Facial Paralysis (Ardita)

Bell’s palsy, or facial paralysis, is a loss of motion or extreme shortcoming of the facial muscles on one side of the face.

It is accepted to be because of an expanding of the nerve that controls the muscles of the face.

Ardita is an illness causing the Facial nerve loss of motion is the condition which gives the deviation of half of the face and connected with the disability of engine and tactile elements of the influenced side of the face. The inabilities of the looks are hampered in Ardita, a Vata Vyadhi which is more normal in the current day situation because of openness to cold, wind face.


Due to the excessive exposure to cold wind

Aggrivated Vata with Kapha is involved in the genesis of the disease

Prakupita vata dosha (aggravated vata) along with Kapha

Settles in Sandhi’s (joints of above clavicle) of Sira (head), Nasa (Nose), Hanu (Mandible), Lalata (forehead), and Netra (eye).

Snayu (ligaments), Kandara (tendons) are affected by the Doshas

Presented symptoms on the right half of the face

Ardita vata


Counted Causes of Ardita in Ayurveda:

  • Speaking boisterously in overabundance.
  • Chewing of hard food stuffs.
  • Excessive giggling, yawning and sniffling.
  • Carrying hefty burdens on head, Sudden development of head and neck.
  • Sleeping in an awkward stance.
  • Use of cushions in wrong stance; either too high or too low and so on
  • Rakta Kshaya,(depletion of blood) in explicit gathering of patients get burdened by Ardita: Pregnant woman, Recently conveyed woman, Children, Old individuals, Emaciated people.
  • Following a physical issue.
  • By doing day rest unnecessarily.
  • Excessive tongue rejecting.
  • Siravyadhana (Bloodletting whenever done inappropriately).
  • Injury to the Marma (essential focuses in the head).
  • Excessive scouring of the eyes, ears and nose.
  • By devouring liquor, asavas in abundance and so on.


Bending of the influenced side of the face (the mouth point is attracted over to the inverse side).If the patient attempts to giggle, the mouth point is attracted to the ordinary side.

  • Incomplete conclusion of the eye influenced
  • Distortion of the nose.
  • Difficulty in discourse and dryness of voice.
  • Hearing misfortune and hindrance in smell sensation and agony in the ear moreover.
  • The demonstration of rumination and gulping of food gets disturbed.
  • Sneeze gets stifled.
  • Severe agony in neck, jawline, teeth, on the influenced side.
  • Getting dread while dozing and here and there loss of memory too.
  • The food ingested can’t gulped as expected, it gets gathered in the vestibule part of the mouth, while snickering, talking and so on
  • The face gets digressed or mutilated to the typical side.
  • Speech gets slurred, weak, with roughness of voice, lopsidedness of the face, eyebrows, temple, eye and jawline.

BELL’S PALSY: Bell’s paralysis is characterized as the facial loss of motion of intense beginning dared to be because of irritation of the facial nerve inside its waterway over the stylomastoid foramen.

 Another SIGNS and SYMPTOMS: The indications of Bell’s paralysis are: 

  • Usually one-sided, seldom two-sided, Pain inside ear or mastoid district or jawline. Beginning is unexpected or suddenly occurs
  • Paralysis of the muscles of facial expression.The upper and lower facial muscles are similarly influenced and intentional passionate and related developments are included.
  • Eyelid hangs, incapable to scowl and eyebrow rising is unimaginable, unfit to close eyes totally. At the point when the patient endeavors to close the eye, the ball moves upwards and southwards called as Bell’s marvel.
  • Impairment in lacrimal siphon system because of absence of flickering is the excellent reason for epiphora or expanded lacrimation. n
  • Absence of Nasolabial overlay.
  • If sore is in the center ear divide: taste is lost over the ant.2/third of the tongue on a similar side.
  • If the nerve to stapedius is intruded on Hyperacusis – sharp sounds seems stronger than typical.
  • Lesions in the interior hear-able meatus – influence the hear-able and vestibular nerves cause deafness and Tinnitus.


All the works of art have portrayed the treatment convention for arditha pretty much same, as follows:

  • Mordha tail to the head. (Application of oil)
  • Nasya karma, Tarpana Kriya with sedated oil to the eyes and ears.
  • Nadi Sweda, Upanaha Sweda must be controlled.
  • Matishkyam, Shirovasti, Dhoomapana, Snehana -as per the Dosha included.
  • If related with sopha (irritation), Vamana (Medicated regurgitating) must be directed.
  • If related with daha and (consuming sensation), siravyadha (restorative blood draining) is suggested.
  • In the event of Maargavarana janya ardita, from the outset avarna line of treatment must be followed from there on the treatment of kevala vata must be followed.

Kashayas: Dhanadanayanadi kashaya, Maharasnadi kashaya, Rasna dashamooladi kwatha, Mashabaladi kwatha.

Tailas: Masha tail, Mashadi tail, Mashabaladi tail, Karpasastyadi tail, Dhanwantharam tail, Mahamasha tail, Kshirabala tail.

Other prayogas: Rasona panda, Navaneetha lasuna.