How Anger Affects Health of Person

Your mental health affects all parts of your body. If you think or do something good, then your health will always be good and you will not catch any disease. But if you rage on anything and reason unnecessarily, then your health will always be bad. Anger eats humans from inside. Anger causes a lot of stress and stress is the root cause of half the disease. Anger is an emotion that easily dominates us. It is fine till the normal situation, but when it starts spoiling relations and work at home and office, then it becomes very important to control it. If the anger has become ingrained in your habit then remove it immediately or else many diseases will surround you at once. Let us know what diseases can cause us to get angry – stress occurs after anger.

Excess stress can lead to serious diseases like diabetes, depression, high blood pressure etc. The heart rate increases rapidly due to raging heart disease, if you feel angry like this, the heart rate will increase and for this reason there can be strokes.

When you are angry, the hormones start to become increasingly turbulent. That is why people who get angry get complained of sleeplessness. Many types of diseases are caused by sleeplessness.

High blood pressure Although high blood pressure is due to many reasons, but one of them has to be angry. Even with a slight blood pressure high, your heart may be at risk.

Difficulty in breathing People who are suffering from asthma feel difficulty in breathing after getting angry. Anger can increase your breathing problem.

When you get angry then the blood arteries start moving fast causing headaches. If the headache starts after you get angry then you should calm down immediately.

Cerebral Stroke This occurs when one or more blood arteries in the brain rupture. This occurs when the blood pressure increases to a greater extent. Cerebral strokes can kill you or make you paralyzed for life.

Measures to control anger


If someone is more angry then by doing meditation you can get relief from it slowly because it calms our mind and anger can also be controlled to some extent. Along with anger, it reduces your stress and also makes the body healthy.

Keep sugar Candy in your mouth

If you want to get rid of your anger, then when you start getting angry, keep the sugar candy in the mouth quickly, because by the time the sugar candy melts in the mouth, your anger will calm down.

Patience and Sensibility

First of all, understand the reasons for your anger and before speaking anything, it is important to act wisely and control yourself in such situations and anyway it is said in the scriptures that anger can be won by forgiveness. is. Therefore, develop a sense of patience in yourself and adopt the quality of forgiving others. Because forgiving others gives more comfort to oneself.

Anyway, only goodness goes with you in this world, so it is better for our body and for others to renounce such anger. Because in anger, in the end, nothing is achieved except regret.

Learn to control anger

If you feel anger out of control, try to get out of it until that situation becomes normal.

  • Treat and accept emotion as a part of life.
  • Try to find the exact reasons for which you feel angry.
  • Once you have identified the problem, then consider the things that should be fixed.
  • Talk to someone close to you and tell them what you are feeling.
  • If you feel that your anger is dominating you, then do any kind of exercise like running, swimming, cycling, yoga, martial arts, dancing, boxing regularly every day. Physical activity reduces the stress arising in your mind.
  • Do not think that what makes you angry, think how you can control anger and what can be the solution? As your partner may not be able to give you time, due to some work in your office, fix some special time in the week to spend together.
  • In the heat of speech and mind, some people do not care what the words are. Speak thoughtfully every word that comes out of your mouth because a person who speaks thoughtfully is never angry or angry.
  • have a good sleep. Sleeping calms your mind. If you have sleep problems, talk to your doctor immediately.
  • If you know that you are very angry, then mostly think about things that give you pleasure or you can also do something that makes your mind happy.

Many people express their anger in inappropriate and harmful ways, including:

Anger Explosion

Some people have little control over their anger. Such people may even commit physical abuse or violence. A person who is unable to control his nature, he separates himself from family and friends. Some people who are angry have low self-esteem. They use their anger to upset others and make themselves feel powerful.

Anger suppression

Some people believe that anger is an unfair or ‘bad’ emotion and try to suppress it. However, bottled anger often turns into depression and anxiety. Some people vent their anger on children or pets.

Tips to control anger

Keep a diary to monitor your anger. Try to look into those things why you get angry. Write them down and try a solution. You can stop anger with your self-confidence. You can calm down the gruesome form of anger. You can control your anger with small efforts. Consider training for Anger Management.

Hopefully, you must have understood what the effect of anger on the body is. If you get very angry too, try to keep it under control from today itself. So that you can avoid these health problems. Contact the doctor for more information on the subject of anger. Hello Health Group does not provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.

How to control anger

You cannot change other people or circumstances that make you angry, but in such a situation, you can definitely try to change yourself.

You also start to feel that when you get angry, a powerful and unexpected thing dominates you, which will harm you, so do not let it dominate you at all.

Before anger becomes uncontrollable, it is known that anger is going to be uncontrollable, as soon as it is felt that if steps are taken to control it, then anger can be prevented from becoming uncontrollable. These signs can be as follows –

  • Stomach starts coming in the stomach.
  • Jaws or fists begin to stroke
  • Face turns red
  • Breath becomes faster.
  • Headache begins
  • Increases heartbeat
  • Shoulders become stiff
  • To calm anger some special methods should be learned which are as follows –
  • Take a deep breath. This breath should not come from the chest but from the stomach.
  • Walk a little faster. This pacifies the pent up anger. Then you can handle the situation with a cool mind.
  • Say to yourself with deep breaths… calm… calm… .. calm… ..
  • Relax the parts of tension in the body. As the shoulders rotate, massage the neck or head.
  • Take care of your hobby, listen to music, enjoy the fragrance, taste, picture etc.
  • Think about how you had overcome anger last time. Do the same this time.
  • Yogasana and Pranayama make the muscles and mind strong and give peace. Learn them and use them.
  • Slowly count to 10. If you do not benefit from counting to ten, then count once again.
  • Remind yourself that nothing will improve with anger, it will not only give you happiness but will also give you grief.

Anger, despite being justified, makes one devoid of discretion. Therefore, while presenting the proof of your intelligence, remind yourself that the world is not made to harm you.

– While arguing angrily, the box of most previous complaints is opened, this complicates the problem. Talk about the present. If you get angry on small things, then people stop paying attention to your words.

– Sometimes the environment near you becomes irritable and angry. Problems and responsibilities start to make you angry and people and things around you seem to be entangling you in the web. In such a situation, taking a break can be beneficial. Take a little personal time for yourself.

– Learn to ignore. If you get angry after seeing the child’s room, then close the door. What is the use of seeing what makes you angry. It is wrong to think that children should keep the room right so that I do not get angry. The question is not about the children, it is yours. You have to calm yourself down somehow.

– If you get angry due to traffic, then look for another route or find a bus, pool car, train etc.

– If you do not know to forgive then it becomes impossible to resolve the quarrel. The solution comes out of ending the sentiment of punishment. Punishment does not improve our lives, but only our own loss.

– Do not be hasty to say anything that has come to mind. Thoughtfully, one should speak carefully. Also, listen to what other people are saying.

– During the night, when the husband and wife discuses any point, a quarrel ensues. This may be due to fatigue throughout the day or any tension at home or office. In such a situation, the time to do important things should be changed.

– There is definitely benefit by adopting the methods described with patience. Anger becomes easier to control and the results are fantastic. Relationships improve, goals are achieved, and people lead a healthy and contented life.

If, even after trying all the remedies, you feel that you are not able to control anger and because of this your family, business or office relationship is on the verge of breakdown, then you should seek advice from a good psychologist immediately. He can give you ways to change your thinking and behavior, which can easily calm your anger.