Health Benefits of Cow’s Ghee According to Ayurveda

Health Benefits of Cow's Ghee

Cow’s Ghee increases/enhance

  • Dhee (Intellect)
  • Smriti (Memory)
  • Agni (Digestion)
  • Medha (Discriminative ability)
  • Bala (Strength)
  • Ayu (Longevity)
  • Shukra (Virility)
  • Chakshusya (Good for vision)

More Benefits of Cow’s Ghee

  • It is good for young and old.
  • It is desirable for those who wish to have progeny.
  • It enhances complexion, beauty, and voice.
  • It pacifies VATA and PITTA and cures visha(toxicity)
  • It is good in unmada condition, shopha (oedema), jvara (fever).
  • It is most important among all snehan dravya in sita and vaya sthapana.
  • When ghee is processed with appropriate medicines, its curative power is enhanced and can be used in several diseases.

Benefits of Purana Ghrita (Old Ghee)

  • It is capable of curing mada (intoxication), apasmara (epilepsy), murchha, ENT disorders and gynaecological diseases.
  • It heals dusht vrana (chronic ulcers).