Erand – Medicinal Benefits

Hearing the castor name may be a little inconvenient to understand. But if I say these names for your ease, then you will definitely recognize it because everyone recognizes it by the name castor oil or castor oil. Due to the Ayurvedic properties of castor, it has been used for many health related problems for centuries.

Castor leaves, seeds, roots, flowers and oil extracted from them are used as a treatment. Generally castor is used for problems such as eye problems, Piles, cough, abdominal pain. Let us know in detail about castor.

What is Arandi?

Castor oil or castor oil made from castor is most commonly used as a medicine. Castor oil is used in almost every disease. Castor oil is not only used for the treatment of skin related diseases, but also for stomach and women related problems.

Name of Erand in diferent languages:

The genetic name of castor is Ricinus communis L. (Resinus comunis) and belongs to the Euphorbiaceae (Euphorbiaceae) family. These Euphorbiaceae (Euphorbiaceae).

Sanskrit- Castor, Amand, Chitra, Gandharvahastak, Panchangul, Vardhaman, Dirghadanda, Vatari, Urubak, Chitrabeej, Uttanapatraka, Vyaghapuchcha;

Hindi- Castor, Castor, Castor, Castor;

Urdu- Eranda;

Gujrati- Erando, Erandio devili, Avudalu, Avudula;

Tamil- Amanakkam, Erandam;

Telegu- Amudamu, Erandamu;

Bengali- भेरेंडा (Bharenda);

Marathi- Erand, Erandi;

Malayalam – Chittavanaku, Avanakka, Avanaku.

English- Castor bean, Wonder tree;

Medicinal Properties of Aarndi

Castor oil is a safe laxative. It is a supremely useful medicine for leprosy as well as it is a good gout. It can also be used as medicine in small amounts in constipation and gout problems caused by gout. In patients with haemorrhoids, Bhagandar and Gudbrash, the use of Erandpak clears the stool without any stress, so that the patient gets relief from the daily suffering caused by the above diseases. Along with medicine, it also serves as nutrition.Castor is a kapha and vata reducer, bile enhancer, inflammation and pain reducer, antipyretic, worm exterminator, phlegm reducer, diuretic, spermic, uterine purifier, leprosy and febrile.Castor oil or castor oil refiner is beneficial for the skin, detoxifying and reducing cough.

Arandi Uses and Benefits

Castor has so many properties that it is used as a medicine. So let us find out about these for which diseases are used.

1. Castor oil Benefits in Eye Disease

Castration of castor oil causes bleeding in the eyes, hence it is called eye-diapering. Adding 2 drops of castor oil to the eyes helps in mitigating the eye disorders, in Kukunak disease, its sharpness is also reduced. Grinding castor leaves with barley flour, making poultice and tying it on the eyes reduces the swelling caused by bile.

2. Arandi Leaves Benefits to Get Relief from Cough in Hindi

Licking 500 mg castor leaves with 3 ml oil and equal parts jaggery is useful to cure cough.

3. Arandi Plant Help to Get Relief from Abdominal Problem in Hindi

Grind the green seeds of castor seeds and cook it four times in cow’s milk, when it becomes like khova (mawa), then add 2 parts molasses or sugar syrup and make it unflavored. Eating 10 grams daily provides relief from stomach disease.In chronic abdominal pain, drinking one lemon juice and 5-10 drops of castor oil in 200 ml lukewarm water before going to bed every night at night is beneficial in chronic abdominal colic.

4. Arandi may help in relieving dysentery or dysentery (Arandi Beneficial in Dysentric)

If the amoe and blood fall in the esophagus, then giving 10 ml of castor oil at the beginning reduces the infestation of mango and also reduces the fall of blood.

5. Castor oil to provide relief from appendicitis (Arandi Oil Help to Cure Appendicitis)

In the initial stage of this disease, giving 5 to 10 ml of castor oil daily does not require surgery.

6.Arandi Leaves Benefit to Get Relief from Worms

Applying juice of castor leaves 2-3 times daily in the anus of a child kills stomach worms (chunae). Consuming the juice of castor leaves can prove beneficial to destroy the worm.

7. Arandi Oil Beneficial in Jaundice

If a pregnant woman gets Kamala and is in an early stage, giving 5-10 milliliters of letter-sound to her for five days in the morning benefits in Kamla and swelling also disappears.

8. Arandi Benefit to Get Cure from the Pain of Breast Gland Inflammation

When milk stops coming from a woman’s breasts and there are lumps in the breasts, boil 500 grams of castor in 20 liters of water for an hour and lukewarm water for 15-20 minutes. Massage castor oil on the breasts, tie a thin poultice of boiled leaves to the breasts. The bales will disintegrate and the milk flow will begin again.

9. Arandi Oil Help to Cure Uterus Inflammation

Soaking a cotton swab in castor oil in vagina and wearing it in the vagina is a mitigation of vaginal pain.Earth-edema usually occurs after delivery. Rugna has very high fever in it. In this condition, soaking a lint of pure cotton in the vagina of castor in Hindi is beneficial in vagina.

10. Arandi Oil Benefit to Treat Arthritis

Grind castor and rosemary leaves and apply it on the affected area, suppressing gout.Consuming -10 ml castor oil in a glass of milk provides relief to the person.

Grind castor seeds and apply on the joints, it ends swelling of small joints and arthritis.In all these diseases, 10 grams of castor root and 5 grams of dry ginger powder should be consumed by making a boil and castor oil in the place of pain in all these diseases. Massage should be done.