Healthy Rava Uttapam Recipe


  • Rava Uttapam or Suji Uttapam is a quick, easy, healthy, mouth-watering, and satiating South Indian recipe that can be enjoyed as a snack or even as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Uttapam or Uthappam is a popular South Indian cuisine which is a sort of savory pancake topped with chopped seasonal vegetables.
  • Traditionally uttapam batter contains idli rice and black gram lentils. For that rice and lentils are soaked overnight, and then ground to make paste and fermented until it rises. As Rava uttapam is an Instant version of Uttapam, semolina is used as a base for making the batter in the place of fermented rice and lentils batter.
  • As there is no overnight soaking, grinding, and fermenting needed, Rava uttapam is much easier and quicker to cook. And it tastes delicious as well.
  • It is ready in under forty minutes where there are only ten minutes of cooking time and thirty minutes of soaking time.
  • This rava version of uttapam is very easy and beginner cooks can also make this recipe. To make rava uttapam, you just mix semolina with fresh yogurt, water, salt to taste and make a smooth batter. Then you can cook uttapam with this batter which has chopped vegetable toppings and that’s it.
  • This amazingly satisfying uttapam recipe has a fascinating taste of tangy semolina and curd batter. And when the batter is mixed with sliced tomatoes, chopped onions, and green chilies and seasonings, it is beyond pleasant.

Toppings for Uttapam

Generally, toppings used for uttapam are onion, coriander, tomato, chopped carrot, capsicum, grated cabbage, and grated beet.

This rava uttapam:

✓ is wholesome, and tastes so pleasant.

✓ is instant, fast, and easy to make.

✓ stays crunchy and soft after cooling down, so it is an ideal recipe for the lunch box.

✓ is made without fermenting and making a paste.

✓ is ready in under forty minutes.

✓ can be made vegan as well.

 Ingredients in Rava Uttapam

Rava uttapam is made with the help of batter and some vegetables. You need some simple ingredients for cooking rava uttapam. Here are the ingredients you will require:

  • Carrot
  • Finely chopped tomato
  • Onion
  • Green Chilies
  • Curry leaves
  • Natural Yogurt (Curd)
  • Oil
  • Red Chili Powder And Salt For Seasoning
  • Semolina (fine powdered rava or suji)
  • Water
  • Pinch of baking soda

Complete cooking method

  • To make rava uttapam, you can make a batter with semolina, yogurt, salt to taste, and water.
  • Take this batter aside and is then rested for thirty minutes. Add one pinch of baking soda to it after thirty minutes and mix it lightly.
  • Take a pan and drizzle few drops of ghee. Then spread the batter in circular form on a hot pan. Sprinkle the desired chopped vegetable and seasoning on uttapam and then patted gently.
  • This uttapam is then cooked with a lid covered for one to one minute.
  • After that, uttapam is flipped and oil is drizzled on it. Only flip uttapam when it is light golden, and then cook again until the vegetable toppings are cooked.
  • Rava Uttapam is ready to serve hot and to be eaten.

Serving time

Rava uttapam is a complete meal when served with some coriander and coconut chutney. You can have it for breakfast, and brunch. You can also serve it as a light lunch or dinner along with the sambhar recipe. You can simply serve them anytime, anywhere you wish to make something quick and simple.

Serve rava uttapam with coconut chutney, sambhar, and a cup of cardamon tea or coffee.


Semolina is also well known for its fascinating taste and lovely texture. It is light to digest and one of the great dishes you could consume during the night. Here are a few health advantages of this food item.

Prevents overeating

Semolina is made up of durum wheat which means it keeps your stomach full (feeling of satiation) for a longer period and restricts you from overeating. In other words, you will be able to lose weight within a shorter period and also helps to maintain body weight. Semolina takes time to digest which increases your chances of shedding more fat.

Keeps bones and nervous system healthy

Semolina is beneficial for your overall bone health and nervous system as well. It increases bone density and keeps the joints healthy and strong. It contains magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc which are required for the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.