Home Remedies for numbness in hand and feet

The hands and feet become numb, these infallible home remedies will remove this problem forever

If any part of your body becomes numb again and again, you may not be able to properly include various vitamins and magnesium in your diet. Start incorporating both these essential elements into your food and drink.

Home Remedies for numbness in hand and feet

Often you must have noticed that whenever you are constantly sleeping or sitting in the same posture, your hands and feet become numb. This happens due to the pressure on these organs. There is also difficulty in getting up, walking or sitting for a while when there is a problem of numbness of hands and feet. A numb limp begins to be felt in the numb limb. However, this is not a serious problem. The problem of numbness in the arms and legs is because the blood flow is obstructed due to constant pressure on these organs. As soon as the pressure on these organs is removed, the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body starts happening well. Suddenly, sensitivity returns to these organs.

Lack of blood circulation causes the organ to become numb

The main reason for the numbness of any part of the body is the lack of circulation of blood in the body. If the blood starts circulating well in the body, the organ will not become numb. However, again and again you have this problem, so you can overcome it with some home remedies.

If the hands and feet become numb, then follow these home remedies

– Mix 1 teaspoon of honey in 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder. By eating this, blood circulation in the body will be well. The problem of numbness will not bother you.

– Make a paste by grinding 1 teaspoon dry ginger and 5 garlic buds. Apply this paste on numb parts like a paste.

Akshaya patra

– Cook three to four copal of peepal with mustard oil. Filter this oil and apply it on the numb limb. would benefit.

– Mix 2 grams nutmeg powder in 50 grams of coconut oil. Apply it on a numb limb. Benefit will be received.

– Mix a few drops of basil juice in 1 teaspoon mustard oil. Massage the numb limbs with this mixture. Will be relieved.

– Massaging the numb limb with lukewarm native ghee will gradually reduce numbness.

Pay attention to your diet

If any part of your body becomes numb frequently, then you may not be able to properly include various vitamins and magnesium in your diet. In such a situation, after consulting a dietician, start incorporating these two essential elements in your diet.

Do exercise

Often, you are troubled by this problem, then exercise daily. This will help in circulation of blood in the body. Apart from this, do 30 minutes of aerobics for 5 days a week. This will always keep you healthy.

Sometimes touch sensation is reduced when the hands or feet become numb. Along with this, tingling, burning, sharp pain and weakness are also felt in the numb hands or feet. This is a very common problem and almost all of us experience it occasionally. Various causes of this problem such as constant pressure on hands and feet, nerve injury, cold touch for too long, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, diabetes, fatigue, lack of labor, lack of nutrients like vitamin B or magnesium Can occur. The problem usually lasts for a few minutes, but if you experience numbness on your hands or feet frequently or for long periods, consult your doctor immediately. This can be a sign of a bigger problem. Numbness of hands or feet is very painful. But do not panic as it can be treated with the help of simple home remedies.

Hot fomentation

First of all, compress the affected area with hot water. This helps in increasing the supply of blood in the sunken part. In addition, it relaxes the muscles and nerves of that part. Soak a clean cloth in warm water and bake the affected area for 5-7 minutes. Repeat this remedy several times until the numbness goes away. If you wish, you can use a heating pad to remove the bath or trouble with hot water.

Increase blood circulation

Massage is the easiest and easiest way to deal with this problem when there is numbness in the hands or feet. This increases blood circulation, leading to a decrease in numbness. In addition, it improves overall functioning by stimulating muscles and nerves. Massage your fingers in circular motion for 5 minutes by applying warm olive, coconut or mustard oil in your hands and applying it in a golden section. Repeat this remedy if necessary.

Improve oxygen

Exercise improves blood circulation and oxygen in various parts of the body, helping to prevent numbness, tingling in any part of the body including hands and feet. Apart from this, regular exercise improves mobility and prevents many health problems. Simple exercises of hands and feet should be done for 15 minutes daily. Apart from this, do 30 minutes of aerobics for 5 days a week, so that you always remain healthy. You can do cycling, jogging and swimming on a regular basis to improve blood circulation.

Turmeric with anti-inflammatory properties

An element called turmeric that is present in turmeric helps in improving blood circulation throughout the body. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties present in it help reduce pain and discomfort in the affected area. In case of problem, mix half a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of milk and cook it on a light flame. Then adding a little honey to it and drinking it once a day improves blood circulation. You can also massage the affected area with turmeric and water paste.

Nutrient Cinnamon

Cinnamon contains a variety of chemical and nutritional elements, including manganese and potassium, along with important vitamin B. These nutritive elements help in removing the numbness of hands and feet by increasing blood circulation in hands and feet. Experts recommend taking 2 to 4 grams of cinnamon regularly for a good blood circulation. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a glass of lukewarm water and eat regularly. Or you can take a teaspoon of cinnamon powder mixed with a little honey regularly for a few weeks.