Changeri – Medicinal Benefits

Very few people will be known as changeri, but if we say that grandmother or grandmother used to feed changeri or tinpatia for stomach problems, then perhaps you will miss something. Changeri leaves are very small but in terms of medicine are very beneficial and nutritious. Before knowing about the benefits of Changeri or Tinpatia, it is important to know about Changeri.

What is Changeri?

The description of Changeri is found in Ayurveda-Samhita and Nigantu. It is mentioned in Charaka-Samhita, Shak-Varg and Amamskandh and it is used for the treatment of diarrhea (diarrhea) and haemorrhoids etc. Apart from this, it is also described in the Shakra class of Sushruta-Samhita.
Its leaves are acidic in nature (acidic), hence it is called acid plate in Sanskrit. It has flowers and fruits throughout the year. It has two species – 1. Small Changeri, 2. Large Changeri.

But mainly small Changeri (Oxalis corniculata Linn.) Is used in medicine.

Small Changeri (Oxalis corniculata Linn.)

Badi Changeri (Oxalis acetosella Linn.)

Chhoti Changeri

Its flavor is warm, Changeri being slightly bitter in taste and flavor. It helps to relieve bruising, swelling, bile, analgesics, writing or scratching, alcoholic beverages, increases food habits, Stomachic, helps liver function properly and helps the heart to function properly. It is healthy (heart, hemorrhage, inflammation and fever). It is a good source of Vitamin C.

Changeri is pain reliever, digestive, appetite enhancer, liver healthy, diuretics (diuretic properties), fever-reducing aid, antibacterial, (anthelmintic), antipyretic (antiseptic), (anticonvulsive) and cold.

Changeri causes heart problems, bleeding (bleeding), dysmenorrhea, and liver disease.It has the ability to cure ulcers.

Badi changeri

It is cold, diuretic and anticonvulsant.

Properties of Changeri

Virya- USHNA
Vipaka- AMAL

Different names of Changeri in Different Languages

The botanical name of Changeri is Oxalis corniculata Linn. (Oxalis corniculata). Changeri is called Indian sorrel (Indian sorrel) in English. Changeri is known by different names in different provinces of India.

Chaangeri in-

Sanskrit – Changeri, Dantashatha, Ambastha, Amdalonika, Kushali, Acid Sheet;

Hindi- Changeri, Tinpatia, Ambilona, ‚Äč‚ÄčChukalipati;

Kannada-Sibargi, Pullam Purchi;

Gujrati-Amboti, Amboli;

Telugu-Puli Chinta (Puli chinta);

Tamil-Puliyarai, Puliyari;

Bengali- Amarul, Umulbet;

Panjabi-Khatti buti, Amarul (Amrul), Surchi (Surchi), Khattamitha;

Marathi-Ambuti, Bhinsarpati;

Malayalam- Poliyarala (Poliyarala).

Uses and Benefits of Chaangeri

The healthy and medicinal properties of Changeri are countless but for which diseases and how it works, we know in more detail about it-

1. Chaangeri Benefits in Stomach Ache

In today’s fast life, unbalanced food and drink has become an everyday problem. The first effect of this lifestyle is on the stomach. Home treatment of changeri is very beneficial for stomach problems. Mixing 60 mg toasted asafetida in a decoction of 20-40 ml Changeri leaves and drinking it in the morning and evening provides relief from stomachache.

2. Benefits of Changeri in duodenum or irritable bowel syndrome

If the duodenum is being complained of repeatedly due to some disease, the medicinal properties of changeri ka podha helps in relieving it. The fourth part should be consumed as per the paste of the medicines of Pippalyadi-gana, four times curd and changeri juice and one part ghee after cooking it properly.

3. Benefits of Changeri in diarrhea

If you have diarrhea due to eating spicy food, packaged food or eating outside food, the home remedy of Changeri is very useful. According to Ayurveda, Changeri has the properties of receptors, which is very beneficial in relieving diarrhea or dysentery. Let us know how to use Changeri in case of diarrhea or dysentery:

  • Drinking 2-5 ml changeri juice twice a day provides relief in diarrhea and diarrhea.
  • Mix equal quantity of dry ginger and indriya powder in changeri-churna and drink it with rice water. When the powder is digested, add buttermilk, changeri and daedim juice and eat cooked yavagu. It is beneficial in diarrhea.
  • Diarrhea shakes are relieved by consuming curd cream, ghee and pomegranate juice in a block juice made with changeri, tamarind and milk leaf juice.
  • Boil changeri leaves in takra or milk and take it 2-3 times a day, it provides relief in chronic diarrhea.
  • By taking Sunnishak and Changeri Ghrita just by increasing gastritis, there is a suppression of diseases like haemorrhoids, diarrhea, alveoli, haemorrhage, diuresis, idiopathy, indigestion and anorexia.

4. Benefits of Changeri in Visuchika or Cholera

Cholera is an infectious disease and there is a danger of decreasing the amount of water in the body due to this disease. Diarrhea is stopped by taking Changeri in this way. Mixing 500 mg black pepper powder in 5-10 ml changeri juice and feeding it provides benefit in cholera or cholera.

5. Relief from indigestion (indigestion): Chaangeri to treat dyspepsia

Agnimandya i.e. weak digestive power and desire to vomit provides quick relief by giving changeri. Mixing equal quantity of mint-leaves in the changeri leaves, grinding and mixing a little black pepper and salt, quickly digests eating.

6. Changeri beneficial in Mandagni or indigestion (Chaangeri for Indigestion)

If you are suffering from the problem of indigestion due to any disease or due to food and drink disturbances, then home treatment of Changeri can prove to be very beneficial. By making 8-10 fresh leaves of Changeri, it improves digestion power.

7. Chaangeri to Treat Piles

People who like to eat more spicy and strong food are at highest risk of constipation and hemorrhoids. Experts say that Changeri has fire enhancing properties i.e. it increases digestive fire which improves digestion system. Let us know how to use Changeri in the treatment of hemorrhoids:

  • Toast the herb of Nishoth, Danti, Palash, Changeri and Chitrak leaves, roasted in ghee or oil and mixed with curd, taking it provides relief.
  • Taking 5-10 ml Changeri-Panchang-swaras benefits in haemorrhoids.
  • Baking changeri-panchang in ghee and cooking it with curd is beneficial in haemorrhoids.
  • Changeri, Nishoth, Danti, Palash, Chitrak by taking equal quantity of fresh leaves of these and roasting them in ghee, mixing curd in this herb and eating it provides relief in dryness.

8. Chaangeri Beneficial in Bladder Inflammation

If the bladder is swollen, taking Changeri in this way provides quick relief. Grind Changeri leaves with sugar and make syrup, and drink it to get relief from bladder inflammation (bladder inflammation), craving (thirst) and fever or fever.

  • Use of Changeri in Charmkill or Corn (Chaangeri Benefits in Corn)
  • Corn means a lump in the sole of the foot. Use of Changeri in this way to cure it gives quick relief. Applying equal quantity of palandu juice in fresh juice of 5-10 ml changeri, cures the skin quickly.

9. Chaangeri Beneficial in Pore Inflammation

If there is swelling in the pore, there is a pain, the wound can also occur due to the closure of the pore. To get relief from this, grind the changeri leaves and apply them on the pimples.

10. Benefits of Chaangeri in Skin Diseases

Now-a-days, the risk of skin diseases in the world of new cosmetics products is increasing day by day. Home remedies made by Changeri help in getting rid of skin or skin diseases. Taking black marigold powder and ghee mixed with panchang juice is beneficial in skin diseases caused by bile.

11. Chaangeri Heals Ulcer beneficial in inflammation of ulcers or ulcers

If ulcer or wound has occurred due to any reason and not taking the name of drying, then use changeri. Changeri ke fayde is very beneficial in relieving wound pain. Grinding Changeri-panchang and applying it on ulcer reduces both pain and burning sensation.

12. Chaangeri Beneficial in Insanity

Changeri helps a lot in bringing this disorder of the brain to a better state. Changeri-swaras, kanji and jaggery take equal quantity and churn well three