Parijat – Medicinal Benefits

Parijat is also called Harsingar. You must have used the parijat flower, but you may not have known about the quality of Parijat. Parijat tree is found in gardens. Its flowers are very attractive and attractive. People usually use Harsingar flower only for worship. People do not know that the benefits of Parijat or Harsingar are not one or two but many.

What is Parijat?

Parijat’s other name is Harsingar. The mention of Harsingar is found in many ancient texts. Its flowers are highly fragrant, have short palms and are white in color. The center of the flower has a bright orange color. The plant of Harsingar is shrubby.

Name of Parijat in Different Languages ​​in other languages

The botanical name of Parijat is Nyctanthes arbor-tristis

Parijat in-

  • Hindi – हरसिंगार, पारिजात, कूरी, सिहारु, सेओली
  • English – ट्री ऑफ सैडनेस (Tree of sadness), मस्क फ्लॉवर (Musk flower), कोरल जैसमिन (Coral jasmine), नाईट जैसमिन (Night jasmine)
  • Sanskrit – पारिजात, पुष्पक, प्राजक्त, रागपुष्पी, खरपत्रक
  • Uttrakhand – कुरी (Kuri), हरसिंगार (Harsingar)
  • Oriya – गोडोकोडीको (Godokodiko), गंगा सेयोली (Ganga seyoli)
  • Urdu – गुलेजाफारी (Gulejafari), हरसिंगार (Harsingar)
  • Assemia – सेवाली (Sewali)
  • Konkani – पारिजातक (Parizatak), पारडिक (Pardic)
  • Kannada – गोली (Goli), पारिजात (Parijata)
  • Gujarati  –हारशणगार (Harshangar), जयापार्वती (Jayaparvati)
  • Tamil – मंझाटपू (Manjatpu), पवलमल्लिकै (Pavalmallikae)
  • Telugu – सेपाली (Sepali), पगडमल्ले (Pagadamallae), कपिलानागदुस्तु (Kapilanagadustu)
  • Bengali – हरसिंघार (Harsinghar), सेफालिका (Sephalika), शेउली (Seuli)
  • Nepali – पारिजात (Parijat)
  • Punjabi – हरसिंघार (Harsinghar), कूरी (Kuri), पकुरा (Pakura)
  • Marathi – पारिजातक (Parijatak), खुरस्ली (Khursali)
  • Malayalam – पविलामल्लि (Pavilamalli), परिजातकम (Parijatakam)

Parijat Benefits and Uses

  • By now you have known what is Harsingar, and by how many names Harsingar tree is known in the country or abroad. Along with the leaves of Harsingar, its flower also has therapeutic properties. Harsingar flowers are beneficial in eye problems as well as Parijat is used to increase appetite and to overcome other digestive disorders. Let us know that Harsingar plant can be used medicinally for which disease, what should be the amount of medicinal use, and what are its methods: –

Benefits of Parijat Vriksha in Dandruff

  • Many people are troubled by the problem of dandruff. There are many remedies to remove dandruff, but many times dandruff does not get rid of dandruff. You can cure dandruff with the benefits of Harsingar. Take seed of Parijat. Make a paste of it. Apply it on the head. This ends the problem of dandruff.

Benefits of Parijat in Oral Disease

  • The tongue has a small piece of flesh resembling a bell, which is called galsundi. If there is a disease related to this, take Harsingar’s plant. Chew its root. It cures disorders associated with mumps.

Harsingar tree cures cough 

  • If you use Parijat tree as an Ayurvedic medicine for cough, you will get a lot of benefits. Make a powder of 500 mg Parijat bark. Cough is cured by taking it.

Benefits of Harsingar in bleeding 

  • Some people continue to bleed from the nose and ears. Such people can use Parijat tree. Take a plant of Harsingar. Put its root in the mouth and chew it. It stops bleeding from the nose, ears, throat, etc.

Benefits of Harsingar in the problem of stomach worms 

  • Be it children or adults, everyone has problems with stomach worms at times. The benefits of Harsingar are found in this disease. Break fresh leaves from Harsingar tree. Eat fresh leaf juice (5 ml) of Parijat with sugar. This kills the harmful worms living in the stomach and intestines.

Parijat Uses in Urinary Problems

  • If you suffer from the problem of frequent urination, then the Parijat tree will provide benefits. Make a decoction of the leaves, roots, and flowers of the tree trunk. Drink it in 10-30 ml. This eliminates the problem of frequent urination.

Parijat Vriksha Uses Wounding Healing Chronic Wounds

  • Wounds can be healed with the benefit of Harsingar. Make a paste of Parijat seeds. Apply it to boils or other common wounds on the skin of the head. It cures wounds.

Harsingar tree beneficial in diabetes 

  • Parijat tree is very beneficial in diabetes. Make a decoction of 10-30 ml Parijatha leaf. Take it. It is beneficial in diabetes.

Parijat tree gives benefits in spleen disease 

  • Add parijatha, apamarg and alkali (125-250 mg) of talmkhana to the oil. Taking it is beneficial in spleen disease.

Harsingar tree delivers benefits in arthritis

  • The properties of Parijat can also benefit from arthritis. Make a decoction of the root of Parijat. Drink 10-30 ml of it. It is beneficial in arthritis.
  • Make a paste by grinding the leaves of Harsingar, lukewarm. Applying it on the joint pain is very beneficial.
  • Make a decoction of the leaves of Parijatha. It also provides relief in joint pain and arthritis.

Harsingar tree beneficial in nervous system disorder 

The properties of Parijat also benefit in nervous system disorders. Take Parijat and Nirgundi leaves. The quantity of leaves should be equal. Make decoction from it. Drinking 15-30 ml of this decoction relieves nervous system-related pain.

Benefits of Parijat tree in eye diseases 

Parijat tree also provides benefits in eye disease. Grind the bark of Parijat tree with kanji and make oil. Applying it on the eyes provides relief in eye pain. For better remedy, please consult an Ayurvedic doctor.

Uses of Parijat to Treat Fever

Parijat tree is used to cure fever. Make a decoction of the leaves of Parijat tree. Take ginger powder and honey mixed with 10-30 ml decoction. It also provides relief in severe fever conditions including normal fever.

Mix 1-2 grams of Trikatu powder in 5-10 ml juice of parijatham and take it. This also causes severe fever.

Parijat Beneficial for Piles

The use of Harsingar seeds helps to overcome the problem of hemorrhoids, but the special thing is that the seeds are grinded and used externally in the piles and they are used in a continuous manner.

Parijat Beneficial to Treat Fracture

Using bark of Harsingar stem with Arjun bark is beneficial in bone fractures.

Use of Harsingar for long and strong hair 

The decoction of the seeds from Harsingar helps to overcome the problem of hair. Make a decoction of Harsingar and wash the hair, this helps to remove dandruff and prevent hair fall.

Parijat Beneficial for Healthy Digestive System

If your digestive power is weak, then the intake of Harsingar can be beneficial for you because the semen of Harsingar improves digestion power by being warm.

Healthy Harsingar for Women 

Harsingar is a healthy medicine for women because Harsingar acts as a female-tonic, so its intake helps in relieving the female disorders.

Benefit of Parijat to Get Relief from Stress

Harsingar can be helpful in relieving stress because according to Ayurveda, the main cause of stress is the outbreak of Vata and Harsingar has the property of calming Vata.

Useful Parts of Parijat

Parijat can be used as follows: –

  • Parijat tree leaves
  • Parijat tree root
  • Parijat tree trunk
  • Parijat tree flowers
  • Parijat tree seeds

How to use Parijat?

The amount of use of parijatham should be: –

  • Decoction of Parijat – 15-30 ml
  • Parijat juice – 5 ml

To get the most out of Parijat (Harsingar) as a medicine, use it in consultation with a doctor.

Where is Parijat found or found?

Parijat plant is found in the states of Assam, Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. This is done up to a height of 1500 meters. Parijat plant is found in the sub-Himalayan regions of India at an altitude of 300–1000 m.