Panchakarma is referred to the five actions which detoxifies the body and mind, the two beautiful instruments of our body and balances the physiological functions of the body. It removes accumulated doshas (toxins) from the body. It removes old and worn out cells, helps rebuilding the new body cells and tissues, delays ageing. It gives more clarity and sharpness to the mind. In simple words it rejuvenates the body and strengthens our immune system.


The five karmas are:

  1. Vaman,
  2. Virechan,
  3. Vasti,
  4. Nasya,
  5. Rakta Mokshan

Before these main karmas, Purva karma are recommended.


  • Snehan – It can be done both internally and externally. For external, massage is done with medicated oils. It lubricates the body cells. For internal, ghee and oil is ingested.
  • Swedan – After oiling by massage, steam is given.


  • Vaman – It is the process of the emesis. It is done to remove kafa dosha. It is given in the diseases like obesity, cough, urticaria, anorexia,etc
  • Virechan – It is the process in which toxins are removed by inducing bowel motion. It is done in paitik disorders like psoriasis, skin problems, acidity, obesity, digestive disorders.
  • Vasti – Medicated oils, decoction are given through anal route .it is given in vatik disorders like joint disorders, osteoarthritis, rheumo arthritis, sciatica, chronic constipation.
  • Rakta mokshan – It is a process of purifying the blood. For this leeches are used or through needle. It is done in skin disorders, acne, eczema, sciatica,etc.
  • Nasya – Administering medicines through nasal route. It is given in ENT disorders mainly. It is good in hair fall, greying of hair, rhinitis, poor vision, nasal blockage.


A proper diet has to be followed.

Other procedures are also included like Shirodhara, Mukhalepa, Shiro Pichu.


1. Cancer

Panchkarma shows tremendous effects on many incurable diseases like Thrombocytopenia. In this type of disease we can use Brihan Basti, Mansras Yapan Basti.

2. Medorog

Meda should not be reduced abruptly. In medorog we can use tikshan virechan, lekhan Basti & steam sudation regularly. 6-8 kg of wt. can be reduced by this.

3. Joint Disease

Sandhigatvat & Asthimazzagat vat are the main causes of producing pain & inflammation in joints. In these patients, we prefer steam sudation, Nadisweda, Sashtic Shali Pindsweda with tikta Sheerbasti which is more beneficial.

In certain cases there is accidental paraplegia due to fracture of bone. Do the treatment of Paralysis in case of Paraplegia.

4. Sciatica

It is vat pradhan disease which arises from buttock region and pain radiating to thighs. In this disease we should give massage, steam sudation & Basti (Dashmool Niruh with Oil).

5. Incurable Vat Vyadhi

We can call it Mansgatvata which is also known as Pseudo Muscular Dystrophy. In this disease we can give Udvartan and Mustadi Yapan Basti. This seems to have tremendous effect.

In any vat related disease we use massage (abhyanga), steam sudation, Virechan (Purgation) & Dashmool Niruh and Anuvasana Vasti.

6. Shiroroga (Brain Disease)

In Today’s world incurable headache (migrain) is increasing abruptly (in all age gp.). In this type of headache we should give ghee for internal oleation, Nasya (of cow’s ghee) & Nasya of Shunthi gud. Before first snehpaan, we should do shodhan. It is always beneficial.

We can use Netra Tarpan and Ghrit Nasya in cases where children acquired low eye sight.

7. In Cold, Cough & Hiccough

Virechan (Purgation) is the best treatment. In tamaka Swash, Virechan should be done after snehpaan (Internal Oleation). In patients who is to be given “Vamana may be given Madanfaladi yog. Use of Snehpaan & Virechan in case of Hiccough shows its efficacy.

8. Urticaria

In this type of patients, we should give Virechan after giving shodhan sneh. For snehpaan we can use Shatavari Ghrit, Tikt Ghrit, Mahatikt Ghrit. Triphala, Aarghwadha Kwath or Draksha Aargwadh Haritaki Kwath are used for Virechan. Vidanadi vasti & Krimighan Vasti are very beneficial in Urticaria.

9. Jaundice

Katutumbi jal or Koshataki Jal used in Nasya Karma are beneficial in Jaundice. We can also use Katfal Churan or Shunthi Churan for Jaundice.

10. Insomnia, High Blood Pressure & Epilepsy

In insomnia Shirodhara & Shirobasti is given to patients. Bala Taila is used for this purpose.

In night we can do sole massage & Shirah Pichu with Ghrit. Ghrit Nasya is also useful.

Thus Panchkarma is very helpful in eradicating disease from the root.