Marigold or genda – Medicinal Benefits

Marigold or genda flower has many names. People all over the country also know marigold by the names Gultora, Kalag, Lalmuruga, Hazara, Velvet etc. Marigold flowers are found in almost every household. As beautiful as it is, it is also beneficial for your body. According to Ayurveda, marigold has many medicinal properties, and is also a herb. Marigold or genda benefits and uses are available when you have sprain, swelling problem and use of marigold in the wound. Apart from this, you get benefit from the medicinal properties of marigold in diabetes, gonorrhea and urinary disease.

Not only this, the medicinal properties of marigold are beneficial in diseases related to breath including eye disease, nose bleeding and ear pain. You can benefit from marigold even if you have cough, rupture of skin and hands and feet.

What is marigold?

The marigold plant is known for its beautiful attractive flowers and leaves. Its flower produces a strong fragrance, due to which marigold flowers are applied in homes and gardens. There are many species of marigold, according to the variation in the colors of the flowers, but the main ones found in these are: –

  • Hazara (its flower is large)
  • Surnai
  • Kaukahan (with red and yellow swirl cycle)

Name of Marigold (Genda) in Different Languages

Botanical name Tagetes erecta Linn. (Tagetes erecta) is Syn-Tagetes excelsa Soule, and is of the Asteraceae clan, other names of marigold are also: –

  • Hindi- Marigold, Gultora, Kalag, Lalmuruga, Hazara, Velvet
  • Sanskrit-zandu, ganeruk, macropolis
  • English- Marigold (African marigold), African marigold, Big marigold, French marigold
  • Urdu-Genda
  • Oriya-Gendu
  • Konkanni-Gondephool
  • Kannada-Chandumallige, Seemeshyamantige
  • Gujarati-Galgoto, Guljharo, Makhamala
  • Tamil-Kanakappuchti (Kancappucceti)
  • Telugu-Bantichettu, Banti
  • Bengali-marigold (Genda)
  • Nepali-Saypatri
  • Marathi-Makhamali, Roji, Zendu
  • Malayalam-Chendumalli
  • Manipuri-Sanari (Sanarei)
  • Arabic-Hajai, Hamahama
  • Persian- Gulhazara, Kajekharusa, Sadabarg

Medicinal Properties of Marigold

The Ayurvedic properties are:

Marigold is bitter, bitter, cold, cold, short, dry and cough.

Marigold (Genda) Benefits and Uses

The medicinal properties of marigold, quantity and methods of use are: –

Grind the marigold bud. Apply it outside the eyes. It is beneficial in eye disease such as flatulence etc.

Applying the juice of marigold leaves outside the eyes is also beneficial in eye diseases.

Medicinal Uses of Marigold

Marigold is used to treat skin problems such as burns, wounds and rashes. Applying its paste on the skin reduces swelling, redness, sensitivity, dryness and swelling.

Protection against toxic elements of the body

It helps in the detoxification process of the body by removing all the toxic substances stored in the body. Along with this, it also helps in reducing irritation and inflammation along with benefiting the digestive system.

Relieving menstrual pain

Marigold flower has been considered very helpful in relieving menstrual pain and spasms in the female reproductive system.

Skin condition

Marigold flower is also used in reducing skin problems due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Its oil helps reduce damage to our skin from UVB radiation. Also, according to a 2018 study, it was found that marigold methanol extracts contain high levels of polyphenols, which provide anti-aging effects to the skin.

Removes mosquitoes, insects

Its strong odor, antioxidant element can be used naturally to ward off mosquitoes, insects and other insects. Because of this, marigolds are planted in home gardens and are also used as extracts in candles.

Marigold Benefits in Fighting with Cough Treatment

Marigold flower can be used to treat cough. Make the powder of the flower bud knob (Pushpadhar Receptacle). Mix 2 to 5 grams of powder, 10 grams of sugar and one spoon of curd and take it thrice a day. It is beneficial in cough and respiratory disease.

Medicinal properties of marigold in inflammation of the breasts 

Women can use marigold in the problem of swelling of the breasts. Grind marigold leaves and apply it on the breasts. Along with this, the swelling of the breasts is reduced by making it compressible.

Benefits of Marigold (Genda) for Piles Treatment 

Use of marigold is also beneficial for the treatment of piles. For this, grind 10 grams of marigold leaves and 2 grams of black pepper together. Drinking this is beneficial in piles.

Toast 5-10 grams of marigold in ghee and take it thrice a day. It provides relief in hemorrhoids or bloody piles.

Drink extracts of marigold leaves. This stops the blood flowing in piles immediately. To extract the extract, take 250 grams of marigold leaves and two kg of banana root. Soak them in water at night and take out extracts in the morning. Drink 15-20 ml of this extract.

Taking 5-10 grams of marigold flower juice two or three times a day is beneficial in bloody piles.

Benefits of Marigold (Genda) to Treat Gonorrhea

For the treatment of gonorrhea, take 10 grams of marigold leaves and 2 grams of black pepper. Grind and drink both together. It is beneficial in gonorrhea.

Medicinal properties of marigold in injury-sprain-swelling 

By extracting the juice of marigold almanac and applying it to the affected area, it provides relief.

By applying leaf juice, the wound and bleeding from the wound stops.

Uses of Ayurvedic Medicine Marigold (Genda) to Treat Cracked Heels

When the skin or heel of the hands or feet is ruptured (marigold), marigold benefits. Mix the juice of marigold leaves in Vaseline and rub it on hands and feet. It removes dryness and dryness of hands and feet.

Benefits of Marigold (Genda) to Treat Boils 

Grind marigold leaves and apply on boils and wounds, it provides relief. Applying it on piles moles also provides relief.

Grind marigold leaves and apply it after lukewarm. It provides benefits in boils or pimples caused by diabetes.

Marigold (Genda) Benefits for Urinary Disease

Mix sugar candy in the juice of 10 grams of marigold leaves and drink it thrice a day. The urine that has been stopped from the body comes open. Before taking remedy, please consult any Ayurvedic physician.

Uses of Ayurvedic medicine Marigold (Genda) for Menstrual Disorder

Toast 5-10 grams of marigold in ghee and give it thrice a day. It benefits from excessive bleeding in menstruation or bleeding problems during hemorrhoids.

Uses of Ayurvedic Medicine Marigold (Genda) is Beneficial in Wasp Bite

The use of marigold to reduce the effect of its sting is beneficial if the wasp has bitten. Grind marigold leaves and apply on the stinged area. This reduces side effects such as pain due to sting.

Marigold (Genda) Benefits in Relief from Dental Pain

Take 20-30 ml marigold leaf decoction twice a day for a few days. This causes the stones to melt. Rinse with this decoction provides instant relief in toothache.

Beneficial Part of Marigold (Genda)

These parts of marigold are used: –

  • Leaves
  • flower
  • seed
  • The root

How to use marigold? (How to Use Marigold (Genda)?)

Marigold should be used in such quantity: –

  • Powder – 5-10 grams
  • Brew – 15-20 ml