Garlic is a scapigerous foetid perennial herb which builds underground. It can grow in dry or moist soil.

  • The flower of garlic are both male and female parts (hermaphrodite) which are pollinated by insects and bees.
  • The leaves are long, flat, simple, and linear in structure.
  • The flowers are white in rounded umbels mixed with small bulbils, and small in size.


The Rasona is commonly known as Garlic and Lahsuna. Garlic is considered as anti-ageing spice and it is helpful to enhance the longevity. The Garlic has various health benefits. Garlic has the cardiovascular properties. Garlic is good for respiratory health, digestive health, blood pressure, and healthy cholesterol levels in the body. Garlic herb is also good for heart, eyes, inproves hair strength, Cardio tonic, and enhance the libido.


Garlic is cultivated all over the India. It is mainly found in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Punjab.


  • Kingdom – Plantae
  • Class – Lilopsida
  • Phylum – Mangoliophyta
  • Order – Liliales
  • Genus – Allium
  • Species – Sativum

FAMILY – Liliaceae


  • Latin Name – Allium Sativum
  • Hindi Name – Lahsun
  • Punjabi Name – Lasan
  • Bengali Name – Loshun
  • Gujrati Name – Lasan
  • Tamil Name – Poondu
  • Urdu Name – Lahsun
  • Sanskrit Name – Lasuna


There are various bioactive compounds present in the Garlic which are packed with the medicinal properties described below:-

  • Volatite Oil – 0.06 – 0.1 %
  • Carbohydrates – Galactose, Arabinose
  • Vitamins – Riboflavin, Folic acid, Niacin, Thiamine, Vitamin-C
  • Amino acids – Asparagic acid, Arinic, Methionine
  • Enzymes – Allinase
  • Volatile Compounds  –  Allylpropyl disulphide, Allylthiol, Allylalcohol


Rasa (Taste) Madhura (Sweet), Lavana (Salt), Katu (Pungent), Katu (Bitter), Tikta (Bitter), Kashaya (Astringent)
Guna (Properties) Snigdha (Oily), Guru (Heavy), Teekshna (Piercing)
Virya (Potency) Ushnas (Hot)
Vipaka (Properties) Katu (Pungent)


Garlic helps to balance Vata and Kapha doshas, and it increase Pitta dosha in body.


  • Bulb And Oil



  1. The garlic is used in several conditions of the blood system and heart including coronary heart disease, hypertension, heart attack, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and high level of cholesterol.
  2. Garlic is also used for prevention of lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer.
  3. The fresh raw garlic has the anti-inflammatory effects


There are various benefits of garlic, given below in details:-

  • Garlic Lower the risk of Lung Cancer

The study shows that garlic lower the 44% risk of cancer. The study authors wrote that garlic is a chemo-preventive agent for the lungs and it prevent from lung cancer.

  • Lower the risk of Brain cancer

The compound named as Organo-sulfur is found in the garlic, that is very effective in destroying the cells in glioblastomas, a type of deadly brain tumor. Garlic also helps to kill eradicating brain cancer cells. The garlic plant has originated compounds as natural medicines that helps in controlling the malignant growth of tumor cells in human brain.

  • Protect from Hip osteoarthritis

The persons whose diets are rich in garlic has lower the risk of osteoarthritis.

  • Garlic is a powerful antibiotic

The garlic protect from Campylobacter bacterium, this is one of the most common causes of intestinal infections.

  • Garlic is a Heart protective

The garlic oil contains Diallyl trisulfide named component that helps to protect from hearty attack and also protect the heart during cardiac surgery, researchers also believe diallyl trisulfide is used in the treatment of heart failure. The garlic also contains Hydrogen sulfide gas that has been shown to protect the heart from damage like cardiac failure etc. The scientists decided to focus on diallyl trisulfide (a garlic oil component), it is a safer way to give the benefits of hydrogen sulfide to the heart. Cardiomyopathy can cause of death among the diabetes patients, so garlic is very helpful in this condition. In the chronic disease of the heart muscle (myocardium), which is abnormally thickened, enlarged, or stiffened, garlic is very useful in such type of disorders. Garlic also known as the excellent medicine used to lower the level of High cholesterol in blood and it lower the high blood pressure also.

  • Garlic Cure Diabetes 

The oil of the garlic is very helpful to control the blood glucose levels. It is also associated with protection against heart damage.  The garlic oil is used for protecting hearts from diabetes-induced cardiomyopathy patients. Garlic is also good for kidney and liver functions.

  • Garlic protects from Prostate cancer

The Doctors at the Department of Urology, carried out a study that the garlic lower the risk of prostate cancer in males.

  • Alcohol-induced liver injury reduced by garlic 

The long-term over-consumption of alcoholic beverages cause Alcohol-induced liver injury. The Scientists at the Institute of Toxicology determine that the organosulfur compound present in garlic, may protect the liver from effects against ethanol-induced oxidative stress.

  • Garlic protects premature (preterm) delivery

During pregnancy there is increased risk of Microbial infections raise, so a woman has risk of preterm delivery. Scientists at the Division of Epidemiology, studied that the impact foods might have on antimicrobial infections and causes preterm delivery risk in woman. Intake of food with prebiotic compounds and antimicrobial (Garlic) and they may be reduce the risk of spontaneous PTD. In particular, the garlic is associated with overall lower risk of spontaneous PTD in patients.

  • Garlic lower the risk of common cold and cough

The regular use of garlic may decrease the frequency of common cold and cough in patients, its regular use may prevent from diseases. Though some research to suggest that raw garlic has the most benefits than cooked garlic. Therefore, you can enjoy garlic in a variety of food recipes to reap its advantages.

  • Garlic contains Multi-vitamins and Multi-mineral properties

Every 100 grams of garlic will gave you 150 calories, 6.36 grams of protein, and 33 grams of carbs. Garlic is also enriched with Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and B6, folate, Vitamin C, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, and zinc.

  • Garlic acts as Blood Purifier

The garlic acts at root cause of acne by purifying the blood from inside. So the skin get healthy on the outside. In early morning take two cloves of raw garlic with normal warm water every day, that will consume a lot of water the entire day. Garlic cloves is helpful to cleanse the system and flush out toxins from the body.

  • Garlic Reduces Flu

Garlic provide the relief from flu and stubborn cold. Taking 2-3 cloves of cooked or raw garlic in a day is going to relieve a stuffed nose and also cure the common cold. Garlic also build the immunity against bacteria and viruses. The garlic can be added to soups, hot stews, and broths helps to fight sinusitis, flu and cold.

  • Prevention of Heart Disease

Taking garlic on a daily basis in food raw or cooked, helps to lower the level of cholesterol. The garlic has anti-oxidant properties of Allicin. It is also very beneficial to regulate the blood pressure and blood glucose levels. The garlic contains a compound known as sulphur and allicin, there medicinal properties are beneficial for heart health. It also helps to reduce body fat in obesity patients.

  • Garlic has Anti-bacterial and Anti-parasitic properties 

Garlic is one of the best medicine that is used as an antibiotic to treat parasitic infections, bacterial infections, and fungal infections. The studies suggest that the diluted garlic extract is helpful in children with infections of tapeworm. A mouthwash based on garlic extracts is reduce the cavity causing by bacteria.

  • Garlic is a Cancer Preventer

Several studies have indicated that daily consumption of garlic prevents the stomach cancer and colorectal cancers from the body. Garlic is said to strengthen the immunity of the body against cancer like diseases.

  •  Garlic is good for Skin and Hairs

The Garlic has skin protective properties. So the garlic protect the skin from the effect of free radicals. It also slow down the depletion of collagen which are responsible for loss of elasticity in aging skin. Application of paste of garlic heals the wounds, skin infection and fungal infections and also provides the relief from skin ailments such as eczema. It is also very effective remedy for fungal infections of skin such as ring worm and athlete’s foot. Rubbing of crushed garlic extract on the scalp and massaging with garlic-infused oil is very helpful to prevent the reverse of hair loss.

  • Garlic heals the Splinters

Apply the paste of garlic over the splinter cut and cover with a bandage, this helps to heal the splinters.