Neuritis Home Remedies


Neuritis affects the peripheral nervous system and optic nerve, but in both cases the problem is very delicate. A part of the peripheral nervous system can be damaged when suffering from peripheral neuritis. This causes unsteady motion, vibration and stiffness. You may also feel tired, itchy and shivering with severe pain. But if suffering from optic neuritis, there can be inflammation in the optic nerve. In addition, you may experience vision loss, color blindness, etc. Optic nerves usually occur through diseases such as bacterial infection and peripheral neuritis diabetes. In both cases, proper treatment can overcome the problem. Consult a physician for diagnosis and treatment plan. However you can play your role in increasing the efficacy of treatment.

Various home remedies are available for Neuritis.

1. Intake of vitamins

It has been observed that lack of vitamin in food is also one of the causes of Neuritis. Vitamin deficiency such as vitamin B-1, B-6, B-12, pantothenic acid etc. are responsible for Neuritis. Therefore, to meet vitamin deficiency you need plenty of vitamins in the diet. Vitamins are found in dairy products, meats, eggs, yeast, broccoli, eggs, nuts, pulses, fish, brown rice, animal liver, etc. Therefore, to cure Neuritis, include them in your regular diet.

2. Amazing Baking Soda

A large amount of acid in blood and tissues is also responsible for Neuritis. Therefore, to reduce the effect of Neuritis, it is very important to bring down the acid ratio in the body. Baking soda can help you in this problem. It is traditionally used in many remedies due to its alkaline properties. Get into the habit of mixing a pinch of baking soda in a glass of water daily. This will gradually increase the pH of your blood and the symptoms of neuritis will slowly but forever go away.

3. Soybean Milk and Honey

It is one of the best treatments for Neuritis. Mixing soybean milk with honey makes it rich in vitamin B, lecithin and glutamic acid and all play an important role in protecting the nervous system. This element helps strengthen the nervous system. When you have problems, add a teaspoon of honey to a cup of soy milk and mix well. Take it every night before bed.

4. Spinach and Carrots

Lack of vitamins and minerals causes Neuritis. Spinach and carrots are rich in many essential vitamins and minerals. Both contain excellent anti-oxidant beta carotene. Therefore, to reduce the serious effects of Neuritis, take spinach and carrots regularly. You can also have spinach or carrot juice. It strengthens the nervous system and provides relief from pain. In case of problem, mix 300 ml carrot and 200 ml spinach juice properly.

5. Pineapple Magic

Pineapples contain some very essential vitamins that can effectively fight off Nuritis. Some of the essential acids present in pineapple have the potential to cure the disease. At the same time it makes the immune system and nervous system strong. Therefore, to cure the problem of Nuritis, make it a habit to drink less pineapple juice regularly.

6. Barley decoction

Barley is another natural ingredient, which is very effective in treating Nuritis. It is helpful in preventing severe pain due to Nuritis. Due to its coolant and soothing effect, it keeps the nervous system calm. To make barley decoction, take a glass of barley and boil it in water, when the water remains half, then close it and keep it to cool. Add a little buttermilk and lime to it for best results. It also strengthens the nervous system and provides other benefits. Lime strengthens the immune system to be rich in vitamin C. Therefore, a powerful combination of barley decoction, butter milk and lime juice is beneficial for Nuritis.