Female Infertility (Bandhyatva)

Infertility is characterized as not having the option to get pregnant (imagine) following one year (or more) of unprotected sex. Since ripeness in ladies is known to decay consistently with age, a few suppliers assess and treat ladies matured 35 years or more established following a half year of unprotected sex.

As indicated by Ayurveda, Vandhya is a lady who has lost her Artava for example monthly cycle.

Samprapti of Female Infertility

Nidan Sewan

Tridosh Prakop

Agni Dushti


|                              |                        |                          |                             |

Vata-Pitta             Rasa Dushti         Ama            Rakta Dushti         Vata-Kaph

|                              |                        |                           |                            |

Kshayatma Dushti               |           Strotas Avarodh            |                Avarana Dushti

Upadhatu Dushti                          Alpa-Poshan


Aartavvah Stotas Karyahani


Causes of Infertility

In Ayurveda, four Garbha sambhava samagri (Essential segments) are given as Rutu (Period close to ovulation or solid feminine cycle), Kshetra (Healthy Uterus), Ambu (Healthy rasa dhatu for example quality food) and Beeja (Ovum and sperm), their anomalies influence the arrangement and advancement of Garbha. Disappointment of these causes Vandhyatva.

In modern science significant reasons for the infection are described as –

  1. Extreme endometriosis
  2. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  3. Ovulation issues
  4. Raised prolactin
  5. Polycystic ovary condition (PCOS)
  6. Early menopause
  7. Around 33% of couples over age 35 have ripeness issues.

Age diminishes the lady’s capacity to imagine by:

  1. Capacity of a lady’s ovaries to deliver eggs
  2. Expanded premature deliveries

Symptoms of Female infertility

  • Irregular periods. The normal female’s cycle is 28 days in length.
  • Excruciating or hefty periods. Most ladies experience cramps with their periods.
  • No periods. It’s normal for females to have an off month to a great extent.
  • Symptoms of hormonal changes.
  • Pain during sex.

Risk factors

There are sure things that apply just to ladies. Any of the accompanying could cause issues with ovulation, chemicals, or your conceptive organs:

  • Endometriosis
  • Fallopian tube illness
  • Persistent infection like diabetes, lupus, joint pain, hypertension, or asthma
  • At least two unsuccessful labors
  • History of sporadic periods
  • Early menopause (before age 40)
  • A strangely formed uterus
  • Polyps in your uterus
  • Extra scar tissue from a pelvic disease or medical procedure
  • Uterine fibroids or blisters.

Treatment in Ayurveda for Infertility

Ayurveda manages separate branch named as Rasayana and Vajikarana which helps in the board of sicknesses of the genital arrangement of male and female. Treatment standards incorporate assessing and treating the reason as needs resemble Vandhyata chikitsa/Anartava chikitsa/ Garbhasaya balya chikitsa/Bijadosha chikitsa/Vrishya-vajikarana aushadha.etc.

  1. Nidan parivarjan: Smoking, liquor, admission of unfortunate food, openness to radiation, word related pressure and so on ought to be kept away from and a sound way of life ought to be followed for a sound descendants.
  2. Aahar: Ayurveda has likewise referenced the eating routine and regimens to be followed previously origination to build the properties of shukra.
  3. Rasayan Chikitsa-Pippali Rasayan, Chavan prash and so forth
  4. Vajikarana/vrushya chikitsa: “Vrushya” indicates the medications which can potentiate sexual life or advance shukra or both. Coming up next are considered as identical terms of vrushya.
  5. Shukra srutikara (expanding sexual longing)
  6. Shukra vruddhikara (improving spermatogenesis)
  7. Shukra sruti – vruddhikara (ownership of both the above properties)

Dietary suggestions

Diet that expansion Ojas suggested for the the board of fruitlessness, food varieties that lifts physical and emotional well-being ought to be devours to hold ordinary offspring. Filaments that can influences ordinary hormonal levels, handled starches, anti-infection, exorbitant uncooked meat and low quality nourishments can influence richness in this manner such kinds of diet should be kept away from.

Food like ghee, milk, nuts, dates, nectar, saffron, natural products, vegetables, beans, peas, entirety grains and flavors like; turmeric and cumin suggested for improving richness.