Healthy Snacks Recipe

If you get a good snack with a cup of tea in the evening after a day’s fatigue, then there is nothing more fun than that. There are many times throughout the day when we suddenly feel hungry and snacks work to reduce this small hunger. We often serve various types of snacks in front of the guests coming home. Many times I like to eat snacks according to the weather, snacks like pakoras and samosas are liked a lot during the rainy and winter days. So many times snacks are made keeping in mind the taste of people. But, if you are among those who are looking for a choice of healthy snacks, then this article is for you only. We have prepared a list of such delicious and healthy snacks that you can make and enjoy their taste anytime. These snacks will be liked by people of all ages, you can serve them to other people as well. Let’s see these delicious snacks recipe:

1. Baked Salt Paranamak

Parai Tea Is a popular snack served with. You will find a jar full of it in every Indian home. They are made from maida and semolina and fry till crispy, but salt is not fried in the recipe but it is made by baking. This is a healthy recipe, which you can prepare and eat anytime in just 30 minutes.

2. Ragi Cookies:

Children love cookies but every mother wants to get some healthy food. Your kids will love calcium filled ragi cookies. It is very easy to make and children will also like its unique taste. You can make these delicious cookies at home in 40 minutes, to make them you need ragi flour, brown sugar, cardamom powder and dry gourd powder. Ragi Kukijragi flour is beneficial for health. If you are looking for a healthy snacking option, then you can make ragi cookies. These are completely different from simple cookies. From the perspective of health as well as health. You can enjoy ragi cookies with evening tea. Calcium-filled ragi cookies will be loved by your children.

3. Baked ragi chakli

It  is a great snack for chkali or Murukku tea time which is made in most Indian homes. It is very easy to make, here Ragi flour has been used to make Baked Chakli, which is a healthy option instead of fried Chakli. For healthy snacking of baked ragi chaklisham, it is better to bake them than deep frying them. Instead of deep frying ragi, millet and maize, they should be baked and consumed. These are not only delicious but can be healthy for your health.

4. Brown Whole Wheat Muffins

Muffins You may have eaten many times but you will definitely like these muffins prepared with apple sauce, milk and wheat bran. Children will also like their taste. So whenever you think of making muffins, try these healthy muffins.

5. Leftover Rice Recipes:

This amazing dish prepared using leftover rice of the night, this Millet and Ragi Bhel Puri prepared in low and healthy snacks in Mixed Millet Bhelfat will be liked by all of you. You can make it very easily at your home, lemon juice has been used in it to give a sour taste. It can be prepared in just 15 minutes.

After the evening rains in the monsoon, the weather becomes pleasant, in such a situation our tongue also craves to eat some spicy food. It is a little difficult to wait for dinner since the miles of the day. In such a situation, a delicious combination of healthy snacks can make your day even for evening craving. People often eat spicy and fried roast in the evening breakfast, due to which not only the diet can also have an effect on health. Fried things can be harmful to health. In such a situation, try to make some healthy snacks at home which are full of protein and prove to be beneficial for your health. If you are looking for some healthy and tasty snacks for your evening hunger, then stop your search. Learn about 5 protein rich snacks that can make your evening a pleasant one.

6. Oats Idli

When we make Idli too, its batter is already prepared with us. The process of making the batter takes some time. Oat idli instead of rice or semolina can be very beneficial for your health. Also, they are ahead of both of them in terms of health as well. So what is the best time to make oats idli rich in protein easily at home and enjoy it with coconut chutney or sambar. Oats Idli can be a healthy option for evening snacks

7. In Mango Yogurt

you can make Yogurt Smooth to remove the heat of humidity. This snacking option is also very healthy. Drinking smoothies in the evening in the summer is also good for health. To make it, take sugar along with curd and some berries and flax seeds together. Flaxseed seeds are considered to be full of protein. High Protein Breakfast: Quickly and easily make granola fruit smoothie 3 for a healthy and tasty breakfast in the morning. Sprouts Licking If you want to eat some spicy in the evening, you can make spicy chaat from sprouted grains. It is a healthy snacking option for evening snacks. You can also add peanuts and soybeans along with gram, moong.