How Mukhalepam is Different from Facial ?

Mukhalepam refers to the application of medicated paste over the face. This is actually a very simple skin protection therapy. It’s completely different from the facial done in parlours. In mukhalepam herbs, medicated plants, oils, ghee, juices of plants, fruits, decoction etc are used unlike facial in which mostly chemicals are used. Therefore mukhalepam can be used regularly whereas facial can’t be used on regular basis. On the top of that, it is different for different person according to nature of the body, skin and diseases.


These packs and oils contain different rejuvenating herbs that nourish and cleanse the skin leaving it soft and clear. It prevent aging of skin and build elasticity so that avoids wrinkles. It improves the circulation, tones the muscles, tightens the skin, scrub with ayurvedic herbal powder-exfoliates the skin, removes black heads, opens the skin. It prevents pigmentation or stains of facial skin, chloasma, and is advantageous in treating sun burn related circumstances, acne, pimples. The herbal composite is chosen after reviewing the skin type of the person and according to the specific requirements.

Procedure This Ayurveda Beauty Therapy

  • Cleansing – The skin pores are cleaned using triphala kwath, rose water.
  • Snehan – Oiling of skin using oils like eiladi tail, kumkumadi tail, chandanadi tail etc. It moisturises the skin. Snehan together with swedan detoxifies the face.
  • Swedan – Giving mild steam to face.
  • Scrub – Scrubbing of skin is done to remove the dead cells of the skin using oats and dals.
  • Mukhalepam – It is the main procedure in which paste of herbal medicines are applied on face such as manjishtadi lepa, chandanadi lepa, etc. Honey, rose water, almond oil, glycerine, vit- E capsules, milk cream etc can be added in these pastes.
  • Moisturising – At the end skin needs moisturising herbal medicines like aloe vera is applied on the face.

According to ayurveda there exist three doshas as body constitution: ie VATA, PITTA, & KAPHA. And we all come under these constitution, after considering these we should choose the facial and that even will be more effective if we choose facials according to season.

To Whom Facial is Not Advised to do

Those who suffering from rhinorrhoea, Indigestion, anorexia, immediately, after virechana.

Lepa according to Seasons

  1. In HEMANTA: Cotyledon of kola (Ziziphus), root of Vrisha (Adathoda Vasica), bark of Sabara (Symplocos Racemosa), Sarshapa (Brassica alba).
  2. In SISIRA: Tila, Krishna (Piper longum), Darvi bark (Coscinium fenestratum)
  3. In VASANTA: Dharbha, Chandhanam, Useera, Sirisha, Rice powder
  4. In GREESHMA: Madhuka (Glycyzzhiza), Chandhana
  5. In VARSHA: Tila, Useera, Jatamamsi, Tagara, Padmaka
  6. In SARAT: Yasthi, Kasa, Agaru

The Things to be Noted During Mukhalepam

  1. Ayurvedic facial should be washed as soon as it got dry, because over drying makes more dryness of face and thus it vitiates complexion
  2. It should be removed after moistening
  3. After removing face should be anointed with oil
  4. Person should avoid excessive talk, exposure to fire & sunlight.