Jaiphal – Medicinal Benefits

Men may not know much about nutmeg in Hindi, but women must know about nutmeg. Nutmeg (Jaiphal) is used on many occasions. Sometimes in the form of spices and sometimes to massage the children. Nutmeg oil is used to make soap. There is a lot of information related to the benefits of nutmeg (jaiphal benefits) in Ayurveda.

Jaiphal uses

The use of nutmeg is very beneficial for the body. The patient can prevent his disease by using nutmeg. Can cure many diseases. Apart from this, many benefits of nutmeg (jaiphal benefits for baby) have also been reported for children. Let us learn about all the benefits of nutmeg.

What is Nutmeg?

The nutmeg tree is always green and fragrant. The trunk of the tree is dark colored, with holes on the outside. There are red colored liquids inside. Its leaves are long and lanceolate. Its flowers are small, fragrant and yellow-white in color. It is circular, elliptical red and yellow in color. On ripening the fruit splits into two parts, from which nutmeg comes out.

The nutmeg has a hard fleshy armor of red color surrounding it, known as mace. It separates when it dries. There is nutmeg inside this mace. It is elliptical, round and shrunken in color from outside, and is strongly smeared.

Name of nutmeg in many languages

The botanical name of nutmeg is Myristica fragrans , Syn-Myristica aromatica Lam., Myristica officinalis Mart). It belongs to the Myristicaceae clan. It is also known by many other names, which are: –

Name of Jaiphal – nutmeg, nutmeg

Jaiphal in English – Nutmeg, False aril, Fragrant nut tree, True nutmeg, Mac tree

Jaiphal in Sanskrit – nutmeg, maltiple

Jaiphal in Kannada – Jajikaya

Jaiphal in Gujarati – Nutmeg (Jayaphal)

Jaiphal in Telugu – Jajikaya, Jajipattiri

Jaiphal in Tamil (mace meaning in tamil) – adipalam, attigam

Jaiphal in Punjabi – Jayphala

Jaiphal in Marathi (nutmeg in marathi) – nutmeg (Jayaphala), Banda nutmeg (Banda jayaphala)

Jaiphal in Malayalam (nutmeg in malayalam) – caste (jati)

Ayurvedic properties

Rasa- tikta, katu

Guna- laghu, teekshna

Virya- ushna

Vipaka- katu

Jaiphal Benefits and Uses

The method, quantity and methods of medicinal use of nutmeg (jaiphal) are-

1. Use of nutmeg useful in pediatrics

Fry equal quantity of nutmeg and mayafal on a slow fire. Add twelve parts sugar candy to it. Take 1-2 grams this powder with milk in the morning daily. This increases the strength of children. Diseases of children are cured.

2. Use of nutmeg to stop breastfeeding

It is often seen that mothers do not give up milk easily when young children want to stop drinking milk. In such a situation nutmeg can be useful for you. Nutmeg should be used to get children to drink milk. It gives benefits. Please ask any Ayurvedic doctor about usage.

3. Benefits of Nutmeg to Increase Sexual Power

Many people complain of lack of sexual power. Such people can use nutmeg to increase masculinity (masculine strength). Cook nutmeg, anakara, nutmeg, mace, cardamom, musk and saffron in milk. Mix sugar candy in this milk and drink it. This increases the strength of masculinity (masculinity).

4. Use of nutmeg in the problem of mouth sores

Rinse fresh nutmeg juice with water to cure mouth blisters. It cures mouth blisters.

5. Benefits of nutmeg in facial spots (freckles)

Grind nutmeg (ground nutmeg) and mix honey. Applying it on the face removes facial spots and spots.

Mixing fine powder of mace and nutmeg in water and applying it on the face freckles the scalp.

6. Benefits of nutmeg in bivouac (cracked skin of the arms and legs)

Often, the skin of hands and feet get cracked during the winter season. Grind nutmeg in water and apply it on the feet. This cures wives.

7. Jaiphal Benefits for Skin Disease

Skin related diseases are cured by massaging nutmeg oil. You can get information about the use of nutmeg from an Ayurvedic doctor for better results.

8. Benefit from nutmeg on smelling mouth

Take equal quantity of powder of cedar, lotus, mace and nutmeg. Make a 500 mg tablet and suck it. With this, the problem of bad odor is cured.

9. Jaiphal Benefits for Dental Pain

Keep a cotton swab soaked in nutmeg oil in the teeth. You have to press into the tooth. It provides relief from toothache.

10. Use of nutmeg in migraine

Grind the nutmeg peel in the oil of Onefsa. Adding 1-2 drops in the nose provides relief in migraine pain.

11. Uses of Jaiphal in Relief from Headache

Use of nutmeg is also very beneficial in headache. Grind nutmeg in water and apply it on the head. Headache is cured by this

12. Benefits of nutritional properties of nutmeg in ear diseases

Grinding nutmeg (Ground nutmeg) and applying it behind the ear cures ear pain and swelling.

Boil nutmeg in oil and filter it. Putting 1-2 drops of this in the ear cures ear disease. [Go to: Jaifal ke fayde]

13. Jaiphal Powder Uses in Fighting with Cough

To cure cough, take 500 mg Jatifladi powder mixed with honey (honey). It provides relief in cough, breathlessness, loss of appetite, tuberculosis, and cold-cold caused due to vata-phlegm disorder.

14. Jaiphal Benefits for Thirsty Problem

Soak nutmeg in cold water overnight. Drinking 5-10 ml of this water in the morning cures the problem of excessive thirst.

15. Use of nutmeg to increase appetite

Take equal amount of kankol, cedar, cinnamon, rock salt, vine, marich, nutmeg, cumin seeds and mace. Make them finely powdered (mace powder). Make 250 mg tablets by mixing the juice of Matulung lemon in it. By taking it, anorexia (increased appetite) and diarrhea are cured. Grinding nutmeg in water is useful to cure nausea. [Go to: Jaifal ke fayde]

16. Jaiphal Powder Uses in Indigestion

Mixing ground nutmeg powder with honey and drinking it, and taking it, causes gastritis.

Taking equal quantity of nutmeg, barley, nagarmotha and vine powder (1-3 grams) with buttermilk is beneficial to get relief in gastrointestinal disease, and benefits in duodenal disease.

17. Uses of Jaiphal for Stomach Disease in stomach disease

In stomach disease, take 1-2 Jatiphaladi vati morning and evening. It is beneficial in stomach disease.

For the pain of stomach ache, put 1-2 drops nutmeg oil in the betas and feed it. It provides relief from stomachache.

18. Use of nutmeg to stop diarrhea

Take nutmeg and dry ginger (500 mg) in equal parts. Diarrhea is cured by grinding it in water. It is important to eat healthy during this time.

To prevent diarrhea, rub nutmeg and apply it on the navel. It also cures severe diarrhea disease.

To cure diarrhea, mix honey and sugar candy in 1 gram powder of nutmeg, clove, white cumin and icing. It cures severe diarrhea.

In the same way, taking 1-2 castrated fruits with buttermilk in the morning and evening cures all types of diarrhea.

Taking 500 mg nutmeg (jayfal) powder mixed with honey provides relief from stomach gas and diarrhea.

In the case of vomiting and diarrhea, lick 500 mg nutmeg powder mixed with ghee and khand. It’s profitable.

19. Nutritional benefits of nutmeg in paralysis

Nutmeg can also be taken in paralysis. Sucking nutmeg in the mouth provides relief in paralysis. [Go to: Jaifal ke fayde]

20. Uses of Nutmeg for Arthritis

Mix nutmeg (jayfal) or mace oil in mustard oil and apply it on joint pain area. It provides relief in stiffness, sprains, arthritis, paralysis.

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Useful Parts of Jaiphal

  • Nutmeg (Nutmeg)
  • Bijchol (Mess)
  • oil