Home Remedies for Irregular Periods

To get rid of the problem of irregular menstruation, first of all home remedies are adopted. Here we will talk about some such home remedies passed by the experts of Patanjali, using which menstruation can be regularized-

Cinnamon powder for Irregular periods

Cinnamon is said to increase body heat. In this case, this feature of cinnamon will help in regularizing your irregular periods. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. In addition, it contains hydroxyalkone. Which maintains your insulin level. For this, just grind cinnamon and take it in a phlegm. Then add boiled water to it. Then after 3-10 minutes put a T-bag in it and leave it for 2-3 minutes and then add sugar or honey as per taste. You will benefit greatly by taking it daily.

Raw papaya beneficial in irregular menstruation

Raw papaya also plays an important role in regularizing your irregular menstruation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which removes problems related to our periods. Also, it is rich in iron, carotene, calcium and vitamins A and C. It works by correcting our uterine wall by removing problems related to the nutrients of our body. For this, buy raw papaya one or two days before the date of period. Then cut small pieces of it into a bowl, then add a spoon of curd to it and take it for breakfast or as evening evening.

Turmeric beneficial in irregular menstruation 

Turmeric produces heat in the body, and it helps in controlling hormones and regulating menstruation. It contains antispasmodic and antiinflammatory elements that reduce menstrual pain. Take one-fourth turmeric with milk, honey or jaggery and consume it till you see improvement in yourself.

Ginger Home Remedies for Irregular Periods

Ginger is very beneficial for regularizing periods and it also reduces the pain during periods. Grind half a teaspoon of ginger and boil in 1 cup of water for seven minutes. Now add some sugar to it and after eating food drink it 3 times a day. Do this for at least 1 month.

Benefit of Fennel seed for Irregular Periods

Aniseed contains antispasmodic elements that help to keep periods regular. In addition, they also control female sex hormones. Put two tsp of fennel in a glass of water. Then let them remain overnight and filter and drink this water the next morning. By doing this every day, you can get rid of this problem.

Bitter bitter gourd beneficial in irregular menstruation 

Bitter gourd is a vegetable whose people start speaking bitter bitter gourd. But do you know, except its bitterness, it also has a lot of good things. It is loaded with smells such as antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antimicrobial properties. Which is very beneficial for our body system. For this, you cut the bitter gourd and put it in the mixer and make its juice. Then add a spoonful of sugar to it and drink immediately. We believe that you will have difficulty in drinking it. But you can only do so much for your health. Because even medicines are bitter.

Celery beneficial in irregular menstruation 

Ajwain contains an element called apoid, which plays an important role in regulating periods. For this, put green coriander and green oregano leaves in the mixer and make juice in a glass. After this, mix one spoon of sugar and drink it.

Mole beneficial in irregular menstruation 

In winter, mothers make sesame laddus in most homes. Your houses must also be built. But do you know why they are made in winter. Because the mole gives to our body only. It is due to the ability to give this heat that it works to regularize your periods. For this, grind sesame seeds and make sesame powder. Then add one table spoon honey to it and mix them and eat it. By the way, if you do this everyday, you will get plenty of rest.

Peppermint beneficial in irregular menstruation

A mixture of dry mint and honey is a better ayurvedic remedy for regularizing irregular periods. Mixing 1 teaspoon dried mint powder with 1 teaspoon honey gives relief.

Carrot juice beneficial in irregular menstruation 

Carrots contain a lot of iron, you should drink carrot juice for irregular periods. To regularize irregular periods, drink a glass of carrot juice daily for 3 months.

When should I go to the doctor?

If you notice these symptoms during menstruation or periods, it should not be late to go to the doctor.

  • When menstrual discharge comes even for 90 days.
  • When the menstrual discharge comes before 21 days.
  • When secretions last more than a week.
  • When the secretion is very high.
  • When there is too much pain with discharge