Sciatica , Causes , Diagnosis and Herbal Treatment

Sciatica pain is seen in many people nowadays. Since, we have to sit and work all day, due to which our health is adversely affected and we are also prone to diseases like sciatica.

what is sciatica pain

Sciatica refers to pain in the feet and lower body. This pain is mainly due to compression of the cytoplasmic vein of the body, which extends to the legs and the ax.

Symptoms of Sciatica :

Like any other disease, sciatica also has its own symptoms, which indicate the onset of the disease.

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Increase of leg pain while sitting
  • Hip pain
  • Burning or twitching under the foot- This disease can also happen to people who feel burning or twitching under the foot.
  • Numbness of the feet.
  • Trouble walking

Causes of Sciatica pain

There is not a single cause, rather this problem can be caused by many reasons.

  • Sciatica Vein Suppression- The major cause of sciatica vein pain is Sciatic vein compression.
  • This is mainly from herniated discs, for which a doctor is assisted.
  • Excess of weight- Sciatica can also occur in people who are overweight.
  • Sitting for long at one place- If a person sits at one place for a long time, he / she may have pain.
  • Poor sitting posture
  • Suffering from Diabetes- Pain can also occur to people who are suffering from diabetes.

Such people should be treated for diabetes so that they do not have any other disease or problem.

Diagnosis of Sciatica Pain:

Sciatica can be identified in 4 ways-

  • X-ray
  • MRI
  • In MRI, pain conditions are detected by taking photographs of bones and herniated discs.
  • CT Scan – In CT Scan, the waist is scanned and it is found in which part of the waist the pain is occurring.
  • EMG Cure

Sciatica pain treatment

Exercise – The easiest way to reduce the pain is to exercise.

This exercise helps to deliver blood flow to the vein and reduce this pain.

Taking therapy- often, treatment of sciatica pain is physical therapy

Ice fomentation- Treatment of a pain is also possible through the fomentation of ice.

In this situation, the fomentation of ice reduces the pain and provides relief to the people suffering from it.

Surgery – When pain is not relaxed in any way, then surgery remains the only option.

The doctor removes the defective part of the herniated disc in surgery and replaces the artificial part in its place.

Side-effects of sciatica

It also becomes difficult for them to do normal work like walking, sitting etc.

This is mainly due to the untreated treatment of sciatic pain, due to which people have to face these 5 side-effects-

  • Increase of pain- The major side-effects of cystic pain is aggravation of pain.
  • In such a situation, people suffering from this may need to take pain-relieving medicines or seek medical help.
  • Leg numbness- Other side-effects are numbness of the leg.
  • This problem can take a severe form over time, the effect of which can spread to other parts of the body.
  • Feeling weakness in the feet- Often, people suffering from psoriasis complain of feeling weakness in the feet.
  • In such a situation, they may have to seek the help of a doctor.
  • Bladder does not work properly – Sciatica pain can affect the performance of other organs of the body after some time.
  • In such a situation the bladder may also deteriorate, which may need to be replaced.
  • Vein deterioration- If not cured for a long time, it can cause sciatic vein to worsen.

How to prevent sciatica

Exercise Everyday – The easiest way to prevent pain in sciatica is to perform daily exercise.

By doing this, the flow of blood reaches all the organs of the body, which opens the veins properly.

Sitting in the right way- As it has been explained above that sciatica pains are caused by not sitting properly, so people should be seated properly to prevent this.

Non-Smoking- Smoking can prove harmful for any person.

Because of this, he may have a lot of serious illnesses, so no person should consume smoking so that he does not have problems like sciatica

Do not sit in one place for too long- Since, the relation of sciatic pain is the result of sitting on one for too long.

For this reason, to prevent this, all of us should not sit in one place for a long time, but should get up and walk from there in a while so that blood flow can reach all the parts of the body.

Drinking plenty of water- Most of the diseases are due to lack of water in the body.

For this reason, all of us should drink plenty of water so that we do not have any disease.

In today’s working period, the risk of diseases has increased significantly.

Although, we all adopt all kinds of methods to reduce this, but sometimes these methods do not prove beneficial for us, then we also need to seek medical help.

Apart from this, if we are fully aware of diseases like psytic pain then we can get rid of it easily.

Thus, we hope that reading this article will be helpful for you and the information in this article will help you and your loved ones to avoid or treat sciatica pain.

Ayurvedic treatment by CAC

1. Makar Rasayan tablet:

Makar Rasayan is a herbo-mineral tablet and is purely Ayurvedic formulation. CAC MAKAR RASAYAN tablet help in balancing all the three doshas. It helps to rejuvenate body tissues and act as an immuno modulator. It helps in proper blood circulation. It prevents the skin from dryness. It contains natural ingredients like shudha kuchla, guduchi satva, shudha shilajeet, abhrak bhasma, ras sindoor, moonga bhasma, shankh bhasma, praval pishti etc. Herbs and minerals used for the formulation of these tablets show antioxidant, aphrodiasic, analgesic and immuno modulator properties. It helps to pacify pain and treat sciatica.
Recommended Dosage: Take one tablet twice daily.


2. Detox Premium Powder:

These herbal sachets are prepared from ingredients such as Shankh bhasma, Sutshekhar ras, Parvalpishti, Shukta, Giloy, Kamdudha ras, Shvetparpati that gives calming effect on the stomach.

  • Shankh bhasma: This ayurvedic bhasma is prepared from conch shell. The bhasma shows antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antacid, digestive stimulant properties. The problems like indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, etc are easily treated with it.
  • Sutshekhar ras: It is an ayurvedic preparation that maintains pitta dosha in the body. This ras provides effective results in abdominal pain, heartburn, nausea, fever, headache, epigastric tenderness, etc.
  • Parval pishti: This pishti is prepared from coral calcium processed in rose water. It provides effective results in acidity, burning sensation, headache, etc.
  • Shukta pishti: This pishti balances the pitta dosha in the body and removes all toxins from the body.
  • Giloy satv: Giloy satv possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, carminative, immunomodulator, etc properties. It eliminates the ama from body hence provide good results in acidity problem.
  • Kamdudha ras: This ras reduces heat, burning sensation, epigastrium tenderness, irritability, heartburn, and acidity.
  • Shwet parpati: It is also effective in acidity.

Recommended Dosage: Take one sachet twice daily.


3. Nerve up tablet:

These tablets are pure ayurvedic formulation. Nerve up tablets help in balancing the vata doshas and kapha dosha. It acts as nervine stimulant. It shows effective results in improving the central nervous system. It contains natural ingredients like shudha kuchala, shudha shilajeet, praval pishti, shankh bhasma etc. This tablet helps in Backache, kneepain, headache, bronchitis, depression. It help to strengthen sciatica nerve.

Recommended Dosage– Take 1 tablet twice daily.


4. Pain-O-kill Tablets:

As the name suggests these tablets will kill the pain naturally. The herbs present in the formation of these tablets are Ashwagandha, Hadjod, Punarnava, Nirgundi, Methi, Garlic, etc. These herbs in combination show antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulator properties. The regular use of these tablets reduce sciatica pain and acts on its root cause.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 tablet twice daily with normal water.


5. Trikatu Syrup:

Trikatu combines the goodness of Black pepper, Ginger and, Long pepper to create an herbal remedy for digestive ailments, sluggish metabolism, obesity, and high cholesterol. This syrup has best results in anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and expectorant. It also help to tackle the weight problems or obesity. It can modulate your body’s immune response while cutting the characteristic inflammation associated with the back pain.

Recommended Dosage –Take 2 teaspoonful twice a day before meal with normal water.