Properties & Health Benefits of Carrot

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Botanical Name – Daucus carota

Family – Apiaceae

Sanskrit name – Garjar, Pindamool

It is a well-known plant. Carrot is a very common vegetable used around India and also many other preparations like sweet dish, pickle and jams etc. There are different verities cultivated as well as grow all over India.

It’s annual plant growing till height of 1-4 ft tall. The roots are 4-12 inches long and pulpy.

Carrot contains nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and fibres. It is a very rich source of Vitamin A, B, C, and vitamin B group.


Rasa – madhur, tikta, kashaya

Guna – laghu, teekshna

Virya – ushna

Vipaka – madhur

Effects on dosha

Health Benefits of Carrot


Smear the carrot leaves in ghee and warm them to extract the juice. Put 2-3 drops in nose and ears. It causes sneezing and cures migraine pain.


Take 200 grams sauf, give bhawana 4 bhawana of carrot juice after drying use 5-10 grams of powder with milk every night. It is very helpful in improving the eye slight.

Heart disease

Grate the carrot and boil in milk. When carrot softens, add sugar,. This dish helps strengthen the heart.

Chest pain

Boil carrots in steam and extract juice. In 10 ml juice add 20 ml honey and give this to patient it cures the chest pain.


Mix sugar in carrot juice prepares a thick paste. Add little black pepper powder on it and give this to patient. It give relief in cough and clear throat.


Give 10-20 gm juice of carrot. It helps in this condition.


Give carrot juice with sour pomegranate juice or carrot cooked in curd. These are beneficial in curing piles.

Menstrual cycle

Give the decoction to the patient. If it is taken regularly it normalize the menstrual cycle and also relieves from pain during the cycle.

For purifying the uterus place the cloth dipped in wild carrot juice and places it in the vagina.

Ulcer and wounds

Boil and grind carrot. Apply the paste on wound and ulcers. It helps in faster healing.

Carrot pickle in vinegar helps in curing hepatitis and liver enlargement. In case of any adverse effect stop the treatment.