Parkinson’s Disease (Kampvata)

Parkinson’s disease is a sensory system infection that influences our capacity to control development. The infection ordinarily begins gradually and deteriorates over the long haul. On the off chance that you have Parkinson’s infection, we may shake, have muscle firmness, and experience difficulty strolling and keeping up our equilibrium and coordination.

In Ayurveda Parkinson’s disorder is similar to Kampavata, which is ordered among nanatmaja issues of Vata

Samprapti of Kampvata

Causative Factors of Kampvata

Aharaja (Dietetic Components)

  • Rukshanna (Ununctuous diet),
  • Laghvana (Light eating routine),
  • Kashayanna (Astringent taste),
  • Katvanna (Acrid taste), Tiktanna (Bitter taste),
  • Abhojana(starvation),
  • Alpasana, Pramitasana (less amount food).

Viharaja (Regimen Factors)

  • Atilanghana (Leaping over ditch),
  • Atipradhavana (Excessive running),
  • Atiprajagara (Excessive arousing),
  • Ativyavaya(Excessive sex),
  • Ativyayama (Violent exercise)
  • Manasika (Psychological components)
  • Bhaya (Fear), Chinta (Thinking), Shoka (Grief),
  • Utkantha (Anxiety)

Miscellaneous Variables

  • Abhighata (Trauma), Ama (Undigested article),
  • Asrika Kshaya (Loss of blood),
  • Dhatukshaya(Loss of body components)
  • Atiyoga of Stambhana and complexity of Vamana Karma,
  • Indication or confusion of Vataja Ardita (B.P.Vatavyadhi).

Symptoms in Parkinsonism

  • Balance issues – these can make somebody with the condition bound to have a fall and harm themselves.
  • Loss of feeling of smell (anosmia) – now and again happens quite a while before different manifestations create
  • Nerve torment – can create disagreeable uproars, like consuming, frigidity or deadness
  • Issues with peeing –, for example, getting up every now and again during the night to pee or unexpectedly peeing (urinary incontinence)
  • Constipation
  • A powerlessness to acquire or support an erection (erectile brokenness) in men
  • Trouble getting explicitly stimulated and accomplishing a climax (sexual brokenness) in ladies
  • Wooziness, obscured vision or blacking out while moving from a sitting or lying position to a standing one – brought about by an abrupt drop in circulatory strain
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • Gulping troubles (dysphagia) – this can prompt unhealthiness and lack of hydration
  • Exorbitant creation of spit (slobbering)
  • Issues resting (sleep deprivation) – this can bring about unnecessary drowsiness during the day
  • Melancholy and uneasiness
  • Gentle intellectual disability – slight memory issues and issues with exercises that require arranging and association.

Treatment of Kampvata

Ayurvedic medication offers some treatment alternatives if there should arise an occurrence of Parkinson’s disease. Ayurvedic treatment for this condition primarily dependent on the treatment of unequal VATA. Inner and External Oleation (Snehanam) and fomentation (Swednam) structure the premise of the sacred treatment. Oleation should be possible by interior utilization of sedated oils and Ghee. Outer Oleation should be possible by Massage (Ayurvedic Abhyangam). The significant strategy that is referenced in the books of Ayurveda for the treatment of KAMPHA VATA is Basti or Vasti treatment. Vasti (Anal bowel purge) is the best refinement strategy to adjust the upset Vata. Ayurveda likewise offers a wide scope of natural enhancements to help patients with Parkinson’s. As of late numerous examinations directed all throughout the planet have demonstrated the presence of L-dopa (Which is antecedent for Dopamine) is available in a portion of the Ayurvedic spices.