Giloy or Guduchi has been used from centuries in Ayurveda.

As per its name “Amrita” it shows rejuvenating effects (Rasayana) to our body or it Enduring, Immortal or endless.

It has been used from centuries in Ayurveda and it is very effective and safe herb against various diseases as it is an immunomodulator.

In the Pandemic year 2020, It has been used widely on large scales as it not only cures fever but also build up your immunity to fight against Corona virus.

SCIENTIFIC NAME- Tinospora cordifolia

COMMON NAMES-  Guduchi, Heart-leaved moonseed, Gurjo, Giloy

Sanskrit Name- Amrita, Amritvalli

FAMILY- Menispermaceae

Genus- Tinospora

PART USED- Stem, Roots and Leaves


This is tablet is made by the fresh extracts from the stem and leaves of Guduchi which is organically grown and it is made under the guidance of MD Ayurveda Doctors so making it different and effective than other similar product in the market.

CAC Giloy tablet is 100% natural and have no side effect.

It is clinically tested and made up of pure Ayurveda herb.


  • It is a large, deciduous and spreads extensively or climbing shrub with several  branches that are elongated and twining.
  • Leaves – simple, alternate, and estipulate having long petioles up to 6 inches long that are roundish and pulvinate, both at the base and the apex with the basal one longer & it is twisted partially and also half way around. As per the shape of the leaf and reddish fruit it is named as heart-leaved moonseed.
  • Flowers- Unisexual, small on separate plants and appears when the plant is leafless. color– greenish-yellow on axillary & terminal racemes.
  • Male flowers – clustered
  • Female flowers – usually solitary.
  • It has 6sepals in two series of three each. The outer ones are smaller than the inner. It has 6 petals which are smaller than sepals, obovate, and membranous. Fruits aggregate in clusters of 1-3. They are ovoid in shape with smooth drupelets on thick stalks also with sub terminal style scars, scarlet or orange colored.


Alkaloids, Proteins, Calcium, Natural steroids, Pytosterols, glycosides, Columbin, tinosporaside, palmatine,berberine,tembeterine, tinocordifolioside, phenylpropene disaccharides, choline, tinosporic acid,  tinosporon, and tinosporide.


Taste- Katu(PUNGENT), Tikta(BITTER), Kashaya(ASTRINGENT)

It removes the accumulated pitta

It balances the Tridoshas(VATA,PITTA AND KAPHA)


Dosage- 1 to 2capsules twice daily after meals.

with Luke warm water. 


  • It builds up your Immunity.
  • It detoxifies your body thus giving good complexion and natural glow to your skin.
  • It is effective and preferred traditionally to treat bronchitis and chronic cough. By the action of pacifying the mucous membrane of the respiratory system so making it an effective drug against asthma.
  • It acts as a remedy for fatty liver. One of the biggest benefits of Giloy
  • It helps to stimulate and regenerate the damaged tissues of liver.
  • It improves digestion and immunes body against hyperacidity, worm infestation, colitis, abdominal pain, excessive thirst and vomiting.
  • It reduces Stress and Anxiety by providing calming effect to the body and normalizing your physiological functions.
  • It crosses the Blood brain barrier i.e. it has excellent power to enhance memory and cognitive functions.
  • It is a health rejuvenator as it enhances natural immunity To fight against various ailments such as Jaundice, fever, Skin disorders, Constipation and Tuberculosis
  • Anti Ageing effects- It helps in reducing wrinkles, fine line, dark spots and pimples resulting in flawless skin
  • It is well known for its Anti- inflammatory properties that is it helps in reducing pain in the patients of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Antipyretic– It brings down your high temperature i.e. it useful in Fever and very effective in Intermittent Fever(this fever is mostly in an infectious disease).
  • It promotes Sexual health- it tackles various issues like impotence and involuntary ejaculation.
  • It helps in improving clarity of vision on external application by boiling giloy powder or leaves in water. cool down and apply on eye lids.