Jamun ( Black Plum)- Health Benefits & Side Effects

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  • Botanical Name – Syzygium cuminii
  • Family – Myrtaceae
  • Sanskrit name – Jambu, Mahaphala, Phalendra

It’s a evergreen plants are found everywhere in India. The tree of 80-100ft and 10-12ft wide. Gren 2-3 inch broad 3-6 long leaves and greenish white flower, purple colour ripen fruits. They have a 1-2 cm long seed. Plants bear flowers in april-june and fruits in june-july.

  • Rasa – Kashaya, madhura, amla
  • Guna – Laghu, ruksha
  • Virya – shitta
  • Vipaka – Katu
  • Effects on dosha – it increase vata and balances kapha and pitta



Take 1 part powder of its seeds, 1 part dry ginger powder, 1 part methi dana, 1 part gudmar. Grind fine powder of all drugs then sieve the powder through a fine cloth. Use this powder 1 table spoon 2 times a day its very beneficial in diabetes.

Boil 250 grams ripe jambal fruits in 500 ml boiling water for some time. Cruse the fruits in that water than filter through cloth. Give this to the patient twice a day. It control the diabetes and general body weakness.

Dry the leaves in sunlight and grind in fine powder use 5 – 10 grams 2 times a day for 1 month. It cures the diabetes.


Use the juice of tender leaves mixed in water for gargling. It heals the mouth ulcers.


Give juice of 5-10 grams fresh leaves with 100 ml goat milk to the patient. It is very helpful in curing diarrhoea.


Use 10-20 ml vinegar of jamun fruits. It is nutritive and cures flatulence.


Use of ripen jamun fruits are good to dissolve renal stones.

In case of urinary bladder stone juice of jamun fruits with rock salt are very beneficial.

Using of 5-10 grams of tender leaves mixed with 1-2 powder of black pepper 2times a day is good for renal calculus. Stones break easily and pass through urine flow.


Apply paste of its leaves on burns area. It cures and heals the area quickly.

Over all it cures bleeding disorders, diarrhoea due to pitta, controls boils. It’s very good in conditions like asthma, diabetes, cough, mouth ulcers and piles.


Excess eating of ripen fruits may cause damage to the lungs and stomach layers because it is digested very slowly. Enhance gas formation and cough formation. It should be consumed with black salt or rock salt.