Home Remedies to Heal Fracture

Bone is an important part of our body. If the bones are strong, the body remains fit and healthy, but due to adulteration of food items and wrong habits of our eating habits, the body does not get the necessary nutrients due to which the bones start to become weak. Many times bone fractures occur due to loss of bone flexibility or due to injury to bone. The bones of young children are more fragile than those of older ones, due to which children are more prone to fracture and fracture. It is important to first know what to give first aid in case of bone injury or fracture.

How to recognize bone injury

  • If the hand, foot bone is slipped, then curvature starts appearing at that place.
  • When a bone fracture occurs, blood begins to accumulate around the area of ​​injury and there is swelling.
  • Many times a bone fracture causes that part of the body to hang up and that organ turns blue and the feeling in it decreases.

What to do if a bone fracture

  • If a bone fracture occurs due to any reason, first of all, support it and do not let it move. Pain is aggravated by the movement of bone and pieces of bone can also go away. Use something solid to support the bone, such as a wood or pipe. If there is nothing to support, then support by hand.
  • When the shoulder bone is broken, support the shoulder with a cloth or bandage and if the bone of the hand is broken, support the arm by tying it with the chest. If the knee, thigh or leg bone is broken, use a strong pillow or wood.
  • If you start looking out after breaking the bone, then the dust may become dirt, which increases the risk of infection.

Some of Home remedies for bone addition and home remedies

If there is any wound on the bone anywhere in the body, it is important to treat it. If the bone is broken, cleanse the wound properly and apply medicine.

► Many times a piece of bone is separated by injury. In such a situation, do not throw this piece, clean it and tie it in a cloth and send it to the hospital with the injured person.

How to overcome calcium deficiency ?

Calcium is most essential for the development and treatment of bones. There is a greater possibility of swelling and bone diseases due to lack of calcium or less in the body. Increase calcium intake to add broken bone quickly.

  • If you eat non-veg then eat fish.
  • Calcium is also high in green leafy vegetables.
  • Milk cheese and milk are high in calcium, such as cheese, yogurt.
  • During pregnancy, women need more calcium to strengthen their bones.
  • Vitamin D is required to digest calcium in the body. Therefore, do food that is full of nutrients.

Ayurvedic treatment

Harajod is a bone-binding herb that is helpful in adding broken bones and protecting the body from diseases. Harajod can be used as a paste by applying Ayurvedic medicine or in two ways like water.

First dry the herb of Harajor, add urad dal to it and grind it into a paste. If broken, apply these coatings and tie it with a clean cloth. Apply this paste again in two days. By doing this remedy continuously for one month, you will see rapid improvement.

In addition to connecting the bone, the stroke is also effective in treating pain. Consuming Harajoda juice with ghee also provides rapid benefits.

Bone strengthening measures

  • Do regular yoga or exercise.
  • Drink milk instead of coffee and tea.
  • Avoid eating any kind of supplements, eat green vegetables.
  • Sitting in sunlight for a while in the morning provides vitamin D.
  • Sulfur is found in onion and garlic which is necessary for strengthening bones.
  • Avoid canned beverages and cold drinks. This drink makes the bones hollow.

It often happens that due to licking many times, the bone breaks, which remains canker for a long time. Bone fracture is also called bone fracture. Many times it happens that bone fractures reduce flexibility. Bones also become weak. There is an increased risk of recurrent breakdown of weak bones. If you adopt these measures to avoid this problem, then the bones will get stronger. Know what those methods are-

  • Desi Ghee Boil two spoons of desi ghee, one spoon of jaggery and one spoon of turmeric in one cup of water. After that, it cools and adds bone quickly by drinking. Drink this water 2 times a day.
  • Grind an onion and mix one spoon of turmeric in it and tie it in a clean cloth. After that, heat this cloth in sesame oil and compress the cracked bone. Doing this twice a day provides relief in pain and bone also joins quickly. Onion – Mix 1 spoon turmeric in 1 ground onion and tie it in a clean cloth. After that, heat the cloth in sesame oil and compress it on the broken bone. By shrinking the bone 2 times a day, you will get relief from pain and bone will also be added.
  • Dry the urad dal and dry the urad dal in the sun and make a paste. Apply the prepared paste on the cracked bone and tie it. Doing this helps the bone join quickly. Prepare the paste by mixing the liquorice liquorice, manjith and khatai. Apply this paste on the broken bone and tie it. Doing this will help the bone injury recover quickly.

Urad Dal –

Grind urad dal pulse in sunlight and make a paste. Tie a bandage on the broken bone. By doing this treatment, your broken bone will connect quickly.

Black Pepper –

Mix the juice of black pepper and Kag Ganga Herb and drink 3-4 times a day. Consuming this will add your broken bone in a few days.


Make a paste of Mulethi, Manjith and Khatai. After this, tie a bandage by applying it on the broken bone. This will add your bone quickly.

Sheep Milk –

This is considered to be the most effective remedy. Take lamb milk from somewhere and massage it at the place where the bone is broken. Will benefit soon, but keep in mind this is a very smelly treatment.

Harajod plant 

Harajod plant Dry and grind the leaves of Harajor plant. Mix and grind the urad dal equal to the leaves. Now make a wet paste. Now straighten the bone with the help of bamboo wood. After this, apply this paste on the cotton cloth and tie the cloth. Tie bamboo wood on top with a cushion. Kusha is native grass. Apply this paste every third day. Natural calcium is found inside the blast which helps to connect bones. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and pain of the extremities.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties Turmeric is very useful in relieving pain during fractures. It can be consumed in many ways. You can apply turmeric milk or turmeric onion paste in the fractured area for 1-2 days.


Pineapple is a high source of enzyme called bromelin which helps in reducing inflammation and infection during bone fracture. For this, consume pineapple daily. Eat only fresh pineapple, do not consume its juice.

Calcium-rich foods:

Everyone knows that calcium helps in building blocks of bones. This mineral is beneficial for bone health. Whenever there is a fracture in the bone, try increasing the intake of calcium rich foods. Dairy products, green vegetables are sources of calcium.

Apply ice:

Wrap 2-3 ice cumin in a clean cloth. To remove the pain, apply this cloth on the affected area. It also reduces inflammation with pain. Do this process 3-4 times a day. Keep in mind that do not apply ice directly to the affected area, this may cause irritation.