Kantkari is an Ayurvedic herb. Kantkari is also known as the Latin name – Solanum xanthocarpum. The Scientific name of Kantkari is Solanum Surattense and is also called Yellow-berried nightshade. Kankari is used for curing many disorders and diseases of the body. This herb is mainly used for the treatment of Respiratory systems such as Asthma, cough, and sore throat. The juice of Kankari is very beneficial in Cough and it also getting relief from sore throat. For treatment of cough kantkari roots are given along with the honey. It should not give to a pregnant women.

Botanical Name:- Solanum Xanthocarpum
Family Name:- Solanaceae
Kingdom:- Plantae
Division:- Magnoliophyta
Class:- Magnoliopsida
Order:- Solanales
Family:- Solanaceae
Genus:– Solanum
Species:- S. xanthocarpum
Popular Name:- Yellow-Berried, nightshade, Choti Katheri, Kantkari, Kateli
Parts Used:- Fruits, Whole Plant.
Habitat:- Throughout India


English Name:- Wild Eggplant, Yellow-Berried Nightshade, and Febrifuge plant

Hindi Name:- Choti Kateri, Ringni, Rengani, and Bhatakataiyya

Unani Name:- Katai khurd

Bengali Name:- Kantkari

Marathi Name:- Bhui Ringani

Gujarati Name:- Bhiya Ringani

Punjabi Name:- Kandiyari

Telugu Name:- Nelamulaka

Farsi Name:- Badagan Barri

Tamil Name:- Kandan Kattiri

Arabian Name:- Badajan Barri

Kannad name:- Nelagulle

Malayalam Name:- Kantankattiti, Kantakariccunta

Kantkari:- Full of Prickles {Short Thorns}, It gave good relief in throat-related disorders.


  1. Dushparsha:-It’s difficult to touch the plant, due to the presence of prickles.
  2. Kshudra:- This is a small plant.
  3. Vyaghri:- This is good for the throat, it enables the user to have lion-like voice. Vyaghri refers to Kantkari. This drug is used in Asthma medicine, this is a famous asthma medicine called Vyaghari Haritaki Avaleha.
  4. Nidigdhika:- It grows up fast.



  1. Kasahara:- This group of Herbs is used to treat Asthma, Cold, and Cough.
  2. Shothathara:- This group of Herbs has Anti inflammatory properties.
  3. Hikkanigrahana:- This group of Herbs are used to relieving Hiccups.
  4. Kanthya:- This group of Herbs is very good for Throat.
  5. Angamardaprashamana:- This group of Herbs is useful is used in the treatment of Pain and Aches.


  1. Varunadi, Brihatyadi, Laghupanchamula group of Herbs.


  1. Varunadi, Brihatyadi.


The fruit of Kantkari is Hot in potency, pungent in taste, It treats asthma and cough. It also stimulates the digestive fire. It helps to cure Pain, fever, rhinitis, vitiated vata, and Kapha dosha.


Useful Part:-

Whole Plant,

Roots, and



Powder 1-3 g,

Decoction – 40 – 80 ml, in divided dose, per day, based on the condition of the patient and disorder.


Medicinal properties of Kantkari (Solanum surattense):-

Rasa (Taste):- Tikta (Bitter) and Katu (Pungent).

Guna (Qualities):- Ruksha (Dry), Teekshana (Piercing) and Laghu (Light).

Veerya (Potency):- Ushna (Hot Potency)

Vipaka:- Katu (Undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion)

Effect On Tridosha:- This  mainly used to balances Vata dosha and Kapha dosha. It increases the Pitta Dosha.


The major Chemical Constituents of Kantkari (Solanum Xanthocarpum):-

∙ B-Carotene

∙ Disgenin

∙ Carpesterol

∙ Solasodine

∙ Solamargine

∙ B- Solamargine

∙ Solanine

∙ Solasodino-L-Rhamnosy-B-D-Glucoside (Solasurine)

∙ Solanocarpine (Solanine-S)

∙ Tomatidienol


The extract of Juice of Kantkari along with honey is used to treating difficulity in micturition (Dysuria).

Kantkari is beneficial in Cough, cold, and fever-like conditions.

Kantkari has Kapha-Vatahara properties, Hot potency, pungent in taste, so naturally it improves digestion strength, and it treats Asthma-like respiratory disorders.

SHWASAJIT:- It is useful in the treatment of Chronic Respiratory disorders and Asthma.

ARUCHIHARA:- It is useful to relieve anorexia.

JVARAHARA:- It is useful in the treatment of fever.

VATAHARA:- It is useful in the treatment of disorders by vata dosha imbalance.

AMADOSHAHARA:- It relieves Ama, Ama is a state of disturbed metabolism and digestion.

KANTKARI FRUITS:- Kantkari fruit is useful in treating pyrexia or fever.

KANDUHARA:- It is useful in treating excessive itching and purities like conditions.

KUSHTAHARA:  Kantkari is very useful in treating all types of skin disorders.

KRUMIGHNA:- Kantkari is useful in treating worm infestation.

HRUDAMAYA:- This is useful in treating heart disorders.

SHUKRA RECHANA:- This drug is helpful in ejaculation.

AGNIKRUT:- It improves digestion strength.

MEDAHARA:- This is helpful to reduce cholesterol and fat deposition and also help to reduce obesity.

BALA PUSHTIKARA:- Kantkari helps to Boost Immunity, improve strength and nourishment.

Other uses:- Kantkari seeds are used in treating amenorrhea (Painful menstrual cycle) and painful delivery.


Every part of the Kantkari plant is medicine and every part is very useful.

  1. Cough, asthma, And Respiratory Disorders:-

∙ Kantkari is very useful in treating cough, asthma, and respiratory disorders.

∙ It reduces the production of mucous.

∙ This drug clears the respiratory airways.

∙ It also maintained the proper functions of lungs.

∙ This Herb dilates the bronchioles and reduces the inflammation and swelling of the lungs in the condition of asthma.

∙ This drug also prevents sinusitis, common cold and other respiratory allergies.

  1. Urinary Disorders:-

∙ Kantkari has diuretic properties, so it expelled the excessive amount of salt and water from the body through the urine.

∙ Kantkari helps to treat Hypertension, It lower the blood pressure by flushing the excessive salt out from the body.

∙ It also acts as Antibiotics, it is useful to treating many diseases.

∙ It also stops Bacterial and viral functions, by its antibiotics properties.

∙ It treats the Burning micturition, excessive micturition or no micturition.

∙ It gave good relief in vomiting.

∙ It also cures backache and weakness.

  1. Liver Disorders:-

∙ Kantkari has Hepatoprotective Properties.

∙ It acts as an antioxidant.

∙ It prevents the damage of liver cells, causing by free radicles.

∙ Kantkari maintains the proper functions of the liver.

∙ It increases the metabolism of the liver.

  1. Acidity:-

∙ Kantkari acts as a natural antacid that neutralize the pH of the stomach.

∙ This provides quick relief in acid reflux.

∙ It prevents heartburn.

∙ It provides relief in constipation, flatulence, and pain in the abdomen.

  1. Insect Bite:-

∙ It acts as natural painkillers.

∙ It kills the microbes with its antibiotics properties.

∙ It also acts as an antihistamine that reduces allergic reactions.

∙ It has anti-inflammatory properties, so it gave relief in pain and inflammation.

∙ It also helps to reduce pyrexia (fever).

  1. Gum Problems:-

∙ It has antibiotics properties that reduce the plaque.

∙ It kills the bacteria.

∙ It provides strength to teeth and makes the teeth healthy.


Fruits, Whole Plant.


  1. Kantakari Powder:-
    A. Take ½ – ¼  teaspoon of Kantakari powder, and mix with honey or water.
    B. Once or twice a day after taking a light meal or food.
  2. Kantakari Tablets
    A. Take 1-2 tablets of Kantakari with lukewarm water.
    B. Once or twice a day after taking light food or meal.
  3. Kantakari Juice
    A. Take 4-5 teaspoons of Kantakari juice with honey or water
    B. Drink Juice Once or twice a day before taking a meal or food.

“CHANDIGARH AYURVEDA CENTER” provides a herbo mineral syrup, known as “BRONCHO CARE SYRUP”. It is a purely ayurvedic formulation. It helps to balance the Vata dosha and Kapha dosha from which mainly reduces the Kapha Dosha. It means it reduces the production of phlegm in the lungs and it balances the sections in the body. It exerts mucous and improves the functions of the respiratory system. It improves appetite by increases the digestive fire which helps in digestion. It also gave relief in chronic bronchitis and asthma disorder. It has antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is good Broncho care and immuno-modulator and a good detoxifier.


∙ It used in all types of respiratory disorders

∙ It has fire property, so it Improves metabolism

∙ Improves Digestion

∙ Increase Appetite

∙ Helps in Indigestion

∙ It has Mucolytic Properties

∙ Chronic bronchitis

∙ Good Bronchodilators

∙ Helps to cure Cough with thick mucous

∙ Helps to remove Flatulence

∙ Loss of appetite

∙ Recurrent common cold



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