Obesity and diabetes are the two biggest health problems of today. The chaotic lifestyle, wrong eating are the main reasons for this, but by improving lifestyle and eating habits, we can avoid these problems.

Blood sugar levels in diabetes are greatly increased due to which the insulin production capacity of the body is affected. Many times it happens that the body is not able to use insulin actively.

The most important thing to control diabetes is that you should pay special attention to your food and avoid it. Apart from this, there are many home remedies through which you can control diabetes and lead a normal life.

1. Control diabetes by using basil leaves

Anti-oxidants are found in basil leaves. Apart from this, many such elements are found in it which make pancreatic beta cells active towards insulin. These cells increase the secretion of insulin. Get up in the morning and chew two to three basil leaves on an empty stomach. You can also drink basil juice if you want. This reduces blood sugar level.

2. Taking cinnamon powder is also very beneficial

Cinnamon is a major spice used in Indian cuisine. Insulin sensitivity increases with the use of cinnamon. It is helpful in reducing and controlling the level of sugar in the blood. Obesity can also be reduced by its regular intake. Make a fine powder by grinding cinnamon and take it with lukewarm water. Pay special attention to the quantity. Taking this powder in large amounts can be dangerous.

3. Drinking green tea is also beneficial

Green tea contains high amounts of polyphenols. It is an active anti-oxidant. Which is helpful in controlling blood sugar. Drinking green tea every morning and evening will benefit.

4. The juice of drumstick leaves is also beneficial

The juice of drumstick leaves is also very effective in controlling diabetes. Grind drumstick leaves and squeeze them and consume it on an empty stomach in the morning. This will not increase the sugar level.

5. Consumption of berries seeds

Jamun seeds are also beneficial in controlling diabetes. Dry the berries properly. After drying, grind them to make a powder. In the morning, take berries seeds with lukewarm water on an empty stomach. This will help in controlling diabetes.

6 Turmeric is helpful in controlling diabetes :-

Turmeric is used for spices and beauty, but the use of turmeric can be quite beneficial for patients with diabetes. Mixing turmeric in milk and drinking it also reduces body pain. In this case, you can drink turmeric milk before going to bed every day.

7 Clove is helpful in controlling diabetes

Clove is considered beneficial in many diseases. The use of cloves helps in digestion. The level of baled sugar can be controlled with cloves. Because cloves are found to have antioxidants that can help control the level of blood sugar.

8 Garlic is helpful in high blood sugar

Blood sugar levels can be controlled with the use of garlic. Because the properties present in garlic do not allow the level of baled sugar to rise. The use of garlic can also relieve pain and indigestion problems. Garlic has many anti-oxidants that can keep blood sugar levels under control.

9 Bay leaf can control blood sugar level

Bay leaf is used as a spice for cooking. But diabetes can also be controlled with the use of bay leaves. Diabetes patients should drink and make a decoction of bay leaves. Diabetes can be controlled by its use

10Tulsi Helps to treat diabetes in the treatment of diabetes

The antioxidants and essential elements present in Tulsi help the insulin accumulating and releasing cells in the body to function properly. Diabetes patient should eat two to three basil leaves on an empty stomach daily. It reduces sugar or diabetes symptoms .

11 Amaltas Helps to control diabetes in the treatment of diabetes

Wash some leaves of Amaltas and extract their juice. Drinking a quarter cup of it daily on an empty stomach is beneficial in the treatment of sugar.

12 Bitter Gourd Helps to Treat Diabetes Symptoms

karela juice reduces the amount of sugar. To control diabetes, bitter gourd juice should be drunk regularly. On seeing the symptoms of sugar , drink tomato, cucumber and bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach in the morning.

 13 Turnip Beneficial in Diabetes in the treatment of diabetes

Eat turnip as a salad or as a vegetable. Turnip intake during the treatment of sugar is very beneficial.

14 Flaxseed Helps to Control Diabetes in Diabetes

Take flaxseed powder with hot water on an empty stomach in the morning. Flaxseed is rich in fiber, due to which it helps in proper absorption of fat and sugar. Flax seeds reduce the post-meal sugar of the diabetic patient by about 28 percent.

15 Fenugreek Helps to Control Diabetes

Put fenugreek seeds in a glass of water before going to bed at night. Drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning and chew fenugreek seeds. Diabetes remains under control by regular consumption.

16 Amla Juice Helps to Control Blood Sugar Level

10 mg Amla juice should be 2 gms. Mix it with turmeric powder and consume it twice a day. It reduces the symptoms of diabetes  and its problems

17 Neem beneficial in controlling diabetes :- 

Insulin in neem leaves increases the sensitivity as well as smooths blood flow in veins and arteries and also prevents relying on sugar reducing medicines. Juice of neem leaves should be started as soon as symptoms of diabetes or sugar (sugar ke lakshan) are seen. According to Ayurveda, this juice should be drunk on an empty stomach every morning