Prakriti Analysis

Often we see that people of the same family have different designs and their choices are also different. But everyone’s food is made together, yet the same food benefits someone and damages someone. Ever wondered why this happens.

It is said that every person is different in terms of physical structure, choice of food and nature. Such variations are often seen in different members of the same family. This happens due to their nature being different. Different branches of medical science emphasize that our diet should be according to the basic structure of the body. This thing logically makes clear that the Tridosha principle in Ayurveda. According to this basic philosophy of Ayurveda, Vata, Pitta, Kapha are Tridosha. According to the great Acharya Charaka, Sushruta etc. of Ayurveda, Tridosha is also a factor in the origin of human body.

How to know your nature:

When doshas remain in a balanced state, then they become the basis of good health. If its order deteriorates i.e. there is an imbalance in their quantity in the body, then the body will become diseased. Diseases are caused when their ratio is less in the body. In such a situation, it is important that our body is nourished keeping in mind its vata, pitta or Kapha nature, only then we can remain healthy. In the case of Tridosha imbalance, there may be 80 types of vata, diseases of bile and 40 from phlegm. People of this nature are often dark or dark complexion. Their skin is dry and cool. The skin of the feet, hands and lips are cracked. There are cracks in them, limbs hard and many veins bulging on the body. People of this nature have dry, stiff, short and short hair. The nails of their fingers are rough and rough. The sounds are hoarse and heavy, the voice without seriousness, the more talkative. The mouth keeps on drying. The taste of the mouth seems faded or bad. Hunger sometimes seems to decrease more often. Digestion is sometimes good and sometimes constipation occurs. Due to the odd fire, a lot of air is produced. Feces dry, foam mixed, broken, low and hard, constipation is more common. Sleep becomes less, more yawn comes. Their teeth are nibbled at bedtime. In dreams, dreams of flying in the sky are seen more. Although these people walk fast. They do not like winter and do not like cold things. Hot items are more desirable. Sweet, sour, salty foods seem to be dear.

Symptoms of a person having Pitta nature:

A person of this nature has a delicate body. They do not tolerate heat. Their skin is pale and soft and filled with pimples and sesame seeds. Particular signs of this nature are the hair becoming white at a young age and falling, weeping very less. The nails, eyes and tongue of these people are red. Voices are clear and excellent speakers. Their throat becomes more dry and the taste of mouth is bitter, sometimes sour, blisters in mouth and tongue are more. Hunger seems high and digestive power is good. Feels more thirsty. The stool is thin and yellow. There is a tendency to diarrhea that is jealous. Sleep does not come properly. In the dream, fire, gold, lightning, star, sun, moon etc. often see bright things. They do not like hot nature things, sun and fire. Cool things like cold water, ice, bath with cold water, flowers, etc. are loved. Loves astringent, spicy and sweet substances.

Characteristics of a person with Kapha nature:

A person of this nature has a curvy, smooth, fat body. Their color is fair and the skin is smooth, moist with water wet. Hair is thick, curly. Nails are smooth. They are sweet speakers. Mucus comes out of the mouth or nose. The taste of the mouth remains sweet. Appetite is felt less, satiety occurs with less food. Thirst also seems less. Mostly solid stool, there is smoothness in stool. Sleep is high and laziness and lethargy persist. In dreams, we see more of river, pond, reservoir, sea etc. Their movements are slow. They feel bad in winter but like the wind and the sun very much. Hot food and hot beverages are dear. Likes to eat hot spicy, bitter foods.

Be careful in adverse weather:

One says that after knowing the characteristics of these three nature persons, now you can get an idea of ​​their nature. Also, if you determine your food and living habits, then you can lead a long and healthy life. Let us know what precautions to take according to the nature of the person.

Vata Principal Person:

Vata dominated people should be very careful during the rainy season and old age, because Vata prevails in these seasons. The digestive system of people with vata dosha is weakest in rain and hence, dietary enhancers should be avoided. Honey is beneficial for them during the rainy days. Food should be taken lightly, warm, with ghee-oil. Apart from this, sour and salty foods should be consumed.

Pitta predominant:

Those with Pitta predominance should be especially careful in autumn and youth. To control bile, purgation and hemorrhage should be done. Hot weather and hot food should be avoided. Once a year

Pitta predominant: Those with Pitta predominance should be especially careful in autumn and youth. To control bile, purgation and hemorrhage should be done. Hot weather and hot food should be avoided. Donating blood once every year is beneficial.

Kapha predominant person: Those of Kapha predominant nature should be specially taken care of in spring and childhood. The Kapha chiefs should purify the body every year through Panchakarma in the spring season. These people should avoid water. Cold foods and cold items should be avoided.

Causes affecting nature

  • Mother and father’s nature
  • Mother’s Diet
  • Mother’s age (age)

Disorders of symptoms

  • Air
  • Bile
  • Phlegm
  • Gout
  • Bile phlegm
  • Wind phlegm
  • Vata-Pitta-Kapha (Even Nature)

Superiority of nature

  • Best Nature – Even Nature
  • Phlegm
  • Bile
  • Air
  • Double nature

Vata nature

  • Short hair
  • slightly built
  • Attitude
  • long tongue
  • Mind to heart
  • Dream flyer

Pitta nature

  • Premature graying of hair
  • Wise
  • Excessive sweating
  • Nature of anger
  • See bright light in dreams

Kapha nature

  • Serious nature
  • obesity
  • Thick black hair
  • The mighty
  • Dreamer

Mental nature

  • Do not be angry
  • Selfless
  • Never hurt others
  • There is no work, anger, greed, fascination, ego
  • Happiness alike
  • Rapport with nature
  • Sweet voice
  • Synergy with other organisms
  • Royal nature
  • Behave like a king.
  • Demonstrating qualities of work, anger, greed, fascination, ego
  • Have desires and ambitions.
  • Material lovers
  • Happy in happiness and sad in sad
  • Vindictive nature
  • Brainless
  • Meat, alcohol consumption
  • Quarrelsome
  • Cocky
  • Selfish
  • Do not value other creatures and nature
  • Of criminal nature
  • Sad for no reason