flower is the saffron depository which contain the seeds. The plants grow from these seeds.


When the fresh flowers are crushed, unpleasant oil oozes out that have properties similar to those of garlic and mustard. This oil is not found in dry plants. The seeds also have stable oil.


Its main function is to pacify kapha and vata. Its whole plant contains an alcoholic extract which has anti-cancer properties. It promotes digestion, gets easily absorbed in the body and cures pain. It is anthelmintic and especially destroys the earthworms. It cures dermatoses and vata disorders. All the varieties of sunflower, when used locally on the body work like mustard seeds. They produee burning sensation, are stimulating and relieve pain.



Grind its seeds in the juice of its leaves and apply the paste on the forehead for 2-3 days. It completely cures the migraine pain.

Ear Problems:-

  1. In case of ear pain and otorrohoea, prepare medicated oil with its pulp and juice and put drops of this oil in ears. Juice of its leaves can be used alone and is effective in curing the ear pain.
  2. In case of infection, take the juice of its leaves and add powder of equal quantities of trikuta (ginger root, black pepper and peepal). Slightly heat the mixture and put 2-5 drops in the ear. It kills the worms and infection causing micro organisms.


Grind its root with garlic and prepare its cake and tie it in the neck of the patient. The goiter bursts off and become clean, but it pains a lot.

Abdominal Pain:-

In case of stomach pain in children and in flatulence, mix 12 drops of juice of its flowers in milk and give this to the patient.


Put a drop of its seed oil on the belly button. It causes purgation and cleanses the stools.


Take 4 gm powders of its seed and add 4 gm sugar in it. Give this to the patient every morning and evening. It cures piles due to gastric problem. Recommended food: Give only ghee, khichadi and buttermilk.

Vaginal Pain:-

Rub its root in the water in which rice is boiled and apply the paste in vagina.


Grind its root in cow milk and give this to the patient. It helps release the stones from body.

Destroying earthworm and other worms:-

  1. Give 2-5 gm of its seeds to the patient. It kills earthworm and stomach worms.
  2. Give 1.5 to 4 gm powder of its seeds with sugar, twice a day for 3 days and on third day, give enema of castor oil. It kills and releases stomach worms from the body.


  1. Tie its leaves on the boils. It dissolves the swelling.
  2. Rinse severe and infectious ulcers with decoction of its leaves. In severe elephantiasis apply the paste of its leaves. It bursts the ulcer and water gets released which reduces the swelling.


  1. Prepare decoction of 14 gm of its root and give 25 ml of this decoction to the patient every morning and evening. It cures fever.
  2. Grind equal quantities of its leaves and black pepper and then prepare tablets from the mixture. Give 2-2 tablet every morning, afternoon, and evening, for 4 days. It cures fever caused due to cold.
  3. In case of asthma, mix its whole plant powder with trikuta, milk and ghee and give this to the patient followed by rice and ghee. It gives relief in bronchial asthma.


Grind its seeds and give this to the patient. It controls the cholesterol levels in blood.


Grind its leaves and apply the paste on the affected area.