Obesity (Sthaulya)

Obesity is a medical condition where an overabundance of muscle to fat ratio has gathered to the degree that it might adversely affect wellbeing. It is characterized by weight record (BMI) and further assessed as far as fat dissemination through the midsection hip proportion and all-out cardiovascular danger factors.

In Ayurveda, Obesity is referenced under the heading Sthaulya. Sthaulya is a sickness coming about because of the inordinate admission of sweet food by a person. An individual having a sweet tooth, consistently want sweet and dairy products winds up gathering an overabundance of fat in his body. This inclination is especially seen in Kapha dominant people demonstrated by epidemiological information. Kaphaj Purush is more overweight or large when contrasted with other Prakriti Purush.

Samprapti (Etiopethogenesis)

Causative Factors of Obesity

Aharaj Nidana (Dietary):

  • Madhura Aharasevana (unnecessary perspiration in-take),
  • Guru Aharasevana (weighty absorbable food), Santarpana,
  • Adhyashan, Snigdha Aharasevana,
  • Navanna sevana (new seed), Nava Madyasevana (new liquor),
  • Mamsa Sevana,(Nonvegetarian),Dadhi Sevana,(yoghurt),
  • Ikshu Vikara Sevana, Guda Vikara Sevana etc.

Viharaj Nidana (Way of Life Related):

  • Avyavaya (absence of sexual life),
  • Avyayama (absence of actual exercise),
  • Diwaswaap (day time rest), Swapnaprasangat (long rest),
  • Gandhamalyanusevana (utilizing scents, gar-lands),
  • Bhojanottara nidra (dozing after dinner),
  • Asana Sukham (unreasonable sitting),
  • Bho-janottar snaana(bathing subsequent to taking the supper) etc.)

Manas Nidan (Psychological Components):

  • Achintanat (absence of strain), Harshnityatvata (continuous liveliness),
  • Manasonivritti (mental unwinding),
  • Priyadarshana (watching of beloved), Saukhyena (complete joy) etc.)

Common Symptoms in Obesity

  • Increased hunger (Atikshudha)
  • Increased thirst (Atipipasa)
  • Perspiration (Atisweda)
  • Breathlessness (Atiswasa)
  • Sleepiness (Atinidra)
  • Difficulty to perform hefty work (AayasAshamata)
  • Sluggishness (Jadata)
  • Short lifespan (Alpaaayu)
  • Decreased body strength (Alpabala)
  • Bad body odour (Dougandhya)
  • Unclear voice (Gadgada)

In the setting of body, Acharya Charakahas referenced 8 Dosha (unwanted) of Sthaulya Purush;

  • Aayu Shaya (decreased life expectancy)
  • Java Uprodha (laziness)
  • Kricha Vyavaya (difficulty in sex)
  • Dourbalya (weakness)
  • Dourgandhya (smelly body)
  • Sveda Abadha (perspiration)
  • Ati Shudha (increased appetite)
  • Ati Pipasa (increased thirst)


  • Visarpa (erysipelas)
  • Bhagandara (fistula)
  • Jwara (fever)
  • Atisara (diarrhea)
  • Meha (diabetes)
  • Arsha (piles)
  • Shalipada (filariasis)
  • Apachi
  • Kamala (jaundice)


Sthaulya is a Santarpana Janya Vikara, so Aptarpana Chikitsa is to be followed to dispose of abundance fat or Meda.

Aptarpana Chikitsa include 3 methods specifically Langhana ,Rukshana and Swedana. Langhana Chikitsa includes both Shodhana and Shamana procedures and medication. Shodhana Chikitsa is utilized in circumstances where Bala (strength) of Rogiis amazing and Dosha are additionally vitiated in incredible degree. Balvana Rogi can bear Tikshna Guna of purifactory methodology. Madhyama Bala Rogi are treated with Shamana strategies.

Shodhana treatment like Vaman, Virechan, Raktamokshan, Basti, Dhumpana, Swedana and Rukshana Udvartana. Shamana Chikitsa includes Vyayama, Upvasa, Pipasa, Pachana, Maruta and Aatapa Sevan. Rukshana drugs creating Rukshata  (dryness)in body show their impact by righteousness of its 3 Guna, Rukhsa (dry), Vishad non disgusting) and Khara(rough). Aahara and Aushad with these properties help in controlling the overabundance of Sneha in body thus controlling the endless loop of change of abundance of Snehainto Meda.

Heftiness Home Remedies

Do’s & Don’ts in Obesity

DO’S ;

  • Have food low on fat, similar to servings of mixed greens, beats, oats, and so on and take little dinners like clockwork rather than three colossal suppers.
  • Work on breathing activities consistently. They help in invigorating stomach related force and metabolic cycles keeping you truly and intellectually fit and fine.
  • Control longings for food high in refined starches and fats like bread, dairy items, cheap food and handled food.
  • Burn-through a greater amount of citrus natural products like oranges and grapes as they help in administering fats.
  • Remember food rich for Vitamin B12 in your eating routine. They help in building tissues without requiring you to turning to an excessive number of fats.
  • Keep away from liquor which is high in calories and furthermore invigorates hunger.
  • Ensure that you drink warm or tepid water generally. It animates digestion and furthermore extinguishes thirst.
  • Activities are an unquestionable requirement. Keep yourself truly dynamic.
  • Guarantee satisfactory rest of at any rate 7-8 hours for a day.
  • Connect with your needs and figure out how to layout practical objectives.

Dont’s ;

  • Try not to skirt your suppers as they stunt the body into putting away more fat.
  • Try not to indulge. Regardless of whether you are eating the correct food, gorging can be terrible for you.
  • Try not to eat late and don’t change your feast times frequently.
  • Comprehend that feeling fat can be about secret sentiments; don’t hurry to pummel yourself.
  • Fat sentiments pass, so unwind and don’t freeze.
  • Try not to worry about attempting to get more fit. It will simply invert your endeavors.