1. Eye care

Nowadays, people’s eyes become weak at an early age. Eyes are quickly weakened from childhood due to the use of mobile, laptop, TV and other screened gadgets. If you include better food and some good habits in your daily life from the beginning, then your eyes will be good till old age.

2. Pay attention to diet

Eat fish at least three times a week. Its use will solve the problem of dry eye syndrome. Apart from this, consume spinach, it is also rich in nutrients, which increases eyesight. Include eggs in your diet as it provides lutein and xioxethin which increases eyesight.

3. Get regular checkups

If your eyesight is perfectly fine and you do not have any problem even in reading, then you must have an eye checkup at least once a year. This is the best way to keep the eyes healthy. It also relieves the problem of the eyes and gets treated in time.

4. Blink of an eye

Continuous blinking of your eyelids is a simple process that keeps your eyes fresh and eyes free. People using computers tend to blink their eyelids less, such people should blink their eyes at least three to four times every second.

5. Eye exercise

Rub both your palms together and when the palms become hot, keep them lightly on the eyes. By doing this, eye strain is relieved to a great extent. Also, another easy way to relieve eye strain is to keep your eyes closed and imagine being in a beautiful place. It gives a lot of relief to the eyes.

6. Splash

Water diagnoses all your problems. Wash your eyes from time to time. This will not cause dehydration in the eyes and it will remain healthy. After coming from Bihar, the water splashed on the eyes.

7. Avoid dry air

One should avoid any such air which causes eye moisture, such as AC direct air. Always keep the AC panel down in your home, office or car so that there is no direct air on your eyes. Dry air can cause blindness or corneal disease.

8. Keep brightness low

If you use computer and mobile more then keep the brightness low. This will not force your eyes too much and the bright light of the screen will not cause any damage to the eyes.

9. Wear sunglasses

Wear sunglasses before venturing out into the sun anywhere. This will protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays and will not cause any harm to them. So whenever you go to the market to buy sunglasses, make sure that it is able to give full UV protection or not.