Home Remedies for foot blisters

Sometimes, everyone gets blisters in their feet, which are very painful and ugly to look at. There can be many reasons for blisters. It may be that your foot is worn due to wear in tight shoes or without comfortable socks. Blisters on the feet are also usually caused by sweat, dirt and heat. As soon as the blisters of the feet begin to come out, the same way they are detected. White pocket-like blister on the skin, which is filled with fluid, can cause you trouble walking. Many people say that it should be torn down, while some believe that it should be left as it is. If the blister is too big, the doctor advises it to break, so that it can heal quickly. The blisters have to be cracked and then dried after washing. Use a clean blade or needle to break the blister. Bust the blister with a needle from the edge and remove its fluid. When the blister explodes, do not peel nor peel the skin. By removing the substance that is formed in the blisters, the risk of blistering and infection increases. After bursting the blister, apply bandage on it, but it should be removed before bedtime so that it can dry. Remember that if you have diabetes, the blister should never be cured by itself. At that time, doctor’s advice should always be taken.

You will be aware of mouth ulcers. Many times wearing new sandals and shoes also cause blisters on the feet. You must also have faced this problem whenever you have worn a new shoe. If there is blisters in the feet, we do not know what to treat. In such a situation, you will be troubled by pain. If you have a blister from wearing new shoes and sandals, do not resort to any medicine. You can also treat these ulcers at home. Many times the feet become blisters due to exposure to excessive moisture. You can get upset with this problem in any season, summer or rainy. Learn how to overcome the problem of foot ulcers with these home remedies and natural remedies. There will not be any side effect from them.

Reduce Aloe vera – The properties of aloe vera reduce inflammation of ulcers. Leave its gel on the blisters. This may cause irritation or itching, but will not cause side effects. When dry, wash it with warm water. Apply it twice a day to reduce ulcers.


The toothpaste contains hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Both these things have the properties of healing wounds and ulcers. Apply toothpaste to the ulcers caused by shoe-bite or shoes. Especially, do this before sleeping at night and wash it in the morning with lukewarm water. Then you can apply petroleum jelly if you want.

Rice flour

It becomes difficult to wear anything in the feet when shoe-bite. To fix this problem quickly (shoe bite home remedies in hindi), it is beneficial to apply rice flour. It removes dead skin cells. Pain and itching are also reduced. Make a paste by adding water to this flour and apply it to the blister. After 10 minutes, clean the area with water.

Neem and turmeric paste

Neem works as a better medicine for any wound and inflammation. It contains an anti-inflammatory element. Turmeric has anti-septic properties, which cures wounds and blisters quickly. Mix these two together and make a paste. Apply it on the blisters on feet in the feet for 10 minutes. Then clean the feet with lukewarm water.

Green Tea

It has anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. The antioxidants and vitamins present in it reduce pain. They also reduce swelling around the blisters. Put green tea bag and baking soda in hot water. When the tea bag cools down, keep it on the blisters for some time. Baking soda has antiseptic properties, which prevent infection. Place the tea bag on the blisters for some time. Try it two to three times a day. The blisters will dry up soon.

Apple vinegar

This is an easy home remedy to treat ulcers. Apple vinegar reduces inflammation and pain. Its antibacterial properties work to reduce pain and relieve infection. Apply apple vinegar on the affected area with cotton foil. There may be some pain in it, but it will also cure the blisters quickly. Mix apple vinegar in onion paste and apply it on the bark. Wash with water when dry.

Castor oil

This oil makes hair thick, but you can apply it on the ulcers on the feet. It is used to moisturize the ulcers so that dryness, itching and redness are reduced. Castor oil performs magical work on ulcers at night. Apply it on the blisters and leave it for overnight. Mix vinegar and castor oil and apply it to the blisters and allow it to dry. Try it two to three times a day.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly not only cures cracked lips, but it is also helpful in removing blisters on the feet. It reduces pain and relieves dryness. Soak the feet twice a day in hot water for 15 minutes and then dry them with towels. Now apply petroleum jelly on them. While hot water will reduce pain and infection, jelly will help in moisturizing it.


If you want to reduce the pain caused by ulcers, then put salt in cold water. Soak cloth in this water and apply it on the blister. You can also add salt to hot water. Bake your feet for 15 minutes. It cures swelling as well as pain.