There will be many people who have to work all day. But, when he would go to sleep on the bed, he would not be able to sleep at all. Actually, these can be the symptoms of some sleep deprivation effects as well. At the same time, such problems can also occur due to common old age. In such a condition the man becomes irritable. Because they are feeling tired but cannot sleep (Reason For Not Sleeping At Night). Due to such a habit, there can also be a risk of serious diseases. According to experts, by increasing some meals in your dinner (food to eat before bed time), such a problem can be overcome.

According to a study, if we eat some food before going to sleep at night, we can get good sound sleep throughout the night.

Home remedies for good sleep

Eat oatmeal before bed

As is known, it is advisable to eat light food at night. And oatmeal is something similar. Which is light and at the same time it is also easy to digest. Therefore, the more light and relaxed you feel while sleeping, the better your sleep will be.

Take a glass of milk before bed

According to experts, taking milk before bedtime is very beneficial for health. Ayurveda also believes it. It is said that milk makes our mind calm and relaxed. Generally, stress is the reason for not sleeping in spite of fatigue in youth. However, milk contains a large amount of calcium which does not allow sleep to be disturbed and keeps the mind peaceful.

Consume almonds before bedtime

Almond is beneficial for health in many ways. Taking it with a glass of warm milk or with honey also benefits the body. According to experts, the good fat, amino acids and magnesium present in it deepens our sleep. Therefore, consuming them before bedtime can be beneficial.

Go to bed after eating bananas

It is advisable not to eat bananas on an empty stomach in the morning. But, eating it at night helps to sleep well. Actually, the amount of carbohydrates is found in bananas. Which is helpful in making tryptophane in the body. It is beneficial in calming our mind and getting good sleep. Not only this, magnesium and fiber are also found in bananas in great quantity, which is helpful in relaxing our muscles and nerves and getting a good deep sleep.

A little honey will deepen your sleep

Honey has many other beneficial properties including anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti oxidants. It is necessary to consume before sleeping because it works in the production of tryptophane in the body, which is very important for sleep.

Some sleep benefits of good sleep

  • Mind will be sharp
  • Depression and worries will go away
  • Heart will be healthy
  • Blood sugar will remain in control, which will reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes
  • Immunity will increase, stay away from infectious diseases
  • Under weight control

According to a study, the needs of sleep vary from person to person, but on average, we should get about 7-8 hours of sleep on a regular night.

Side effects of less sleep

  • The immune system will be weak, the relationship will remain with diseases
  • Respiratory system will be affected due to which there is a risk of respiratory diseases
  • Digestive system will be weak
  • Will affect heart health
  • Hormone production may be affected, marital life may be wasted