Leucorrhoea (Svetapradra)

The clinical name for ordinary vaginal release is leukorrhea. It tends to be yellow or white, however it doesn’t cause torment, tingling, aggravation, or consuming of the tissue around the vaginal opening. It is now and again difficult to determine the contrast between ordinary vaginal release and leukorrhea brought about by a yeast contamination or explicitly communicated infections.

Leucorrhoea is also called as svetapradra. In Svetapradra disturbance of Kapha Dosha . This expanded Kapha, alongside different components, can debilitate the Rasa Dhatu (supplement plasma) present in the vaginal plot, eventually prompting the effortless release of white shaded liquid from the vagina.

Types of Leucorrhoea

For the most part, there is two types of Leucorrhoea,

  • Physiological Leucorrhoea – Common in pretty much every ladies, and brought about by the Natural Defense Mechanism of Vagina to keep up its substance equilibrium and protect the adaptability of the vaginal tissue, called Physiological because of the explanation that vaginal release happens when oestrogens levels are expanded, when vaginal release is meager, scentless, clear, bodily fluid like and not along these lines expanded in the amount then it is viewed as typical and accordingly need not to be stressed over.
  • Inflammatory Leucorrhoea – It occur because of Vaginal Swelling or Congestion inside the Vaginal Mucosa, the influenced territory regularly gives out yellow hued released with foul smell, which obviously show disease state. This sort of Leucorrhoea additionally incorporate vaginal release brought about by the Sexually Transmitted Disease and because of post pregnancy release after conveyance.

Samprapti of Svetaprapra

Kapha and vata vridhikara

Kapha dosha and Vata dosha (Apana vayu) get vitiated due to ahara and vihara

Vitiated Kapha also causes Rasadushti as Kapha and Rasa have Ashrayaashrayi sambandha

Kapha and Rasa are Drava guna pradhana

Dushti of Kapha and Rasa together cause white discharge per vagina

Which is in the region of Apana vayu


Causes of leucorrhoea

  • The most widely recognized reason for Leucorrhoea incorporate.
  • Hormonal unsettling influences.
  • Lack of tidiness or improper cleanliness.
  • Mental pressure and strain.
  • Excessive admission of hefty, sleek, chilly, sweet and thick food.
  • Consumption of a lot milk, spread, yogurt and cheddar.
  • Infections from microbes, organisms or different parasites.
  • Urinary parcel diseases are likewise basic female release causes.
  • Injuries or injury to the vagina, the belly or the cervix, which is exceptionally normal during pregnancy.
  • Irritation from objects like an intrauterine preventative gadget.
  • The utilization of splashes oils or jams.
  • Contraceptives utilized by men or ladies which could cause disturbance
  • Sexually transmitted disease

Symptoms of Lecorrhoea

  • The solitary significant side effect that is found in an individual with leucorrhoea is the vaginal release.
  • Pain in the lower midsection or legs (particularly in the thigh and lower leg muscles)
  • Frequent inclination to pee
  • Soreness
  • Headache and disturbance
  • Irritation joined by serious tingling in the genital lot
  • Inability to focus on work due to being aware of the release.
  • Pain during intercourse.
  • General weariness because of loss of fundamental liquids
  • Presence of dull patches under eyes.
  • Foul smelling release.

Treatment of Shweta Pradara

Asrigdara is given in Charaka and Commentator Chakrapani says Pandura Asringdra as a Shweta Pradara however, when we accept it as a different illness at that point the executives of Shweta Pradara should be possible in three ways) Nidana Parivarjana – Nidana Parivarjana is the base of the administration of all illness. Nidana works with treatment if the reasons for the treatment of the illnesses are unquestionably followed out. Further by and large, when the reason for the infection is taken out, the illness dies down normally. In Shweta Pradara the causative components ought to be kept away from to get perpetual alleviation. For instance – Mithya ahara vihara and so on

Treatment of Shweta Pradara depends on the utilization of drugs which are Tridosha shamaka particularly Kapha Shamaka, Krimighna, Kledaghna,Putihara and Kanduhara. The rule of Ayurvedic treatment of Shweta Pradara is generally founded on its aetiopathogenesis.

As Kapha is the primary causative components for vaginal release, rebuilding of Agni to scrub the aggregated poisons and bring Kapha dosha back towards harmony and tone up the muscles of regenerative organs with the assistance of restoring spices is thought of primary rule of treatment through Ayurveda.

Diet and lifestyle:

  • Avoid hefty, slick, singed, fiery, and harsh food varieties.
  • Tea, espresso, liquor, circulated air through drinks and non-vegan food ought to likewise be stayed away from.
  • Chewing betel nuts after dinners is useful.
  • Increase admission of organic products, vegetables, and plates of mixed greens.
  • Increase fluids in the eating routine, like water, soup, milk and squeeze. These assistance to flush out the poisons.
  • Maintain legitimate cleanliness. Wash underpants with an anti-infection arrangement, and let them dry under the sun