Doob Grass, Durva Grass – Ayurvedic Properties & Medicinal Usage


Doob Grass (Durva Grass) is a gift of nature for living beings. It is fresh and evergreen. Its gentle blissful sway is exhilarating. Animals feed on this grass and produce sweet milk Childrens drink the milk and grow healthy and strong. Early in the morning this grass is covered with dew and gives the felling as if green carpet has been laid on the ground. The grass is soft as silk and gives a very refreshing feeling. Walking bare feet on the grass has many benefits. It helps improve the eye-sight and also cures several disorders of the body. It grows heartily all through the year. It is known to have three different varieties- green, white, and blue.



Doob Grass (Durva Grass) is sweet, tasty, works as an astringent, cool and helps cure vomiting, snake venom, burning sensation, diarrhea,bleeding diathesis and cough.Durba is cold and can dissolve iron. It is light, bitter and cures acidity, thirst, pain, cough, blood disorders, dermatoses, and fever.



Take equal quantities of doob grass and grams and grind them in water to form paste. Apply this paste on forehead. It cures headache.


Extract of its whole plant helps cure excessive flow in menstrual cycle or prolonged cycle, madness and epilepsy. Mix powder of white sandalwood and sugar in its juice and give this to the patient. It cures leucorrhoea.


Tie its leaves on eyes. It gives relief from pain and also cures exeessive pus formation in eyes.


  1. Mix juice of pomegranate flowers with doob grass juice or harad.Give this to the patient as nasya to the patient. It controls the bleeding from nose due to tridosa.
  2. Take nasya of doob grass juice, munakka and sugarcane juice, cow milk, onion juice, flowers of pomegranate.
  3. Put drops of juice of its whole plant in the nose to control nasal bleening.


Give decoction of doob grass for gargles. It cures boils in mouth.


  1. Give juice of doob grass to drink.
  2. Give doob grass  with water in which rice is rinsed. It cures vomits due to pitta.


Grind doob grass with black pepper and give this to the patient thrice a day. It causes excessive urination which helps cure ascites and swelling of the body.


Give fresh juice of doob grass. It has binding properties and is beneficial in curing diarrhea.


Boil doob grass with aniseed and ginger root and give the solution to the patient.


Leucorrhoea, abortion and other vaginal disorders can be controlled using doob grass. It strengthens the uterus and fetus.


  1. Decoction of doob grass relieves pain and causes excessive urination. It cures swelling , gonorrhea and burning sensation during urination.
  2. Mix doob grass with sugar. Grind the solution and strain the solution, give this to the patient. It controls blood flow in the urine.
  3. Grind doob grass in milk and strain the solution and give this to the patient. It cures  burning sensation during urination.


Grind its whole plant, mix it with curd and give this to the patient. Apply the paste of its leaves on beeding piles.


Grind white doob grass in water. Strain the solution through fine cloth, add sugar candy and give this to the patient. It is beneficial in leucorrhoea.


  1. Take 3 times juice of doob grass and prepare medicated oil. Apply this oil on the affected areas. It cures eczema, itching and wounds.
  2. Grind doob grass with turmeric and apply the paste. It cures eczema and itching of skin.


Mix atees powder on doob grass juice. Give this to the patient 2-3 times a day. It is beneficial in curing the recurring malaria fever.


White doob grass reduces sexual potency and desire.


Grind doob grass with long branches, which generally grown around wells. Strain the solution and add 1-2 gm, finely powdered nagkesar and green cardamom. Give this to the child whose palate has gone weak, put a few drops in the child nose and let the child inhale it. It brings back the palate its normal position.Its consumption gives energy to the body. The child stops vomiting milk and grows better.